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What Is Blackjack And How To Play Blackjack? – Ultimate Guide For You

Blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games at both online and offline casinos, not inferior to poker. If you are a betting enthusiast, you will surely not be able to ignore this extremely attractive gambling game.

It is one of the most popular games in casinos around the world.

If you have the opportunity to visit casinos in the Philippines, Macau, Singapore, Las Vegas, etc. You will find that the Blackjack tables are always the places that attract the most players.

Even in online casinos, Blackjack always tops the list of indispensable games.

So what is Blackjack and how to play Blackjack for beginners?

If you want to learn about that, please read this article.

We are sure that, after reading this, you will have a good understanding of the rules of the Blackjack game and that you can play Blackjack effectively in the casinos.


What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a player versus dealer card game. Blackjack is also known as a 21 point game.

The reason is that when playing this game, players try to draw cards so that their total score is as close to or equal to 21 as possible but cannot exceed that number.

Among casino games, Blackjack is said to be beatable thanks to the card counting technique. Therefore, it has become the most attractive card game in casinos.

Blackjack uses a standard 52-card deck. Initially, each player and dealer are dealt two cards. Players have the right to draw more cards to improve their scores if they wish. In short, how to play Blackjack is this: the player needs to beat the dealer with a higher score but not exceeding 21 points.

How Does Blackjack Work? – General Information

Once you know what Blackjack is, you need to know how to play and the game rules.

This is a pretty simple game.

First, it requires the dealer involvement with multiple players at the same time. For each match, players will bet and win and lose with this dealer. The casino will be the dealer to the player.

Each player has the right to take 2 cards. If anyone has in those 2 cards an ace and one of the 10, and J, Q or K will be Blackjack.

The scoring method of this game corresponds to the number on each card from 2 to 10, while J, Q, and K correspond to 10 points. So 21 points will be the highest score a player can achieve.

That is why if the player takes some extra card that is over 21 points, he will lose immediately. As for A card, if it appears in the deck is greater than 11, it will be counted as 1 point.

Conversely, if the deck is less than 11 points, it will count as 11 points.

For example:

  • A deck of cards consisting of A, 4, and 5 will total 20 points.
  • A deck of cards consisting of A, 7, and 9 will total 17 points.

Basic Rules When Playing Blackjack

Before getting into the detailed gameplay of a game of Blackjack, let’s go over a few things you need to know about casino Blackjack rules:

The parties play

A Blackjack table has a maximum of 7 players and 1 dealer. The players will fight points with the dealer, not against each other.

Usually, each player will be a small house, but you can also play multiple hands in a game to increase the odds of winning significantly.

The deck is used in Blackjack

In the past, people used only one 52-card deck of cards in a regular Blackjack table. However, since card counting became widely available, many decks of cards were used at once against players who mastered the technique.

Currently, casinos typically use 6 to 8 decks of cards per table. Because of this, sometimes you will be dealt with 2 identical cards.

Scoring rules in Blackjack

Similar to Blackjack. The points of cards in Blackjack are calculated as follows:

  • Cards 2 to 10 are the same as the number of that card
  • J, Q, and K-shaped cards are counted as 10 points
  • Particularly, an Ace (A) is counted as 1 point or 11 points depending on the most beneficial situation.

The rules of card draw

After the first 2 cards are dealt, the dealer will be entitled to draw unlimited more cards, as long as the total score does not exceed 21.

After all of your families have drawn their cards, it is the dealer’s turn. However, the dealer will not be allowed to draw more cards as freely as the house.

The dealer is only entitled to draw more cards when the total score is less than or equal to 16 and stop drawing when the total score is greater than or equal to 17.


The goal in Blackjack is to defeat the dealer in one of the following ways:

  • Reach 21 points immediately with the first 2 cards dealt (called Blackjack), provided the dealer has no Blackjack (if the dealer also has it, then tie).
  • Achieve a final score higher than the dealer, but not exceed 21.
  • Dealer draws more cards and gets more than 21 points.

Common Terms Used When Playing Blackjack

To be able to play Blackjack effectively, you need to be familiar with the commonly used game terms. Stay tuned in this section!

Blackjack: Absolutely win with 1 A (Ace) card and any 10 point card. The player with this hand has a higher than usual payout of 1.5: 1 instead of the usual 1: 1. If the player and dealer both have Blackjack, the hand is a tie.

Bust: Over 21 points and the player will lose immediately when they are off regardless of the dealer’s hand.

Push: Player and dealer have equal points, the stake is refunded before starting a new game.

Draw (Hit): The player chooses to draw 1 new card.

Soft Hand: This is the case where the player’s hand has an A card and is awarded 1 or 11 arbitrarily.

Hard Hand: This is the situation where the player’s hand has no A card or has but only counts 1 point.

Ante: This is the initial bet before dealing. All other bets in the game are based on this initial bet.

Pair: An extra bet, which appears depending on the dealer. Players bet that they will receive 1 pair of the first 2 cards. Payout ratio 11: 1

Double Down: Once the cards have been dealt and the player believes they can win the dealer after drawing one more card, choose this feature.

The stakes will be doubled based on the original bet, and players are only allowed to draw 1 more card immediately thereafter.

Insurance: After dealing and the dealer’s face-up card is A, this bet option is opened. The player bets half of the original bet to bet that the dealer has Blackjack.

If the dealer has Blackjack, the player loses the original bet, but the premium is paid out 2:1, exactly the same as the losing bet.

Otherwise, this insurance bet loses, and the initial stakes are settled as usual by the player and dealer score.

Split: If the player has a pair after dealing, then this betting option is open. When choosing this option, the player will split the hand into 2, and each card will be dealt 1 card, become two separate doors, and continue playing as usual.

The stakes, of course, also increased by 2 times. Once the cards are split, they cannot be merged. Some features are limited when you split 2  A cards due to the high probability of winning.

You cannot double bets, and only 1 more card can be drawn when splitting 2 A cards. Also, now you have an extra 10, J, Q, or K card that does not count as Blackjack, but only counts as a normal win.

Stand: Choose to stop adding cards and wait for the dealer to turn before the game has results and ends.

Surrender: Not available at all dealers. The player chooses to lose the bet immediately after the deal is finished and loses 50% of the bet.


The Complete Process Of Playing A Game Of Blackjack

Through the above section, you have somewhat visualized how to play Blackjack. Now let’s take a look at how to play a Blackjack game in detail.

Step 1: Player bet

First, the player will bet the desired amount (within the table bet limit). You place the chip money in the betting box in front of you.

If you play Blackjack that allows multiple hands per game as mentioned above, you can place your wager in 1 to 5 boxes as you wish.

Step 2: Dealer deals

After all the houses have made a bet, the dealer will begin dealing. The first dealing round is dealt one face-up card each.

The first player on the left-hand side of the house will be divided first, going to the next players in turn and finally the dealer.

In the second split, the dealer continues to deal 1 face-up card to each hand and finally a face card to the dealer.

Step 3: The player plays

After having 2 cards, the players will begin their turn. At this point, there will be 2 cases occurring.

If you have Blackjack, you always win in case the dealer does not have Blackjack (as explained above).

The total score for the first 2 cards is under 21, then the choice will be yours. The player will have the following options:

  • Stop drawing: When you feel your current score is enough to win the dealer without any further draw.
  • Continue drawing: You hope to get a higher score. However, if you, unfortunately, exceed 21 points, you will immediately lose without waiting for the dealer’s turn.
  • Double bet: You double your stake and draw a single card. You are then not entitled to continue drawing.
  • Split: In the event that the first 2 cards are dealt exactly the same, the player has the right to split into two new hands with each hand’s stake equal to half of the original bet amount. Then each hand separated will receive 1 more card and continue to play like a normal hand. In the case of two identical cards, which are 2 aces (A), the extracted sub-hand is divided to only 1 card, and no more cards are drawn.
  • Insurance bet: If the dealer’s face-up card is A, the player has an option to bet on insurance. Bet or not is up to you. This is a separate bet and is half of your original bet. When betting on insurance, you are essentially betting the dealer’s face-down card is a 10-point card. If the dealer does have Blackjack, the insurance bet wins.

If the dealer does not have Blackjack, then the insurance bet loses.

Step 4: Dealer plays

After all of the children have completed their turn, the dealer shows up their remaining card. Now there are 2 cases:

  • The sum of the first 2 cards of the dealer is less than or equal to 16: You must draw cards until the total score is greater than or equal to 17. When the point is greater than or equal to 17, the dealer must stop drawing.
  • The sum of the first 2 cards of the dealer is greater than or equal to 17: You must stop drawing.

Determination of winning or losing is similar, as mentioned above.

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How To Win Blackjack? – Tips For Beginner

Tip 1

Two 10 cards should not be split when you have a total of 20 for the first two cards because, with a 21-point goal, the dealer is unlikely to beat you. This is the most commonly used blackjack trick.

Tip 2

When two 8 cards are met, they must be split. When playing Blackjack, the number 8 card is always rated as the worst card by the player.

When a player meets two 8 cards, the player gets 16 points. If split, players will have a chance to win a winning card, and that means they will save money for themselves.

Since players are more likely to have a winning and a losing card, the two cards will make up for each other, and you will end the game without losing money (if the player follows the rules. and bet equal money on both cards).

Tip 3

If you own two 5’s while playing Blackjack, then the player has a total of 10. The best way is to ask for only 1 extra card and bet on doubling.

Tip 4

Please know to stop at the right time. Stop at any hand when the player has cards with a total score of 17 or higher. If the player has a total of 12 to 16 cards, and the dealer has 2 to 6, you should also stop, but if the dealer has 7 or higher, you should draw.

Tip 5

If the player has a soft 18 and the dealer has an 8.9 or 10 soft card, draw a soft hand. In order to limit the amount of profit that the house can enjoy, the player should double in this case.

One more tip of Blackjack is always to draw cards to have soft hands of 17 or less.

Tip 6

It is advisable to play online Blackjack because playing Blackjack online will give players more benefits than playing live.

When playing online, all the players’ money will be concentrated on the games without spending a part to pay for other expenses such as travel expenses and accommodation when going to the casino.

Furthermore, suppose the player wins in the blackjack game. In that case, the player will not lose the commission to the dealer, but can also receive rewards because the dealer usually has rewards that match the player’s deposit.

Bonus numbers can be doubled or tripled via free chips. What is more interesting than sitting at home and still being able to play Blackjack in the most authentic and lively way.

Tip 7

The important trick to playing Blackjack is that a player must always pay attention to bet according to their money.

To be able to win the most, players should calculate to be able to bet at least 40 rounds with their own money before starting the game.


Experience Judging Cards While Playing Blackjack

Knowing how to judge the cards, you have to come up with the right strategies is the way to a closer victory.

📌 Cards from 3 – 11 points

This is too good a score for you to draw more cards first confidently.

If you draw the small card 3 times in a row and your score is about 15-16 points, you should continue to draw again because the rate of getting the five spirits is 60%.

You also have to observe the opponents around to see what card they have drawn so that you can decide to draw again or not.

📌 Cards from 12-14 points

This is not a very good score. At this point, you must draw. If you have drawn from 18-20 points, you should stop.

📌 Cards from 16-17 points

When we meet this mid-level score, most of us wonder whether to continue drawing or not. Now observe, if you are the first to withdraw, you should not withdraw to preserve fate.

If you are the 2nd – 3rd draw, then you should consider the player before you. If they draw 1 card and then no longer draw, there is likely to be a big card, but usually, the big cards often go together.

If they draw 2 to 3 more cards, then the possibility is a small card. Based on that to make a decision whether to withdraw or not.

📌 Piece 18 – 20 points

This is a perfect score, so you don’t need to draw another card.

In order to be proficient in judging cards to come up with the best strategy for you, you need to practice and observe a lot to be sure that your chances of winning Blackjack will be high.

With this game, you should not be too greedy to lose miserably, there are times with just enough points, but you win!


Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Winning When Playing Blackjack

To be able to win as many victories as possible and bring a good result, players need to go through a fairly long process.

However, to shorten this time, players need to read through many tips and share to be able to play better quickly.

In the following, we will teach players ways to increase their chances of winning while playing BlackJack.

⭐ Avoid taking the first seat to the left of the dealer

For those who do not have much experience in playing, the ability to judge the situation and handle the situation is not fast, and you should avoid taking the first seat next to the dealer.

The reason for the round is to be dealt with left to right, i.e., counter-clockwise. If you sit in that position, you will be the first to make any draw or insurance decisions. This is really difficult for beginners.

⭐ The moment players need to double bets

A double bet is a form of wager that increases the original stake by 2 times. However, when to use this right is what is important.

Often experienced players choose to bet sometimes they have a total score of 10 and draw another card.

Of course, not always 10 points is a double bet. It applies depending on the situation.

⭐ The moment the player should stop

The time to not draw more cards is when you have a total score between 17 and 20.

If you draw more cards, it is an extremely high-risk option, as you are very likely to fall into the hit point, that’s more than 21 points.

Meanwhile, the level of 17 – 20 is already safe and high. The chance of winning is very high now, so why do we need to withdraw. You should note this.

⭐ Place bets that match your funds

An extremely important tip for online Blackjack players is that you must wager an amount that matches your budget and budget. Don’t start the table and bet big. If you fail, your money must be lost a lot from the first time.

It would help if you made a bet on every hand before playing. Besides, it would be best if you also gave how much money you play in a day to set a limit for yourself.

Don’t be too greedy or try hard when playing BlackJack but become a smart player who knows the right stop at the right time. That is what is called wisdom.

⭐ There is a steady-state of mind when playing Blackjack

Psychology is very important when playing BlackJack. It is a key factor in your victory. If a person is in a drunk state, then immediately give up the thought of playing BlackJack, as it will not satisfy you.

At that time, your mind will not be really smart to make the best decisions. Play BlackJack while you are in the best state of mind.


Where To Play Blackjack Online?

To play Blackjack online in particular and casino games, you should look to a reputable Malaysian online casino or famous international online casino.

It would be best if you chose leading reputable bookmakers, with random dealer certificates, and always overseen by neutral organizations.

For Blackjack, these casinos have a very small advantage, less than 1%. That is the point!

You absolutely do not play with bullshit casinos, which are being advertised in the market.

All are programmed so that the dealer has a huge advantage, even dealing with intent, not randomly. This will cause you to be tricked into losing money while playing this game.

To be able to choose the most reputable bookmaker, you can consult the website Betting Valley. This website specializes in providing information related to betting and online casino.

The list of bookmakers on this website are evaluated and ranked based on certain criteria, ensuring their reliability and reputation.

Therefore, you can trust when choosing the bookmakers on Betting Valley to join the Blackjack game.

Moreover, if you want to experience other casino games, Betting Valley always has a lot of casino games for you to choose from. The games have specific instructions when playing, so it is certain that you will have the best relaxation with Betting Valley.

Final Words

So through the above article, you must have understood how to play Blackjack at the online dealer. Playing Blackjack in particular or gambling, in general, is largely based on luck.

However, you can also improve your odds of winning and reduce the house edge with your smart thinking and rational tactics.

We hope that, through this article, you can clearly grasp information regarding BlackJack. We hope you will have the most enjoyable experience with this game.

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