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How To Play Poker? A Detailed Guide For Beginners

How does Poker work? Where did the origins of Poker come from? Surely these are the questions of the players when they first approach this game.

Poker is one of the casino games favored by young people today. But understanding what Poker is is not easy for beginners.

So today, we are going to introduce you to know more about this extremely attractive casino.


What is Poker?

Before entering the world of Poker, players need to have a basic understanding of this card game.

Poker is a card game. This game originated in European countries.

Poker appeared to be just for the aristocracy when it first appeared because the stakes on the hand were so high. So the game is inherently not suitable for the lower class.

Then, it evolved so that all classes could join. Throughout modification, the poker game became more known. Currently, Poker has become one of the very popular games in casinos.

Poker uses a standard 52-card deck of cards. At the beginning of each hand, each player is dealt their own cards. The remaining cards are revealed and placed on the table, called pool cards.

A hand is formed by betting rounds. There, players will bet according to the strength of their cards and their toy inventions. At the end of the last betting round, the still-standing players will face up to determine the winner.

The person with the strongest Poker Hand will be the winner and gets all the stakes. In the event that all other players fold or do not follow, the raiser can eat all.

Poker is a card game with a mixture of gambling, strategy, and skill. Luck is only a small factor in this game. To be able to win in a poker game requires players to have the agility and know-how to use good strategies.


How To Play Poker In Detail

There are actually many genres of Poker. But of which Texas Hold ’em is the most popular poker game. So if only the word Poker is mentioned, everyone implicitly means Texas Hold ’em.

In the following sections, we will also learn Poker rules and under this genre.

How do you play basic poker?

Poker table has 2 – 10 players. Currently, when playing online Poker, people usually play at a table of 9 people, 6 people, 2 people.

On the poker table, there is always a round symbol with the letter D (Dealer). It rotates clockwise from player to player after each hand.

Based on that, to determine the player’s position on the table, for example, who must act first.

Each player is dealt with 2 separate cards. There will be 5 cards, in turn, revealed respectively in the middle of the table. A full poker hand consists of 4 betting rounds.

Ultimately, the player with the strongest hand (the combination of the trump card and the joint hand on the table) will be the winner.

However, the game can also be ended at any time, when a raiser and all the others discard the hand, then the raiser is the winner.

After each betting round, all bets are put together, called Pot. In principle, a betting round ends only when everyone’s stakes are equal, and no one is raised.

The winner will take everyone’s bet (Pot). If you have wagered all the money in front of everyone (all-in), the Pot can only be won by the Pot’s end.


The player’s choices in each betting round

Fold: No more playing, sitting outside, waiting for a new hand. For example, when you are dealing with a bad hand or do not want to spend more money to follow your opponent. You will lose the amount previously wagered.

Bet: You can bet when no one has done it yet. Then, other players who want to continue playing must at least follow the amount you wagered. If they don’t, they can fold.

Raise: When there is a bet, the following player outside the selection to follow or fold can also bet more, also known as raise.

This action means they have a very strong hand, and the opponent does not want to spend more money, only to fold.

All-in: When you bet or raise all the money you have, it is called a full raise or a full hand raise.

When you raise all, and the hand continues, all you have to do is watch. At the end of the hand, the hand will be face up to determine a win or loss.

Call: Pay the same amount as the previous player has bet/raised to continue playing that hand

Check: When no one has bet, you also do not bet and wait to see the next person’s action.

The sequence of a complete poker hand

At the beginning of a game of Poker, two players on the left-hand side of the Dealer position will have to place a blind wager, called blind money.

The first player to the left of the Dealer places a small blind. The next player places a big blind. The big blind is equal to 2 times the small blind, and it is also the minimum stake in upcoming betting rounds.

It is called blind money because players have to bet before they even know what hand they have dealt with.

After the blind money has been placed, dealing will take place. Each player dealt 2 trump cards and entered the following 4 betting rounds.

Round 1: Pre-Flop

The first betting round takes place as soon as each player knows what their hand is. The next player to the left of the big blind will have to act first. Each player can choose to fold, follow, bet, etc.


Just like that, the turn happens around the table clockwise.

The betting round ends when everyone’s stakes are equal. All bets are collected in one place (Pot). The hand goes to the next round: Flop.

Round 2: Flop

Now the first 3 cards will be revealed in the middle of the table. These are called pool cards because everyone can see them and combine them with their cards to create the best 5-card hand.


A betting round starts with the first player remaining on the left-hand side of the Dealer.
The options are similar to the previous one. But players have an extra check option to pass their turn to the next player if no one has bet before.

Round 3: Turn

The fourth joint card, Turn, will be revealed. This card is, of course, also used in conjunction with your trump card to create the best hand.

The remaining players will proceed to a new round of betting with the same gameplay as the previous round.


Round 4: River

The 5th joint card, River, is also the last card to be revealed. At this point, the player has all 5 common cards to combine with the 2 cards in his hand. Everyone knows for themselves what hand they have.

The remaining players will proceed to one last betting round. The gameplay is the same as in the previous round.


At the end of this final round of betting, if more than one player remains, everyone will showdown to determine who has the best hand according to the hand rankings.

The hand is over after the Pot is awarded to the winner. The dealer position will move clockwise to the next player. And a new game begins!

Bet Limits In Poker

During a poker game, you can bet when there is a strong hand or to deceive the opponent. But what is the stake limit? This is the content of this section.

Currently, people play Poker in three main types of betting limits. These are no limit wagers, fixed limits, and pot limits.


No Limit

As the name implies, No Limit poker game has no limit on the number of bets or raises. When it is their turn, each player can bet/raise any amount, as much as all they have on the table.

Example: You sit right behind a big blind in a table No Limit $1/$2. After dealing with cards, you are the one to act first. You can bet from a minimum of $2 to a big blind up to a maximum of all your money (all-in).

Fixed Limit

In a poker game with a fixed bet structure, each player can choose to call, bet, or raise, but only with a fixed amount. The fixed amount for each betting round is defined in advance.

Example: In a fixed limit $1/$2 Poker table:

  • $1 is called a small bet, applicable in the first 2 betting rounds (Pre Flop and Flop). That is, each bet can only bet/raise the fixed amount of $1.
  • $2 is called a big bet, applicable to the last 2 betting rounds (Turn and River). That is, each time a fixed amount of $2 is allowed to bet/raise.

Pot Limit

In poker games played on a pot-limit structure, each player can bet or raise a maximum amount equal to the pot size at that moment.

Example: You still sit right behind the big blind in a Pot Limit table $1/$2. As the first to take action after playing the card, you can:

  • Fold cards.
  • Bet on $2.
  • Or raise any amount ranging from $4 (raise at least $2) up to a maximum of $7 (first by $2, turn Pot into $5, and then raise $5, making the total stake is 7 $).

Above is a brief description of the three types of bets that are common in modern Poker. When you visit online poker platforms, you will find poker tables that fall under these three limits, but the most are No Limit.

When playing, you do not need to calculate how much you are betting because it has the software to worry about.

Therefore, there is no need to worry if you are not sure how to calculate fixed or pot limits at this stage. When playing in practice, you will quickly grasp it.

Ranking Of Cards In Poker

How to combine poker cards

There are two ways to win Poker’s hand: either force all of your opponents to fold or have the best hand when you face the hand. So what cards you have is what you need to know!

As mentioned in the previous section, you will combine 2 cards and 5 cards to create the best 5-card hand. Yes, five cards, no more or less. It doesn’t matter how many cards you use!

Sometimes you use both cards, sometimes only 1 card, even no trump card is present in your combo.

The rankings of the hands in Poker

After combining cards, you will have one of the hands below. Note that in Poker, the suit or color of a card has no meaning.

We do not rely on it for strong and weak discernment. The same hand and different suit have the same value.

πŸ“Œ Royal Flush

It is also known as dragon hall, royal hall, large hall breaking box. This is the rarest hand in Poker and, of course, the strongest. It contains 5 cards 10, J, Q, K, A of the same suit.

πŸ“Œ Straight Flush

This is a hand consisting of 5 consecutive cards of the same suit.

If two players have the same flush, whoever has the highest card wins.

πŸ“Œ Four of a kind

A quarter is a combination of 4 identical cards and 1 odd card.


In case two people have the same quarter, of course, whoever has the bigger quarter wins. If they have the same quarter (since the quarter is in 5 common cards), then the odd card is decisive.

πŸ“Œ Full House

An island is a combination of a trio and a pair.

When two people are together, the one with the bigger trio wins. If the trio is the same, they will go against the duo.

πŸ“Œ Flush

Flush is a hand consisting of 5 cards of the same suit, not adjacent.

If two people share a pot, whoever has the highest card wins. If the highest card is the same, then go to the 2nd highest card, etc.

The straight is 5 consecutive cards, not of a suit.

If more than one person has the same straight, whoever has the highest card wins.

Note, the Ace is considered the highest card in straight 10 J Q K A but is also the lowest card in straight A 2 3 4 5.

πŸ“Œ Three of a kind

This is a hand containing 3 of the same cards.

Where two people share a trio, of course, the bigger one’s trio will be straight if the same trio is played against the other 2 odd cards in turn.

πŸ“Œ Two Pair

As its name suggests, you have 2 different pairs and 1 odd card.


In case many people have 2 pairs, whoever has the highest pair wins. If the pair cannot be identified, the remaining odd card will be played against.

πŸ“Œ Pair

This is a hand consisting of 2 identical cards (1 pair) and 3 different cards.
If more than one player has 1 pair, of course, whoever has the biggest pair wins. The remaining 3 cards will be played in turn in case the player has an equal pair.

πŸ“Œ High Card

This is the worst-case scenario when your hand is only the top 5 of the 7 cards. Besides, they are not linked at all: not double, not connected, not homogeneous, etc.

When multiple people trade, each person’s highest card is decided. If they are still the same, it will be compared to the next card.

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Top 10 Best Opening Cards In Poker Basics

Here are the top 10 most powerful repercussions in Texas Hold ’em.

⭐ Pair A

The two strongest trump cards you can be dealt in a poker hand. Double A has a big advantage on the pre-flop and has an 80% win rate on most hands.

You can only split A on average once in 221 hands, so split A is a blessing for any hand. However, keep in mind that the chances of winning are reduced as more players enter the Pot, so the fewer opponents, the better.

⭐ Pair K

Duplicate K has an advantage over any hand (except for Double-A). Not many flop sides can intimidate you.

However, keep in mind that pair K wins only against cards with an A card more than 2/3 times. You are always ready to bet big on the pre-flop with a K pair.

⭐ Pair Q

If you split Q, you have a pretty good hand and only have 8 higher cards left in the deck, even less if your opponent has an A, K or A-K.


You’ll want to hit hard on this hand – almost always bet or add bets from any position, and there will often be a competitor willing to pay you with a weaker hand.

⭐ A-K with the same suit

Although not as strong as the above pairs, the same A-K is also classified in the group of superior trump cards. It looks great, and players are often captivated especially amateurs.

However, its win rate is not as high as you might think. A-K wins all double cards 50% of the time (except A and K pairs). But if you don’t hit the Flop, you only have a high A. Remember that.

⭐ Pair J

There is a joke in the poker industry that if you get J split, it is wrong. However, this is somewhat biased.

In fact, this hand has an advantage against all non-pair cards, and it has a big advantage over the lower pair at the pre-flop.

It is still a very strong hand, especially if no one has raised yet, and you have the J pair at the bottom of the table. However, you need to be extra careful if an opponent raises at the top of the table.

⭐ Pair 10

Pair 10 is a strong opening. It is powerful enough for you to continue playing without having to hit another 10 on the Flop.

It still often wins higher cards (AK, AQ, etc.), although it doesn’t have the edge over as many hands as the J-pair. If you had a lot of action before, sometimes you could fold the double 10 without thinking a lot.

⭐ A-Q with the same suit

Although this card is weaker against a different A-K, it ranks higher due to its overall strength against other cards.

Sometimes you will run into situations where you need to fold, even after hitting a double on the Flop. However, if you completely slip the Flop, it becomes even easier to fold the A-Q in half.

⭐ A-K with the different suit

This pair is weaker than its counterpart because of the reduced chance of hitting the flush.

However, a different AK hand still wins at least 40% of the time before any draw other than A and K pair.

Sometimes you can call with this hand before the Flop when there is a position to keep the Pot small. Still earn money if you then hit a double.

⭐ A-J with the same suit

Like AK or AQ of the same suit, this hand can create a royal flush.

However, with this hand, you need to play more cautiously, especially when someone raises from the top of the table. Any A-Q, A-K, will still beat you when you hit double A.

⭐ K-Q with the same suit

Ranked above A-10 with identical and double 9, K-Q is considered to have multiple flop opportunities.

It can create multiple straight and flush while hitting a couple, sometimes still gives you the best hand. However, you need to be able to fold this hand easily if the player moves before you show a strong hand.

Can You Make Money By Playing Poker?

Playing Poker to make money has nothing to do with whether Poker is gambling or mind sports.

This was also a controversial topic a long time ago. But at the present time, people have a widely accepted answer. That Poker is a game of skill, and chance is just one factor like in any other game.

Poker, like chess, football, and tennis, can all carry a lot of luck. But that’s not the main factor. On the contrary, games like the lottery and fainting topics are 100% gambling. You can read our article about best strategy at the start of Poker tournament to increase your chances of winning poker games.


Therefore, it will only take effort if you want to calculate or find a method to win in the long run. But Poker is, on the other hand, having great skills will help you become a winner in the long run.

That’s why scientists have developed artificial intelligence to conquer this game. Among them is the event that the supercomputer Libratus beats the top poker players, announced in early 2017.

So, if Poker is already a game of skill, then you can make money from it if you are good enough. In fact, whatever you do well, you make money. Swimming well, playing chess well all help you make money. The same goes for Poker!

Poker is a war between people. Not people with slots or people with bookmakers. The international online poker floors bring together millions of cards from around the world.

If you have good poker skills, you will make money from weaker opponents.

So the final answer to the question of whether Poker makes money is yes. But you have to be good. But to play good Poker, the only way is to play a lot and learn a lot.

Casino Tricks Are Common When Playing Poker

Poker is inherently a gambling game, so cheating to win is easy, especially in offline play. Therefore, you need to be aware of casino gambling tricks to avoid the worst-case scenario affecting yourself.

Here, let’s go through the common tricks and find ways to deal with them!

Hide the chip at the bottom

This is one of the most common types of fraudulent casino cards.

In this cheating method, players will not announce their Bet or Raise, but they will throw away the stakes of less money and leave a high denomination poker chip in the most conspicuous position.

They do so in the hope that you will not ask for a tally of the value of the deposit but declare Call.

You need to be alert and know how to play poker with chips, so you do not fall into the trap of this game. Before making your decision, ask for the correct number to verify the value of the bet.

There is a new way to eliminate the possibility of cheating in the card game.

Pretend to deceive your opponent

This usually happens before the show is played, the cheaters hold their cards and wag their wrists to indicate that they have dropped, but in reality, they are still holding the card in the other hand.

This action is to deceive other players that they have dropped their cards and cause all players to expose their cards and receive undue loss.

To prevent this kind of fraud, you only have to observe carefully to avoid casino tricks.

For example: If the person in 4th place pretends to fold and it is the player in 5th place to act, then when it is discovered, immediately speak out to prevent the players behind.

Place bets outside the streak round

On the poker table, the streak round forms the playing field for everyone.

Here, the fraudsters can push the stack of chips very aggressively but only come right close to the betting round. They want you to think, and this is a Bet, Call or Raise, etc.

After you react, they will depend on your decision to leave or handle the stack of chips. This is a common card trick seen in casinos.

The solution to dealing with this scam is quite easy, just when you step into the game. You are always in a ready and observant position, then ask the Dealer to ask the other players’ actions. Make sure no one can play cheats with you.

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What Tips Do You Need To Be A Good Poker Player?

Are you struggling to get a steady stream of profits from Poker? Are your results at best around breakeven?

Don’t worry. You are not alone!

In fact, this is the common state of the majority of poker players.

However, only a few small but important adjustments to your playing strategy will dramatically improve your poker skills.

In this article, we will show you great ways to help you play better.

βœ… Don’t play too many hands

To be good at Poker, you need to avoid a mistake that is very common among beginners. It’s playing too many hands or, in other words, lacking selectivity. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking any hand can win.

Even so, the chances of winning hands are not equal. Some hands are more likely to win and help you win more money, while others make you lose more money.

βœ… Don’t bluff too much

Another misconception when playing Poker is that you need a bluff in order to win. In Poker, there are no rules that force you to bluff at a specific level.

Bluff is only effective in certain situations and against certain opponents. If you know a guy who is always betting until he turns his hand, the bluff is obviously useless for that type of player.


The art of knowing when bluff comes from knowledge and practice. Save it when you are a master.

At this point, focus on exploiting the profit from strong hands instead of abusing bluffs to try to get rid of your opponent from the hand.

βœ… Think about your opponent’s hand range, not a specific hand

In a poker game, you can think about your hand and think about your opponent’s hand. But what to think about is the difference between an average player and a good poker player.

Mid-range poker players try to guess and assume the opponent has a particular hand. Good poker players think about the card range of the game instead.

It is a set of all the hands that an opponent can have in a given situation.

βœ… Stop putting too much in the queue

You often encounter hands where only one more card is missing to become a strong hand, flush or straight on the poker table. As a general rule, if your opponent makes a strong bet, it is not beneficial to try to pursue those hands.

However, if they are only making a small bet, you can bet and hope to hit. If your opponent’s stakes seem too much to follow, then don’t follow!

In general, like buying or selling, you need to weigh the price. Do not buy waiting cards at any cost. Especially with weak waiting songs, open lobbies, for example, do not spend too much.

Better yet, to make a more precise decision whether to pursue a waiting hand, practice the habit of calculating pot odds and the average return in the situation.

βœ… Ready to fold AA in double as needed

Another stark difference between the average player and the good poker player is the ability to skip overpair.

You know that premonition doesn’t sound right when you have AA, and the enemy that is tight is pushing all-in on the Turn?


Start paying more attention to that feeling. There are actually situations that are very easy to spot on small bets, especially when you play Poker online, where 100% fold overpair is the right game.

Good poker players have the ability to dismiss any of the emotions associated with their sparkling hands. Meanwhile, the mid-range players are as though married to their AA or KK pairing and can’t throw them away, even if they know the hand they lose.

βœ… Always adhere to a consistent playing strategy

Another important factor in being a good poker player is the persistence of a good strategy. It is not okay if you suddenly play differently, just because you are bored or hit.

All the learning and experience over the long term give you insights into how to play this poker game profitably. But that only really works if you use it on the poker table all the time. In each hand and in each session played.

To be a good poker player, you must always use the same winning strategy, no matter how you are feeling or the results of your recent hand.

βœ… Understand that bitterness only harms you

Tilt is the destroyer of your capital, dreams, and poker career. It is very common to see online poker players burning their accounts clean when things go wrong on the table.

Poker’s reality is that sometimes things go badly for you, and there’s certainly nothing you can do. That is what you accept every time you sit at the poker table. Downswing is always possible, even for the best poker players.

When you lose your emotions and throw away your strategy, the only person that is being harmed is yourself.

All the hours you spend trying to learn and improve your basics have been wasted because you’ve decided to choose emotions over reason when needed.

Please respect the effort you put in. You owe it to you to maintain your composure and stop burning money when the work doesn’t work out.

βœ… Don’t play against all strong opponents

Table selection is another key for good poker players. You’re damaging your results if you try to play against the best players.

Some people argue that playing with better people helps them improve. If you want to make money in Poker, you have to play with worse players than you.

Don’t try to sit at a fair to excellent reg table. If you can’t find someone on a very bad board, you have to ask yourself why you’re still there.

If you play Poker for psychological challenge, fun, or entertainment, that’s okay. You do not need to consider this advice. But if winning is a priority for you.

Remember that you won’t be able to make a big profit with small hands with small advantages against good opponents.

You win big when you play against opponents who always make big, fundamental mistakes and are losing their money in the long run.

Where To Play Poker?

Where to play Poker is always a question that many people are interested in. Our advice is that you should play poker at trusted online casinos Singapore.

The scale of an online poker casino is limitless. There are large online casinos with tens of thousands of players playing at the same time. This is something that you never can happen while playing at land casinos.

Furthermore, when you play at the online bookmakers, the money to buy Poker Chips is very short.

You can transfer money to your account in less than 03 minutes using Internet Banking. Moreover, you do not lose any costs for these at all.

Currently, the Betting Valley website has a large number of reputable online poker casinos to choose from.

These casinos all have programs that meet international standards in terms of security, safety, and fair play. You will never have to worry about protecting your money, as the online casino at Betting Valley offers it a 100% guarantee.

In addition, online casinos also have many anti-fraud measures such as IP control, account freezing if there is fraud before the parties can withdraw money.

Their software is written by the world’s biggest software companies and is censored by today’s number one reputable agencies. Therefore, you can rest assured when playing Poker at these bookies.

Final Words

It can be said that Poker is a card game with a mixture of gambling and intellectual sports. Poker is actually fun.

You can also use your skills to win money, not just pure luck. If you have good strategic thinking and skills, you can even play Poker as a money-making profession.

That is the reason more and more people are coming to this card game.

We hope that the above article has helped you answer all your questions about this extremely attractive casino game.

We hope you will have an enjoyable experience at the online Dealer.

Thanks for reading!

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