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Online Casinos in Indonesia

Did you know that gambling in Indonesia is a challenging feat in Asia? Due to the strict gambling laws imposed in Indonesia, many opt to play at online casinos due to their game variety, excellent customer support, and player benefits.

If you feel the itch to play some poker, roulette, baccarat, or slots and want some mode of entertainment plus a chance to win some money, check out some of the best online casinos in Indonesia listed below. You can also learn how to spot the aspects and features that make up a good online casino platform.  

Gambling History in Indonesia

Oftentimes, Indonesia is tagged as a highly unusual country. It’s a nation that stretches between two continents (Oceania and Asia) plus consists of more than 17,500 islands joined together to form 34 provinces.

On top of the physical demographics of the country, its gambling laws are unique as well. For example, the Indonesian government has exerted much effort to end the legality of gambling in the country, banning all forms of it from the population. 

It is akin to human nature for people to like gambling in any shape and form by taking that exciting risk for a chance to win something of value. Long before online casino apps were created, gambling was present in Indonesia through the lottery, coin, and card games. This form of betting was first introduced into the country about 700 years ago from China, which was already well-acquainted with gambling. 

Another form of gambling that developed in Indonesia was animal fighting, with punters betting on which animal would win. Boat racing and kite fighting, with wagers included, was another mode of gambling common in Indonesia back then. 

During the 14th century, religion took center stage in the country, thus creating a rift between gambling and people’s beliefs. This conflict is actually present until today. When the country gained its independence in 1960, gambling took back the stage. Lenient laws also made it easy for gambling to become prevalent. 

In 1973, however, the situation took a 180-degree turn because the government reverted to religion. Lottery gambling houses had their betting permits revoked, causing them to shut down. Things cooled down when Suharto became president, and he legalized the lottery. This meant that gamblers could use coupons regulated by the government to bet. You can imagine how the population felt with all the changes in gambling laws. 

Gambling in Indonesia today

Technically speaking, betting has been illegal in Indonesia until today. There is a law in place that prohibits it (to be discussed later). Still, there are several online casino games readily available for players.

Players don’t need to worry about the safety or legality of the activity because, in a way, it has become accepted in society. Furthermore, no strict government rules ban online gambling or tag it as illegal in Indonesia. There’s also the extra allure of doing something in secret added to the addicting nature of casinos. 

With that said, you can still enjoy gambling online through a carefully curated list of platforms we have created. The list contains some of the best online casinos that are safe and secure. With careful playing, you too can engage in this mode of entertainment. 

What Indonesian online casinos offer

Now that you are acquainted with the background of betting and gambling in Indonesia, check out what they have to offer to players. First, you can expect online gambling sites to be very much like what is available elsewhere. In Indonesia, online casino sites offer a wide variety of games, from poker, slots, and card games to horse race betting. 

You can also expect responsive customer service, convenient deposit methods, withdrawals, promotions, welcome bonuses, free spins, among other perks for the player. The gambling industry might be operating on some form of eggshells, but it is as popular as ever, with so much more opportunity for growth in the future.

The future of online casinos in Indonesia

To date, not much is known whether the government plans to legalize online gambling, despite the lack of laws strictly prohibiting it. Indonesians must also continue using VPN (virtual private network) services to access international online casinos. Consequently, global platforms readily accept Indonesian punters, with more and more joining the list. 

However, the online gambling market in Indonesia continues to grow alongside other countries. This is to be expected as everyone moves to more online transactions due to increased convenience and accessibility. The continued progress of technology also means more opportunities in the gambling industry, placing games in the palms of players’ hands. 

legalities online casino Indonesia

Understand the legalities of online casinos in Indonesia

Before we get started on the list of best online casinos in Indonesia, let us first discuss certain legalities as well as what these platforms offer for players. Knowing what most of the online casinos offer as player perks allows you to pick the best ones.

The Sharia Law

In general, Muslim countries prohibit any form of gambling as it is forbidden in the Koran. With more than 90% of Indonesia’s 255 million population said to be Muslims, it’s only natural that the law is upheld concerning betting activities. The primary law to be aware of is the Sharia Law which strictly prohibits alcohol, gambling, and other vices in society. The law categorizes gambling as a poisonous activity that corrupts the people. 

Amid this law is the government’s blanket approach to implementation, hence the gaps and loopholes for online casino sites. The administration cannot block the citizens’ internet access or supervise what the people do online.  The top online casino platforms can also acquire legit licenses and registrations to operate, easing their punters’ minds regarding betting. 

Underground betting shops

Due to the blanket implementation of Indonesian laws regarding gambling, underground betting shops have spread across the country. These often operate through cockfights, dice, and card games that attract villagers. Meanwhile, bigger underground betting shops can be found in the central city areas. Imagine a makeshift casino that offers blackjack, roulette, baccarat, or poker games. 

Amid crackdowns and suspensions to operate, these shops still continue. Given the risk involved with these establishments, many choose to play online. 

Gambling at foreign casino sites

If you’re located in Indonesia and want to try your luck at foreign casino sites, you can do so by using VPN. It’s also recommended to be more discreet as this is still prohibited in the country.

Due to the regulations in place, those who play at international casino sites advise not depositing or withdrawing money through your local bank accounts because this can reach the government. Although there have never been any cases of individuals facing prosecution by playing at online casinos, it’s still wise to stay on the safe side. 

Responsible gaming

Responsible gaming refers to the set of social responsibility initiatives established by the gambling industry which operators, vendors, and players adhere to. The rules include providing awareness on gambling addiction; hence operators must allow players to pause their accounts when needed or release a pop-up notification to remind players to take a break. 

Players should also be able to set a time limit on their playing session, enforce a limit on real money deposits or completely close their account. Responsible gaming also covers strict prevention of underage gambling, information privacy, fair gaming, ethical and responsible marketing as well as creating a secure, safe and reliable operating environment for players. Keep these aspects in mind when playing and refrain from sites that don’t adhere to these standards. 

popular Indonesia casino games

Check out some of the most popular games

We’ve covered the background; now it’s time to check out the games. Some of the most popular games in an Indonesian online casino are slot machines and table games, on top of sports and horse race betting. 

✅ Slot machines

By far, slot machines remain the most popular casino game across all platforms, including live casinos. This is why you can often see rows and rows of slot machines at land-based casinos. Indonesian online slots are available in the classic (3-reel, retro graphics), video (modern, hi-tech features), and progressive (multi-million jackpots) slot version. A couple of the best online games include Immortal Romance, Dead or Alive, Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Aloha! Cluster Pays, Spin Casino, Spin Samurai, and more. 

✅ Table games

Included in the lineup of table games available at Indonesia online casino sites are blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, and poker. The game mechanics remain the same throughout, so you only need to know how to play the game before getting started. From there, you can pick among the many different themes, player perks, and features offered by a particular game.

Payment method options for Indonesia players

Payment methods at online casinos in Indonesia is a tad different than in other countries because it affects the success of your debits, e-wallet security, and safety of bank transfers. A platform with a trusted payment processing system means your deposits are successful and become visible in your account quickly, and your payouts become visible in your bank account (through debit or credit card) promptly after withdrawal, plus cheaper transaction fees for deposits and withdrawals. 

To give you an idea of your payment options, here are the typical banking systems accepted in online casinos: DOKU Wallet, UniPin Wallet, UniPin Express, GoPay, OVO, LinkAja, JeniusPay and Sakuku.

There’s no denying the rapid growth and acceptance of cryptocurrency on a global scale. Indonesia is not exempted from the trend; therefore, you can actually use Bitcoin as a payment method at online casinos. This also lets you circumvent detection by avoiding using your bank account.

Take note that Indonesia might be a couple of steps behind in terms of which cryptocurrencies can be used in the platforms. Currently, only Bitcoin and Litecoin are the two most accepted payment methods. You can then use a third-party broker to convert your crypto to and from rupiah. 

When choosing which payment option to go for, whether an e-wallet, bank transfer or cryptocurrency, you will need to gauge your playing style and budget for bankroll. E-wallets can give you playing money into your casino account within minutes but with higher fees.

On the other hand, bank transfers are slower but cheaper in the long run. Lastly, the value of Bitcoin or Litecon can fluctuate drastically within minutes, so you might not get the most out of their value if you plan on converting it to real money. 

casino bonus in Indonesia

Popular casino bonuses in Indonesia

One of the reasons online casinos are so prevalent in a country that prohibits betting is the bonus. Players can enjoy multiple benefits at the best casinos online, such as welcome bonuses, free spins, and more. 

📌 Welcome bonuses

If you’re new to a particular online casino, you should expect a welcome bonus. This is offered upon signing up and is usually withdrawable after your play a certain amount of time or reach a particular account standing. One of the most popular welcome bonuses is doubling your initial deposit, some by up to 100%. This means you have double playing money when you start. 

Keep in mind that other casinos offer ridiculous amounts of welcome bonuses such as thousands of dollars. Be wary of these traps because they’re usually tied to the fact that you can’t wager with that amount, or it can’t be converted to real money.

📌 No deposit bonuses

Then you have the no deposit bonus, which basically means the casino will give you money without expecting a deposit from you. You can treat this as free cash, although do read through the disclaimers if the amount can be withdrawn or require high wagering requirements.

📌 Free spin bonuses

Lastly, you have free spins for slot games. Casinos offer these to promote their games and usually, a player can get hooked after trying out a particular game for free. This bonus is also recurring and offered during holidays, new slot launches, or even a default reward for loyal customers. 

Security at Indonesian online casinos

Since we’re dealing with real money, you should put online casinos at a standard that they are secure, without risks of your money disappearing. One of the best ways to ensure that your account is safe is to choose online casinos licensed by trusted off-shore licensing organizations such as the Curacao and Malta Gaming Authority. A casino’s license should be the first thing you look at when picking a particular game to play. Once you’ve established they are registered, you can start playing without worry. 

If you’re searching based on country of origin, licenses issued from the United Kingdom, Malta, Canada, the Philippines, Curaçao, Isle of Man, and Gibraltar are a few noteworthy ones because these countries hold institutions at high standards for its applicants. 

customer support at Indonesian online casino

Customer support at Indonesian online casinos

Having a responsive and reliable customer service is equal to having a great experience for players in an online casino. From the languages offered to the software provides, check out some of the common customer-related services you can find in an online casino. 

Languages at Indonesian online casinos

Most online casinos in Indonesia accept Indonesian players whose native tongue is Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese or Sundanese. However, if you prefer English, there are a lot of platforms with the option of changing the entire user interface into English with a click of a button.

You can also request a particular customer support agent who can handle your concerns in a language you are most comfortable in. The smoother the communication between player and casino, the better the overall experience for the customer. 

Software providers and gaming selection for Indonesian players

A unique feature of online casinos in Indonesia is software providers because gambling is illegal in the country. It is now the job of software providers to supply the games in a regulated environment. Keep the following names in mind because they’ve garnered a reputation in being safe, updated, reliable, and overall worthwhile: Net Entertainment, Playtech, Big Time Gaming, Microgaming, Novomatic, Habanero, Realistic Games, Yggdrasil, and Evolution Gaming.

Check out these top Indonesian online casino websites

Without further ado, here are some of the best online casino websites in Indonesia and why they are touted as so. 

  1. Andromeda Casio offers up to a 225% welcome bonus and 50 free spins plus a promo code. It has 2,000 games and accepts Bitcoin, Neosurf and American Express as payment methods. 
  2. Wild Tornado has a 1,000 euro bonus and 100% welcome bonus, with 2,831 games available. It accepts Visa, Neteller and Mastercard as modes of payment.
  3. Spin Casino gives you more than 50 free spins for an initial deposit of about $1, so you can fully enjoy the 742 games, mainly slots, that it offers. Visa, Mastercard and Neteller are the main modes of payment. 
  4. Spin Samurai, another popular online site for slots, has over 320 games and a welcome bonus of 125% up to 100 euros. It accepts Mastercard, Visa and Neteller as well. 
  5. BoaBoa, with its 3,600+ games, has one of the most extensive offerings for players. It also gives a welcome bonus of 100% for 500 euros and accepts Mastercard, Visa and Neteller.
  6. 1xBet offers up to 150 free spins and 1,500 euros worth of welcome bonuses. It is a high roller casino available in many countries.
  7. Jackpot City casino has garnered its reputation as one of the best because it is approved by eCogra and offers multi-currency playing. It also provides mobile playing and a bonus of up to $1,600. 
  8. Dafabet, on the other hand, features an extensive bonus of $2,000, a large Playtech selection, and an Asian live casino theme.

There you have it, a concise guide to online casino games in Indonesia. Remember the rules and regulations, and you can maximize the hours of fun spent on the uniquely Indonesian casino platforms.