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What Is a Social Casino? Best Social Casino Apps 2022 (Top 8)

Live casino is already popular and used by millions regularly. There is currently a new form of play, a social casino that has been responded to by many people.

With this form of play, anyone can participate without the need for live casinos.

If you enjoy playing casino games, but don’t like to risk your hard-earned money to do so, a social casino may be right for you.

Do you know all the information about this type of casino?

Stay tuned for the following article. We will provide you with the most useful knowledge about social casinos.

What Is A Social Casino?

What is a social casino? This section will provide you the answer!

By definition, a social casino is an application or website where you can play popular casino games. The games that you can play at the platform are the same as in online bookmakers, including Roulette, Video Poker, Slots, and Blackjack.

You can play by downloading an app to your mobile device by downloading it to your computer or using your web browser. Even Facebook offers a plethora of social casino games.


One thing that you should keep in mind is that you don’t gamble while playing at a social casino.

This means you won’t bet real money while you play, and you won’t get real money when you win. Because of the nature of social casinos, they are games for entertainment purposes only.

Some social casinos are operated by independent companies. Others are provided by the usual casinos, who want a way to keep their customers thinking about them and playing, even when they are at home and not on the casino floor.

Some people prefer social casinos run by real casinos because they can play the virtual version of their favorite game on the casino floor, while the unaffiliated social casinos offer game type direct.

However, remember that this is one type of advertisement for those casinos.

How Much It Costs?

Social network casinos are free to download and play, although they often make money through in-game purchases. Many of them use virtual currency to bet on games.

Once the coins are out, you cannot play again until they are recharged, which usually happens every day or hour.

If you are running out of coins and want to continue playing without waiting for a deposit, you can buy more real money coins.


Note that this is still not gambling, as you only prolong playtime, not affect your chances of winning. And real money is not on the table.

However, even in this case, there are often free alternatives. For example, most social casinos allow you to request more money from your friends or get them to do other actions like refer a friend or watch video ads.

You may wonder why social casinos allow you to have free options to keep playing when they might charge you.

It wants as many people to play their games as possible. It allows players to help each other with free coins and more encourages players to invite their friends to play.
So if you are careful with your playing time and have friends who love to play, you can enjoy social casinos at no charge.

Play Social Casino Games With Your Friends

In addition to being able to donate each other with coins, there are other good reasons to play social casino games with your friends.

For example, chatting while you play slots or sharing a virtual poker table together can be fun.

Some social casinos also offer special events that you can play with your friends or compete with them to rank on the leaderboards.
Because many people are looking to exchange gifts with coins, online casinos are also good places to make virtual friends chat, and share games.

Social Casino vs. Online Casino Comparison

If you are trying to decide to play a social casino or an online casino, then here are some pros and cons of each.

Social casinoOnline casino
  • Not really gambling
  • Legal in jurisdictions where online gambling is prohibited
  • Available to people who do not gamble for moral, religious, or other personal reasons
  • No currency risk
  • More games
  • Can be played where and when you want through the app
  • Good way to hone your skills
  • Participate in real gambling
  • Not legal in some jurisdictions
  • It can cost money
  • Limited number of games

Of course, online casinos and social casinos are the biggest difference because online casinos involve real gambling, while social casinos do not.

Social casinos can be completely free, while you have to risk your hard-earned money to play in online casinos. You get all the fun and excitement to play and win without any risk.

The social casinos also have a lot more choices for you about the games and events they can offer.

After all, they do not have to worry much about players finding loopholes to cheat all the money. This type is often more attractive than online casinos because their popularity revolves around people having fun with their friends.

Some examples of cool features that social casinos offer are their customizable avatars, in-game storylines, regular tournaments, new games.


Besides, you can also experience exciting challenges like the opportunity to build your own Vegas-style casino city.

One thing that you should keep in mind is, most social casinos are easier to use on mobile devices.

The reason is because major download sites like Google Play won’t host gambling apps. This is convenient for you because you can play wherever and whenever you want.

Since you can play without risking real money, social casinos are a great way to hone your skills while playing casino games.

Once you have experience in games like Blackjack or Poker, you will be more confident playing against friends in real casinos, and of course, you will have a higher chance of winning.

Of course, for some people, the allure of winning with real money is the whole point of playing casino games, and nothing but an online casino will do.

The Pitfalls Of Social Casinos

Even though you don’t gamble at a social casino, there are risks involved. For example, you may be addicted to these games and be able to play uncontrollably.

Regular players on their phones may consider playing these games perfectly normal, leading to overspending in real casinos. And anyone at risk of addiction should avoid any type of casino game.

What’s more, while you can play for free, many don’t. The social media casinos generate revenue based on a pay-to-win or free model, where they offer free games but encourage people to pay real money for more fun games like multiplayer play over, gifts for friends, etc.

Best Social Casino Games In 2020 – TOP 8 Picks For You!

On the market today, there are many social casino games for you to experience. The following is a list of the 8 most-played social games and received the most positive reviews from users.

You can choose from games on this list to experience.

1. House of Fun

House of Fun is one of the world-famous free casino simulation games with over 20 million players. Install House of Fun today to get 100 free spins and get started.

Welcome to House of Fun, 100 free spins are waiting for you. Get it now and get ready to experience the best free online casino.
The game simulates casino games such as slot machine 777, slot machine Egypt, diamond game, slot machine WILD, progressive jackpot, sweepstakes, lottery, etc.


More than 180 machines with new 777 slot machine games are added every week. Shoot as if you were at Caesar’s Palace or Bellagio.
Especially when participating in House of Fun, players also have the opportunity to receive many different interesting prizes.

For example, the Playtika Prize, which is a program that rewards loyal and happy customers, or you will get 100 free spins and 1000 bonus slots to join.

Note, this is a game intended for adults over 21 years old, only for entertainment purposes and no real money gambling. Playing and winning in this game does not mean winning in the future when gambling with real money.

Playing casino games in House of Fun requires you to use Coins and Spins. However, there are many ways to get it for free.

2. Slotomania Slots Casino

Slotomania Slots Casino is a social slots casino game for those who want to enjoy the casino style of Vegas, satisfy your dreams as well as bring more fun to you.

The game offers a lucky spin and great prizes through slots that you only see on the small screen.


With Slotomania Slots Casino, players will be able to participate in the casino world with more than 160 slot machines to enjoy perks such as: receive free daily money, collect SLOTO cards, the chance to earn amazing rewards every day, or win great prizes.

You can have fun with the activities of spinning Premium 777 Vegas games, collecting cards, and trading cards with more.

Slotomania Slots Casino brings you to a community of more than 154 million slot machine lovers who are currently playing the best casino games right on mobile.

Besides, Sloto clubs allow you to participate in the black cash fund, exclusive slot games, play mini-games for more prizes.

3. Vegas Live Slots Casino

Vegas Live Slots Casino is a simulation game of lucky casino games for mobile. Joining Vegas Live Slots Casino, you can play all slot machine games like in Las Vegas casinos.

With Vegas Live Slots Casino, players do not have to travel to Las Vegas in person to experience the casino atmosphere and glamor of the casino game. The game offers a casino experience at the world’s largest casino center. You will never miss a spin with this amazing slot machine.


Vegas Live Slots Casino is a combination of many entertaining, stress-free, and intellectual games. Those are crossword puzzles, wheels of luck to receive huge rewards, and of course, indispensable to the familiar 777 casino game.

To win in this game, you need to converge both factors – skill and luck. Download Vegas Live Slots Casino to experience the thrill of casino gambling with intellectual puzzle levels on your phone and tablet.

Vegas Live Slots Casino requires you to use Sin and Coins to participate in in-game games, but you still have many ways to get them for free.

4. Infinity Slots

Infinity Slots is the best 777 slot machine game simulation game on mobile today. With Infinity Slots, you will have the chance to receive tons of prizes from over 100 free casino games.

Infinity Slots offers players over 100 awesome 777 slot machine games, with lots of classic fruit machines as well as new slot games worth playing.


Unique puzzle system allows you to play and unlock many unique new games. Besides, that is weekly, daily, and even hourly bonus games.

Diverse slot machines such as Video Poker, Roulette, or Pokies will provide a seamless gaming experience, along with beautiful effects and graphics that will make you experience a Las Vegas casino right on the slot.

In addition to enjoying lucky casino games, Infinity Slots players can also play the role of famous characters and experience their stories. You will be traveling to the Wild West as you play cowboy John Wayne.

Infinity Slots requires you to use Sin and Coins to participate in in-game games, but you still have many ways to get them for free.

5. Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker is a fun poker card game that can be played on your phone or tablet, interacting with many other players on Facebook’s social network.

This is especially a Las Vegas casino-style poker game so that Zynga Poker players can access major tournaments and receive attractive rewards.

Zynga Poker is the most famous poker game in the world, where you have the opportunity to socialize and meet many great poker players, join the thrilling tables, more tournaments, and more challengers.


As you play, you can get many benefits and find new features by reaching higher levels through the Vip program. Besides, the card game

Zynga Poker also supports you in receiving free chips and joining the jackpot tournament.

Zynga Poker has a simple but professional design from graphics, images to playing style, which will definitely bring you enjoyable entertainment moments.

Zynga Poker allows playing with friends on Facebook, connecting a large community of players, and can play anywhere as long as your device has a network connection. The card gaming space is as if you were sitting at a Vegas casino, playing the way you want.

Each table Zynga Poker usually has from 5 to 9 people, allowing live chat in the game. Join the Zynga Poker community now to win and become the head of the casino.

6. Caesars Slots

Caesars Slots is a casino game that gives players an experience like a real casino.

Joining Caesars Slots, you will get acquainted with the types of slot machines in the casino, receive rewards and socialize with the slot game community is extremely crowded.


Players who download Caesars Slots will be given a choice of the best slot machines, start a spin, search for the Daily Bonus, and hope to get the amazing 777.

The game offers daily bonus spins. Players collect free coins in many different ways and play Super Bonus to earn even more free coins.

Caesars Slots offers players a wide selection of slots and exclusive mini-games such as Elvis Slots, Lion’s Roar, or Lucky in Paris, which are sure to take your breath away.

Besides, it also has an interactive Bonus game with free spins and many unique features. Caesars Slots is a meeting place for millions of players who love gambling games around the world.

There you will compete in competitions and win many attractive prizes, share free gifts with friends, and receive many other perks and income with Total Rewards Social.

7. Billionaire Casino

Experience the Billionaire Casino game for a chance to become a billionaire by winning yourself amazing prizes. You can join friends in the club or play solo.

The game offers many forms of Casino play for players to enjoy the fun of making virtual money.


Billionaire Casino brings Vegas casino at your fingertips, with a variety of unique slots for fun. Check out blackjack and poker and other card games for more opportunities to become a billionaire.

This is a casino game with many monetization forms and is the fastest way to win great prizes. Nothing is impossible in a Billionaire Casino.

Billionaire Casino is also where you can join your friends in a card club, or create your own, meet and match new people for awesome rewards.

The game also offers an attractive betting mode to win big wins, suitable for entertainment, not related to real money.

8. DoubleDown

DoubleDown is a casino game for those who love the atmosphere of the world’s casinos, win over 150 authentic slots, classic 3-roll 777 slot machines to the latest slot machines in Las Vegas.

When joining this game, you will have the opportunity to win jackpots, meet world-famous characters.


DoubleDown Casino game brings Vegas to you with hundreds of slot machines from classic to modern, discovering the latest innovations that casino fans are crazy about.

Join the casino game, and you will be entered into the game room, experience authentic 777 games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Video Poker, and receive lots of free rewards every day.

Start the fun in DoubleDown with 1 million free chips and win the games you join, customizing your experience by choosing your favorite slot games.

In addition, you also get top rewards in the loyalty program, log in to Facebook to share gifts with your friends, follow to collect free bonus chips, and keep fun.

Final Words

Thus, the above article has introduced you to the most basic information about the type of social casino entertainment.

It can be said that this is the best platform to help you hone the basics of casino game skills before starting to bet or gamble seriously to make money.

If you have had certain experiences, you can visit the Betting Valley website to choose real money casino games to play.

This website specializes in providing online casino Malaysia services, slot games, lottery news, sports betting. The detailed guides of certain experts will delight you and provide you with the best online betting experience.

Especially with a simple and easy-to-use website interface, an enthusiastic team of consultants, Betting Valley will be an ideal choice for you.

We hope that the above information has been able to answer all your questions about social casinos. And, we hope you will have great entertainment moments with casino games.

Thanks for reading!

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