Online Casinos in Denmark

Online casinos are very popular across the world.  They’re highly regulated, safe, and efficient. Danish players enjoy this marketplace every year, with millions of bets placed.

The Danish Gambling Authority licenses casinos in Denmark, but in today’s global economy, casinos from around the world are available to danes.  The best online casinos are typically licensed in Malta, Curacao, the UK, or an EU member country.

Online casinos are very competitive because of the  global gambling market.  Casino operators are very customer friendly, with large welcome bonuses and high payouts.

Denmark Gambling Regulations

Gambling is regulated by the Danish Gambling Authority, Spillemyndigheden. Online gambling is regulated to create a well-regulated industry that is safe and fair. 

Danish casinos are easy to check out at the Gambling Authority, which takes the guesswork out of online gaming.  This brings a sense of security to gamers, which encourages the growth of the industry.

Danes can also access the full range of global casinos, which are similarly regulated.  In particular, EU commerce regulations allow the free flow of goods and services across the region.  

Free flow of services means that German casinos are available to Danes, and Danish sites to Germans.  The free flow of goods introduces competition which results in better services and prices.


Safe International Online Casinos

Online casinos are fully regulated by government authorities. Each region has it’s own regulatory authority, but they’re all in competition to attract safe online casinos.

If a particular authority became known for attracting problems, competition would weed them out.  This keeps the online marketplace quite honest.

Deposits and withdrawals are handled through encrypted channels to ensure safety.  To get started, you’ll want to make a deposit at a casino, and you should also show proof of identity.

Demo versions are free at many casinos, so you can try the games before you spend real money.  When you’re ready, make a deposit which will be matched with a welcome bonus.

Welcome bonuses are different at each casino, but 100% bonus for the first 500 euros is very common in EU casinos.  

Payments can be made with a variety of different payment methods like Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard.  It’s not unusual to see dozens of different payment options at major casinos.

Withdrawals and payouts are also easy.  You’ll need to show proof of identity, and then can withdraw money to your e-wallet or bank account.

Online casinos make it easy to transfer money, and regulations ensure safe transfers.  The casino security is similar to bank security.  It’s extensively tested and considered to be very good.

Online games are created by developers who specialize in the gambling market.  These developers must have their games tested extensively by the gaming authorities, and have zero tolerance for bugs and errors.

Slot Games in Denmark

The best casinos will have thousands of online casino games.  Most of these games will be slot games.  Slot games bring in the majority of players and revenues at online casinos worldwide.

Slot games in online casinos are much better than land-based casinos because they have very high return to player ratios.  Online casinos don’t have floor space and staff requirements like land-based casinos, so they can afford to offer their games at a significant discount.

RTP of 96 to 97% are very common, and there are frequent free spins and promotions around the slot games.

The slots have thousands of different themes to make the games fun.  They have various gimmicks, but in the end, have similar rates of return.

Denmark Poker game

Online Poker

Poker is very popular all over the world.  Poker is a game of skill with a small luck component. Skilled poker players easily defeat amateurs because of their knowledge and experience.

Poker is a common live dealer game.  This means that you’ll see live dealers who will connect with you through videoconferencing.  

Live Casinos contain a variety of different games, and you will have the opportunity to choose a table and dealer that you like.  Similar to brick and mortar casinos, poker will be played against other players, but a dealer will handle the cards.

Poker is great for people who enjoy gambling and who do it for a long time.  Because of the skill component, there is a learning curve.  However, once you have skill, you can actually start making money at the casino.

Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette

Baccarat and blackjack are easy to learn how to play. They have excellent return to player rates of about 99%, and they have great appeal to beginner and experienced gamblers.

The basic strategy for table games is extremely easy.  In roulette, you should always simply bet on a single number and hope that it comes up.  With Baccarat, you bet on the banker’s hand.  

There’s very little skill or thought that goes into these kinds of games.  They’re considered to be completely games of chance.

Blackjack is only a little more difficult than baccarat.  There are a few scenarios where there is a clear strategy, but becoming an expert takes only minutes to learn.

Many casinos have live games for table games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.  The dealer interaction can be fun, and there will be many tables to choose from.

Denmark slot machine

International Online Casino Regulators

Online casinos are strictly regulated businesses who focus on customer service and safety.  The competition and regulation is very tough, so the only thing they can do to differentiate themselves is to advertise and focus on guest experience.

The casinos licensed in Denmark often operate globally, while casinos licensed in other countries can also operate in Denmark.  There isn’t a monopoly that restricts the market.

Sports Betting, Lotteries, table games and Slots are all highly regulated.  Casinos welcome the scrutiny, because with high competition, only the best casinos can survive. 

Final Thoughts

Online casino operators put a lot of thought into their services.  There are a variety of different deposit bonuses and wagering requirements designed to attract market segments.

Being able to offer a deposit bonus and a variety of deposit methods requires the casino to stay on the right side of government and bank regulations.

Far from being arcades run by a gang, the casinos are professional businesses that welcome scrutiny and who comply with the spirit of thee Danish Gambling Act.