History Of Casinos In Malaysia​

Casinos in Malaysia appeared in the early 19th century by Chinese merchants. Gambling took over from the Chinese and quickly gained popularity here.

During the colonial period, when Malaysia was under British influence, horse racing was introduced. The first and only legal casino in Malaysia was established by the Malaysian group “Genting Group” initiative.

His founder, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong 1969, submitted to the then prime minister – Tunku Abdul Rahman a request for a license to an upcoming casino. The proposal was accepted, the license was granted, and in 1971 the Casino de Genting was officially opened.

In the following years, because of the casino’s development, it was moved to various locations at the Gentling Highlights Resort to finally find its place in the First World Hotel on November 26, 2004.

The first and only legal casino in Malaysia was established by a Malaysian group initiative, “Genting Group,” whose founder was Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong.


Is The Casino In Malaysia Legal?

Gambling in Malaysia has been regulated by the Common Gaming House Act since 1953, with the changes in place on January 1, 2006. Casino control is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance for actual licensing.

However, the Malaysian government announced in 2003 that it would not license any casino, and for the time being, Casino de Genting would remain without competition in the Malaysian gambling market.

Since Malaysia is a Muslim country under Sharia law, Muslims are not allowed to participate in gambling; only non-Muslims can enter the casino. The minimum age to enter the casino is 21 years old.

Since Malaysia is a Muslim country under Sharia law, Muslims are not allowed to participate in gambling, which is why only non-Muslims can enter.

There are no legal online casinos in Malaysia. Although Genting Group offers an Internet casino, Malaysian players do not have access to it. Other online casinos established in Malaysia are illegal.

Players who want to enjoy online casinos use the offers of overseas casinos available in Malaysia. Although the government is against that, they are not taking radical steps to ban it altogether.

Players are not frightened by the fact that banks restrict transactions to and from websites that offer online gambling.

It is not strictly enforced, which is why Malaysian players use the services of overseas casinos in English currencies, including US dollars and Malaysian ringgit. Online casinos are banned on Malaysian territory, but playing with foreign bookmakers is not prohibited. However, the government tries to restrict their access.

Although in Malaysia’s statute governing casino activities, online casinos are not mentioned, they are admittedly illegal. There are no provisions in specific laws to encourage Malaysian players to use online casinos outside Malaysia.

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Types of Online Casino Malaysia

The brick-and-mortar casino was the only type everyone knew about before the invention of the internet. It was the only betting option people had back then, with the few basic casino games played with cards and dice.

By the time we got our hands on the facility of the internet, new horizons of entirely new worlds opened in front of us. The intelligent casino owners soon realized that the future of casinos is in online vistas.

Now we have two types of casinos available online, i.e.;

  1. Web-based online casino
  2. Download-based online casino

Web-based online casino​

Web-based online casinos are also known as flash casinos. They allow users to play casino games without downloading any software to their computer. Instead, they can access the games through their web browser. This type of online casino is convenient for players who want to start playing right away without waiting for a download.

Download-based online casino

Download-based online casinos require players to download software onto their computer in order to access the games. The software connects to the casino service provider and handles contact without browser support. This type of online casino generally runs faster than web-based casinos since the graphics and sound programs are cached by the software client rather than having to be loaded from the internet.

How We Select Trusted Online Casino Malaysia 2023?

When it comes to today’s list of the most trusted online casino Malaysia, we will only review and recommend casinos that are licensed and recognized by law. This is very important because it directly affects the rights and security of personal information for gamblers. Next, we will identify trusted online casino based on factors such as:

  • Stable website quality, high security.
  • Many promotions and attractive offers.
  • Diversified forms of payment
  • High odds
  • Professional, friendly customer service
  • Livestream service is available
  • Have a mobile app

If you are a beginner to online betting, read carefully the information below so that you have a more detailed view in order to find the most trusted casino.

  • Customer Services​

    Attracting gamblers to you is a tricky thing, but how to retain gamblers is much more difficult. That is the crucial reason for the trusted casino to focus early on building and training to have the best customer care service.  Any reputable bookies will have a diverse system of communication channels, always available 24/7 to answer gamblers' questions at any time. You can call Hotline, Live Chat, Email, or through social networks such as Zalo and Facebook.  In addition, you can also seek support by reading "FAQ section-Questions. Frequently Asked Questions," which has been posted by the dealer on its official website.

  • Types of Payment Methods Available

    Depending on the service, you can also choose from multiple payment options such as Visa, E-Wallet, Virtual Money (Bitcoin), Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, Paysafecard, and bank transfers of each different casino. Recharge time for reputable bookmakers is almost instantaneous; sometimes, it can be as long as 10-15 minutes. For withdrawals, the time for the dealer to confirm and disburse will be longer, usually within 24 working hours, provided that all information you provide is accurate as required by that website.  However, for some methods of withdrawals, it may take longer, from 3-5 business days. If you feel the wait is too long, please get in touch with the customer service team quickly to be processed promptly.

  • Types of Casino Games​

    Do you prefer traditional betting games or hot betting games recently? Do you like brainstorming betting games, or are they highly entertaining? All these games converge at prestigious Malaysian casinos. And here are the popular games that are very popular with gamblers.Trusted Sports betting Casinos in Malaysia offer various matches and events of most sports today, such as football, basketball, badminton, tennis, esports, and virtual sports from club level to continental and world leagues.  On average, thousands of different events will take place every day; gamblers can participate at any time of the day and bet on their favorite match. To place sports betting, you need to log in to your account, make a match selection, how to bet, and how to bet before or during a match.  All relevant information is posted in detail by the casino on the betting interface; you can refer to and choose the most reasonable bet. Particularly in Southeast Asia, football is still the sport that attracts the most attention from gamblers thanks to its different appeals. According to the experience of professional bookmakers, for football, you should prioritize bets, including Handicap, Odds 1×2, because of the ability to win well and suitable for new gamblers who first join the world of online betting.

  • Brand Ambassador

    Utilizing famous people as brand ambassadors is, without a doubt, a masterstroke. It considered many individuals, particularly in Asia, where those celebrities have a solid fanbase.  Many individuals are drawn to online casino Malaysia because their favorite singer, actor, or sportsperson is the brand ambassador of the casino. It is also observable that only legit casinos would have these celebrities as their brand ambassador. The splendor of the item and administration ought to get the job done in holding and fulfilling the clients. 

  • No Fraud / Scam Report​

    There are many criteria for a reputable dealer, but everything is meaningless if the safety and security criteria are not guaranteed.  Are you concerned about playing a bet at a dealer that doesn't have the security of your personal information, transaction information, and everything was stolen? Think of the prospect of waking up and seeing your betting account disappear on a fine day, maybe 1,000-2,000 dollars. It's too bad, isn't it? But don't worry, our selected top list web casino Malaysia is all licensed and regulated by the world's leading entertainment companies, as well as loyal gamblers of the security group: eCOGRA, EGBA, GLI.  This ensures that these betting sites are protected with the latest encryption protocols, most modern firewalls.In addition, when searching for a trusted online casino Malaysia, you should pay attention to websites that offer recommendations on responsible gambling policies.  Specifically, when registering and betting at these bookies, you must ensure that you are 18 years old (some will require 21 years or older) and absolutely do not let yourself become a gambling addict.

  • User-friendly Website Interface

    Most top gambling sites Malaysia will have a particular investment in their products, giving gamblers absolute comfort every visit. The image section shows a professional website; the interface is intuitive, creating a friendly, elegant color gamut. The layout of the function buttons is also conspicuous, helping gamblers get the most comfortable and convenient experience, especially for gamblers who register for the first time.  The tournament selection columns, odds and wagers, and live match system are clearly divided into the professional layout; when looking, you can easily manipulate bets. In addition, a trusted betting website will have a fast page loading speed, rarely encountering lag, lag, or out suddenly, inconveniencing gamblers. So you can quickly evaluate these factors with just a few uses.

  • Attractive Bonuses and Promotions for gamblers

    Most online gamble Malaysia will regularly apply for attractive promotions to encourage and bring gamblers many attractive benefits. The first promotion that will definitely have on any famous website is the usual welcome new member from 100% -300% depending on the dealer. Specifically, immediately after successful registration, you will receive a valuable free bet bonus by entering the corresponding promo codes offered by the dealer, depending on different times.  However, to be eligible for the bonus, betting websites will require you to repeat betting rounds, usually between 20-40. Thanks to this donation, you can further increase your betting budget. BK8 is the best online casino that offers a welcome bonus, free credit, free spins, and more. It is one of the most trusted and reliable online casinos in Thailand. You can read more about the games available, pros and cons, and bonuses in our AW8 review.

  • Diversified Betting Platforms

    Capturing the mindset of wanting to be entertained regardless of player's space or time, besides the computer version, trusted online casino Malaysia 2021 has soon designed a website version compatible with Cell phones, and the top gamblers will often have additional betting mobile apps suitable for portable devices such as smartphones or tablets.  Most of the Mobile Casinos in Malaysia today are for two dominant operating systems on the market today: Android and iOS; some online casinos will also design a version for the Windows operating system. The mobile application is a miniature version of the computer with the same primary interface and features but is simplified to match the capacity of the handset. When experiencing the application, you can still choose the same products/services as on the computer and enjoy all promotions.  In particular, the computer version, the mobile version, and the handheld online casino malaysia for android application are all synchronized, so you only need one account to comfortably participate in playing anywhere without worrying about your personal information.

Best Online Casino Bonus in Malaysia

Casino free bonus is attractive for gamblers and is a win-win for the online casino as well. With such Malaysia online casino bonus sign up, the gamblers are more likely to stay loyal to one online casino. These bonuses are essential to understand as they offer great value to gamblers.

Welcome Bonus

Those familiar with online betting households will agree that the free welcome bonus no deposit required casino Malaysia is the most popular reward. It is an online casino promotion that you would find on almost every online betting platform. 

Whether you are a slot, esports, sports, live casino games, or fishing game enthusiast, everyone gets to win a welcome bonus. 

All you need is a casino bonus sign up and deposit in your online casino account. With a healthy bankroll, you can get a cash reward of up to 100% on your Casino bonus first deposit.

Referral bonuses

Referring to a friend bonus or a referral bonus means you can receive additional compensation when one of your friends, family, or acquaintances joins and plays at the casino you play at. 

This casino bonus ranges between MYR 3 to MYR 250 that will be credited to your account after the successful referral casino bonus registration.

Free Credit/ Cashback Bonuses

Most gamblers love prizes and giveaways rather than cash rebates and free credits. The primary reason is that you don’t need to spend any specific amount before you can qualify for a giveaway or prize. 

Besides, prices are usually expensive items such as iPhones. Also, the online casino can sponsor your holiday. Free credit new register online casino Malaysia promotions requiring small deposits to give buyers giveaways are designed to attract new patrons to the online betting platform.

No-deposit bonuses

Another standard is the free credit no deposit 2021 Malaysia online casino bonus promotion. By signing up, you get a cash bonus that can be used to play games. With this bonus, you can try a new game and save yourself from losing your own money. 

The amount varies from one online casino to another. However, a casino with a deposit bonus is always sufficient to complete a set play. As with a casino welcome bonus, a no-deposit bonus works for multiple online betting options.

Non-cashable bonuses

Birthday bonuses get your free gameplays at the casino for your birthday. This casino rewards bonus 2020 includes a free chip, a free casino bonus promo code to celebrate your birthday in the online casino free signup bonus no deposit required. Play for free with your birthday coupon code, and who knows, win some real cash. So take your coupon code, free signup bonus no deposit casino and redeem your birthday coupon code.

Comp points

Comp points are complimentary items and services from casinos to encourage gamblers to gamble. The amount and quality of comps a player is given usually depends on their game(s), how much they bet, and how long they play.

Cashing out comp points is pretty simple; once you have accumulated 100 points, you can redeem these for real cash. The choice of how many comp points you cash out downright lies with you – as long as you cash them out in denominations of 10.

General Gambling Laws In Malaysia

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country, so nearly all online and offline gambling forms are considered illegal.Three main frameworks regulate the rules of the game in Malaysia. The most prominent of these is the Betting Act of 1953.

In addition, civil contract law in Malaysia states that all arrangements made in the form of gambling or betting are void. This means that any person who loses to someone else can refuse to pay, and the winner will not have legal recourse.


- Betting Act of 1953

The Betting Act of 1953 banned all forms of gambling altogether. The act even deals with telecommunications and other means of transmitting betting between customers and bookmakers.

The law’s language covers all the possible loopholes you would look for in an extended written piece of law. Even to this day, there is no easy way to overcome it.

The act provides penalties of up to 200,000 ringgit and five years imprisonment for anyone caught running a betting house or sponsoring a bookmaker. It is unclear whether today’s betting sites fall under the definition of “bookmaker.”

- General Game Houses Act of 1953

The last four words in that snippet are the most troublesome for online betting. One can easily apply this rule to internet gambling. The good news for gamblers is that Malaysia is okay with individual gamblers.Like many countries, Malaysia targets those who run or own the betting activity. 

While the Betting Act 1953 was primarily directed at sports betting and betting, the 1953 General Games Act covers just about every other gambling form. This behavior will criminalize the operation of a game house and even be arrested in a game house.

Anyone caught in a gaming home will be fined up to 5,000 ringgit and up to six months in prison. The act defines gaming as playing any game of chance or mixed chance and skill for money or the value of money.

The definition of a gaming house is also explained very long. We’ll get you bored of reading it all and say it covers pretty much any possible placement where people can gather and gamble.

The definition of this term can also be applied to gaming websites, but Malaysia is not interested in pursuing individual online gambling.

- Sharia Law

The Malaysian constitution makes Islam compulsory for all Malays, who comprise more than 60% of the country’s population.

Non-Malays (mainly Chinese, Indians, and others) are not bound by Sharia law, but so are most of the country. This is important because Malaysia recognizes Sharia (or Syariah) courts.

Sharia courts and secular legal systems coexist in Malaysia. There are debates today about how that will continue in the future and whether the Malaysian legal system should be secular, religious, or both.

Malaysia’s dual judicial system is complex and challenging to implement. Sharia is primarily intended for household chores, but individual states are allowed to carry out Sharia in criminal justice matters.

The Sharia law prohibits gambling, and that can also mean that 60% of the country is banned from gambling.

Top 8 Malaysia Online Casino Games

The list of Top 10 trusted online casino Malaysia is present here on the website for you each of them contains all of the following games with different variations.

Online Slot

The best online casino offers a wide range of online slots machine games. A flight into the Cowboys Gold, Wild west Gold, or a route into the forest with Monkey madness will make your heart fly once you get entangled in the games and try to win. Playing these online slots will increase the probability of winning at the best online casino for you.

Learn More About Online Slot Games

Live Casino Games

The best online casino is all over the internet nowadays. Everybody is raving about them these days. It is a perfect replacement for contemporary physical casinos. In fact, they are more attractive. 

They have the advantage of playing anywhere you want. You can visit it via your personal computer, mobile, or tablet device. 

Casino live online is software-based and sometimes employs the term of a casino online mobile Malaysia to duplicate the live casino experience for customers. 

A live casino is a natural, physical casino, also known as a “brick-and-mortar” casino. Some people like to visit an actual casino so that they can enjoy the sounds and the vibes.

On the other hand, people who want to stay at home and also want to have the joys of a casino may go to a live casino on their digital gadgets.

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Top Online Casino is continuously checking the sports betting sites in Malaysia to select the safest sports betting sites for you. At the same time, we will always struggle to bring you a casino particularly designed for Malaysian game gamblers.

Among them are many types of slot games that suit local tastes. Besides that, there are also suitable financial facilities for sports betting games from sports betting in Malaysia.


Learn More About Sports Betting

Online Lottery

The famous online casino in Malaysia has kept on giving the best online lottery betting to gamblers inside and outside Asia. A few online casino Malaysia stages have arisen, offering online lottery games. 

As a dependable stage, it is justifiable to see different game choices on the inventory, and obviously, the lottery game is in that general area.

Many lottery game gamblers join the go to Malaysia lottery online casino for various reasons. While some adore the well-known online casino Malaysia for its hearty security framework. 

Every visitor appreciates the rewards and advancements presented at online casino Malaysia. For certain gamblers, it is the responsive client unit. 

From surveys, a few people relish the stages for the simplicity of getting their favored lottery game to play.


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Online Poker

Poker games online are a well-known online wagering attraction. It is a casino table game provided by IDN Poker to give distinctive Poker games to its benefactors. 

Whether you are worried about security principles, exchanges, or pulling out your profit, online casino Malaysia is a prestigious Online Poker casino you can trust.

Because of its good reputation and reliability, the platform boasts thousands of registrations on a monthly basis. The exciting nature and the rewards of Poker online games. 

You can see so many patrons becoming registered users daily. Many of these users are lovers of free Online Poker play. 

However if you are not willing to register you can opt for free online poker no download which allow you to play without putting your credentials and depositing money.

Online casino Malaysia ensures that every player enjoys their game Poker online activities. Moreover, it is also concerned about timely withdrawals of gamblers’ winnings without hustle-bustle.

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Online Fishing

Online fishing games can be seen everywhere; some people would argue that it is a form of gambling, the others would say that it is a skill-based shooting fish game, so let’s compromise and call it “skill-based gambling.” Like poker, it is not a game that relies solely on luck. 

It requires awareness, focus, and strategizing skills to thrive in the game. In Malaysia, the online fishing game is often referred to as “tembak ikan” or “to shoot fish” in the Malay language or simply a “catch the fish game.” Furthermore, you can play the game online and offline if you have an electronic device with an internet connection.

Fishing games online also come at a handful of options online. For example, at BK8Asia, one of the largest and most popular casino fishing game in Malaysia

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Esport Betting

Esport is an electronic form of indoor sports. It is a sort of competition using video games. Esports often take the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional gamblers, individually or as a Malaysia Esport team

Although organized competitions have long been a part of video game culture, these were primarily between amateurs until late 2000.

After the millennium changed, participation by professional gamers and spectatorship in these events through live streaming saw an enormous surge in popularity. By the 2010s, esports was a significant factor in the video game industry. 

Learn More About Esports Betting

Table Games

They entertain their customers entirely. The games catalog features slots machine, table games, live dealer games, sports betting, and others. Best online casino Malaysia has loads of free online casino games  to provide its gamblers with an unparalleled gaming experience. 

The quality of games is also unbeatable, as they all come from leading software providers. Moreover, this online casino real money Malaysia keeps adding more fun to its library so the player can never get bored of playing. 


Learn More About Table Games

Popular Payment Method in Casino Online Malaysia

Depending on the service, you can choose from multiple casino payment options such as Visa, E-Wallet, Virtual Money (Bitcoin), Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, Paysafecard, and bank transfers of each different casino.

ewallet payment


E-Wallet online casino Malaysia link is basically a place where you can deposit your money. This money can be used to play and gamble in the casino you choose. E-Wallet online casino malaysia free credit is a virtual credit or debit card that you link to your bank account. Observing the E-Wallet's importance and availability, there is a detailed analysis for our visitors on-demand to use the E-Wallet casino Malaysia.

crypto payment

Crypto Payment

It is the latest mode of payment and a new digital currency in the market. You can also trusted online casino Malaysia minimum deposit rm10 or transfer money to the casino you prefer to play.

debit credit card

Credit/Debit Card

You can use your credit card from any bank to make payments to the casino directly or link it to the E-Wallet of the casino. A debit card works the same as a credit card from any bank. The only difference is the cash that is available in your bank account. At the same time, credit cards provide you with a specific cash limit to use on credit.

online banking

Local/Online Banking

It is the most common way of transferring money, but you need to deposit the money on the cash deposit counter of the bank. You can directly send the payment to the casino account.

Where, When, and What to play in Casinos in Malaysia?

Malaysia Casino Genting is located in the Outstanding Genting Resort in Pahang, on a hill about 1800 meters above sea level. It is 50 km from the country’s capital – Kuala Lumpur.

However, as it is located on a hill, it takes work to get there. Casino de Genting is open 24/7. Players in the offer will find games such as poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, Pontoon, Pai Gown, and over 3000 slot machines.

From Genting Highlights Resort to Malaysia’s capital – Kuala Lumpur – takes about an hour’s drive (50 km). However, because the casino is located on the hill, the road is challenging to go.

You can choose an online casino if you do not like to playland casinos. 

You can play comfortably at home without fear of losing time or being affected by other factors. Visit our website Betting Valley to select the best online casino for yourself.


Is It Legal To Play Mahjong In Malaysia?

In Malaysia, it’s legal to play recreational mahjong.Mahjong is a chess game in which opponents compete to create the most prominent card combinations and win. Based on this rule, this game is almost like some other popular 52-card game. 

This game is based on the action of rubbing chess pieces to start the game. Mahjong games often appear in TV dramas; everyone knows they originated in China.

It is believed that mahjong appeared in the 1850s in Shanghai. Although this is still a considerable controversy, the game has actually crossed the Chinese border to other countries, including Malaysia.

According to some recent research on gambling history, this game is only popular among the knowledge component and bourgeoisie. Because this game shows class and wealth, a lot of people have participated for a long time.

Final Words

Thus, in the above article, we have introduced basic information about the laws related to trusted Online casinos Malaysia. Hopefully, the above article will help you gain valuable knowledge about this industry. Stay tuned for more.

Which is the best casino Malaysia forum? Before joining an online bookie, you must choose a reputable, safe, and secure website for your money. Currently, many online casino forums are set up to get your credit card and account information. That is what you should be very careful about.

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Is online gambling in the Legal of Malaysia allowed?

Currently, the host government has not yet authorized online gambling in Malaysia. However, no legal regulations prohibit Malay citizens from gambling on foreign websites. If you meet the age requirement, you can freely bet.

Are online casinos in Malaysia really safe?

The answer is exceptionally safe. Players should be free to play at the online casinos recommended in this article. The latest SSL encryption technology will secure all personal and transaction information.

Why should players choose an online casino?

Most online casinos always have many promotions, high level, convenient payment, extremely safe. That is why you should play online casinos.

Is there a fee to register a betting account?

The leading Online Gambling in Malaysia today is completely free to register; only when you decide to place a bet must you deposit money. So, if any website requires you to pay a fee to sign up, quickly ignore it because it is definitely a scam casino.

What information should be provided when registering a betting account?

To serve the connection between you and the bookie, when registering an account, you should provide complete information about contact phone numbers or frequently used email. Supplying legit information is also crucial if you want to participate in promotions.

How many betting accounts can I create?

When playing at any casino, you are allowed to register only one account to ensure the fairness of other players. In case it is discovered that there is more than one account, the bookie will ask you to verify and close accounts that you do not use again.