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What is a live casino? How does it work? (Detail)

With the rapid development of technology applications, Live casinos were born to serve online gambling needs for those who are passionate about gambling. Here, there are almost all the games that real casinos have, such as BlackJack, Baccarat scratching, Poker, etc.

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On the market today, many forms of online betting are born. However, Live Casino is the hottest version chosen by many players. So what is a live casino? What are the highlights of the casino? In this article, we will help you answer the above questions most accurately.

What Is A Live Casino?

First of all, we will define casino for you to know! Let’s find out some information about live casino meaning!

What is an online live casino? Live casino, also called online casino, is a form of online betting. This is the latest way to play casinos that many people choose.

In the past, most of the bookmakers used only game emulation software. Although this form is programmed with probability, almost like reality, it does not give players absolute satisfaction.

You should differentiate between live casino and  social casino.

what is live casino?

This is a form of 100% online casino gambling without going anywhere, just having a computer device or a phone connected to the Internet.

How does Live Casino work?

When participating in online casino play, there will be a video of the real live dealer representing the live casino, trained in many extremely professional gambling skills next to the real-life casino.

This game gives players the feeling of sitting at a casino with a real gamer and just sitting at home without going anywhere.

So far, the introduction of live casinos has completely replaced the traditional versions above. Sounds and images are displayed on the computer screen in the most realistic way.

So why should you choose to play live casino, instead of the old form? Let’s find out some of the advantages of Live casino introduced in the next section of this article.

The Outstanding Advantages Of Live Casino

Live casino possesses outstanding features and advantages that attract a large number of participants. Specifically:

Advanced and modern technology

Live casinos are set up by interactive live stream technology. Therefore, the player’s actions are monitored and recorded by the dealers in the most realistic way. Balances in the results will also be updated as quickly as possible.

In addition, the previous bet will also be saved by the system for the player’s review. This helps to ensure accuracy and transparency through each bet.

Play with real people

Is Live Casino really live? Of course, the answer is yes! From dealers to other competitors on the live casino are real people, not virtual like other versions.

This not only increases interactivity but also helps players have the most enjoyable experience moments. Through the chat system, you can chat, exchange, even give gifts to your favorite players.

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Vivid images

In live casinos, all details are simulated no different from the actual way of playing. The image displayed directly on the screen will help increase the player’s confidence in the dealer. In addition, this also helps you to control cheating during the game most thoroughly.

Some Online Casino Fundamental Improvements

Participation in online casinos is now very popular all over the world, especially in Malaysia. Players can now take part in all real money gambling or betting without even taking a single step out of the live casino. Here are the basic improvements in live casinos compared to traditional casinos.

Space improvements

Do you need to go to Las Vegas to play a casino? Of course not, right, unless you are having a lot of money and are looking to go dining.

The player’s job is just to have a computer or a phone with an Internet connection. And you can enter the great entertainment world that online casinos offer you. This is an innovation of live casinos.

what is online live casino

Time improvements

You needed to have a free day to go to a casino to play in the old days. Sometimes, it takes a few weeks to go somewhere else to play the casino.

Nowadays, with just your mobile phone, you can play online casinos at any time of the day. With a little rest and free time, you can play your favorite betting games.

Game experience improvements

In online casinos, the games or betting services are optimized to be the simplest, most modern for players to play and bet easily. When participating in the game, players will see many live dealers standing in front of the camera.

Usually, these dealers are very beautiful and charming, and you can talk, have fun, ask questions if you like. You can also get acquainted, chat with other playmates. That also makes players feel that an online casino is no different from a real casino.

How Can You Avoid Being Scammed While Playing Live Casinos?

Besides reputable casinos, there are also live casinos that scam players. If you do not have experience in the casino industry, it is easy to lose money if you are not vigilant.

Therefore, before choosing a casino to play, you need to know how to determine a reputable live casino. Here, we will guide some ways to look up the reliability and reputation of the casino to avoid getting scammed while playing.

📌 Review from Europe or America

To avoid being fooled by playing Live casino, this is the easiest way you can do. First, you need to find out about the bookmaker’s website reviews or not?

For example, you can look up the W88 dealer, and you will see countless results (meaning W88 dealer exists). Note that results from Europe or America will have a more reputable effect than any other results.

And you pay attention to the number of results returned. If a dealer has more than 40,000 hits, this is a good number.

📌 Look up operating license

The license lookup work is extremely effective in avoiding being cheated when playing Live casino. To look up the license, we usually use two pieces of information: the website address and the company that stands for the dealer.

The lookup has many ways and is often quite complicated for people who do not speak English. Therefore, this method is time-consuming and difficult.

Usually, people check or type “the name of the dealer + license” or “website name + license”. If it returns that information, the dealer has an active subscription. However, the results are usually on page 4 or 5, so this is difficult.

The second difficult point is where the license is registered. There will be many different providers of licenses, so it’s not easy to look up. To find out who the dealer has registered with, they will usually put the registrar’s logo below their website. However, this could be a scam.


📌 Advertise for a certain soccer team

Nowadays, bookmakers often sponsor a famous soccer club. If the dealer you plan to play has the ability to advertise for teams, for example, Premier League, La Liga, etc. then it will be able to be trusted.

However, if the bookmakers only have live casinos, they will not do these advertisements. Therefore, this approach only works for bookmakers that have sports betting products.

📌 Lookup advertisements at big betting forums

This way is quite simple to avoid being fooled when playing Live casino. If any of the bookmakers are active, they will be on the big forums like Asian Bookie, etc.

If they have a corner in these pages, they can be temporarily trusted (because usually, the advertising money here is nothing compared to the bookie).

📌 Is the customer care department professional?

Here, a professional bookmaker will know how to treat their customers. Therefore, the professionalism of the customer care department is very important. That is the face of the dealer that customers will meet right the first time.

If the customer care department is unprofessional, there are only 2 cases where the dealer does not need customers or does not pay attention to keeping the customer.

Why Should You Play At A Live Casino? Here Are The Reasons!

1. Live casino does not worry about gambling tricks

When participating in gambling, what players fear most is the use of gambling tricks by the players and the dealer. However, when playing cards at Live casino, players can rest assured that there will be no gambling problems like in real casinos. Online casinos work on chance.

The bookmakers will cooperate with game-changers to ensure a fair playing field, committed to not cheating, not cheating players’ money.

2. Live casino offers player privacy

At real casinos, the casino environment is often quite noisy because there are so many players. If you are a gambling enthusiast but do not like noise or privacy, online casinos are a great choice.

The great thing that Live casino brings is that players will feel as if they are playing at a real casino. From the sound of the cards being dealt, the sound of the Sicbo game, Roulette game, or even the interface or the dealer are also the same as the real thing.

3. Live casino keeps player information absolutely confidential

Unlike real casinos, police can strike at any moment without the player’s knowledge. This leaves us in unnecessary trouble and trouble with the law. But when participating in playing cards online, players can be completely assured of that.

Not only that but also casinos keep their information completely confidential by secure information security systems.

4. Live casino supports fast payment transactions

The player’s money is kept at reputable banks. Almost all trusted online casinos Malaysia support deposits as well as withdrawals. So players can join the payment whenever they want in a short time without worrying about loss or long.


5. Live casino is not limited in space and time

All Live casinos have beautiful web interfaces and are just like the most luxurious and magnificent casinos in the world. Just sitting at home, you are like playing at the best casinos. You can join whenever you want, anywhere.

You can play anywhere with online gambling, just need a phone or computer with an internet connection. You can play cards while doing other things like cleaning or reading, etc.

Where Is The Place To Play A Reputable Live Casino?

Currently, there are many reputable live casinos that you should play. You can check out these bookmakers at the Betting Valley website.

Coming to the bookmakers recommended by this site, you will get a much higher odds of playing against the other casinos. Especially, they have accumulated a lot of experience while playing to win and receive many rewards.

The Betting Valley website is a reliable website guide for ensuring safe gambling and online betting. Our website features periodic updates of the best online gambling sites in a number of categories so that you can easily find a quality option to satisfy your enjoyment.

The rankings are based on extensive research and comprehensive testing. Moreover, this website evaluates many different important factors.

In addition to aggregating rankings, they also write detailed and objective reviews of everything gambling sites can give you. They offer a wide range of gambling-related tips and information, prepared by knowledgeable and experienced experts.

Their goal is simply to make sure you get the best online gambling experience, whether you are a beginner or already an experienced gambler.

Final Words

The above article has shared with you basic information that you need to know about what is casino. This is a very convenient form of play that gives players a lot of convenience.

So most of the bookmakers today are switching to this form to ensure the needs of players. To have the best experience when playing live casino, please refer to information about live casino reviews as well as detailed instructions on online casino games at bettingvalley.co.

Wish you will have an enjoyable experience with a live casino. You can find out more about poker chips in the link we have just provided.

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