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Acewin8 Casino Review


If you are making the switch from conventional gambling to gambling online, then Acewin8 is an excellent online casino to start from. Also known as AW8 casino, Acewin8 is a Malaysia trusted online casino made exclusively for the South-East Asia region. This is evident by the website’s initiative to ensure everyone gets the best gaming experience providing language support for Chinese, Thai, Malay, and Vietnamese players.

When you first visit the website, you would notice its modern and sophisticated looking layout that is easy to browse through, even for newbies. They have the widest variety of games compared to other online casinos, and players can choose anything from Sportsbook, Casino, Lotteries and other various Games. In addition,  they are also very generous with promotions and bonuses, so it is no wonder seasoned punters are just as willing to give this online casino a try. 

Origins of Acewin8 Casino

Despite only being established in 2018, Acewin8 has garnered many members because they offer a safe and reliable platform for players to gamble on. But it wasn’t until Fernando Torres signed on as AW8 international brand ambassador that the online casino really took off. Licensed by PAGGOR, along with games that are frequently regulated and certified by BMM and iTechLabs, members can play with peace of mind without worry.

The website also lists a substantial amount of legendary software vendors like PlayTech, Spade Gaming, Micro Gaming and Asia Gaming. They are the OGs in the gambling community, which further solidifies the website’s legitimacy. Upon registration, members can start placing AW8 bet in Sportsbook, Casino, Lotteries and other Games. Members can even take advantage of the freeplay offered for some of the games on their website. This is a great way to try out available games without paying anything, so be sure to be on the lookout for those. 


Acewin8 online casino is widely popular due to the progressive and sophisticated casino games it offers. Many individuals across Malaysia have chosen Acewin8 as their number one online casino platform. Acewin8 casino is one of the safest and most affordable casino platforms across South East Asia. They are famous for providing customers with the most fantastic user-friendly services. Their betting methods are easy to understand and very straightforward. You don’t need to be a well-learned individual to understand how to browse through the casino platform. People all over the world often have positive things to say about Acewin8. Their customer reviews and feedback are also fantastic. 

There are a lot of great advantages that Acewin8 casino provides. The gambling platform provides its customers with a variety of gaming options which include the option to bet using their mobile devices. This allows gamers to get swift access to the abundant catalog of casino games on the platform. Such an option also eliminates the possibility of visiting a brick-and-mortar store before playing your favorite casino games. You can simply switch on your mobile device, login to the Acewin8 app, and select your favorite casino game! More interestingly, you can decide to play Acewin8 casino games at any time of the day. There are no restrictions whatsoever. 

What Games Does Acewin8 Have?

This online casino has one of the biggest variety of games compared to other casinos in Malaysia and Singapore. 

As an online casino that is continuously updating its site with the latest online casino games, you will always be able to find new things to keep you entertained. Whether it is Sportsbook, AW8 Slots, popular tables games like SicBo, Roulette and Poker in their Live Casino, Fishing, ESports or lotteries, this website has everything. 

Never miss a live game thanks to their Live TV, and they even have some notable 3D Games to appease the gamer in you. 

With so many top providers, members can expect high-quality games with high-resolution graphics, great music and overall great fun. More importantly, Acewin8 casino is known as a fair online casino. Players can expect to be given good odds and equal chances at winning. And even if you wanted to share the risk, you can easily join any of the pool bets and still possibly win.


There are many reasons why people consider Acewin8 as the best casino platform in Malaysia. Here are some of the major reasons:


One of the reasons why brick and mortar casinos have become less popular is because they pose too many restrictions. For instance, you cannot gamble in a physical casino if you are not wearing the proper attire. That is, you cannot wear a simple shirt and trousers and be allowed to gamble. However, in online casinos such as Acewin8 casino, nobody cares about what you are wearing. You can play anywhere. Whether you’re in the restroom or the bedroom, you have the freedom of gambling. 


Acewin8 casino provides a unique option for its customers. You can be allowed to gamble without even depositing cash in some games. For Acewin8, it is a means of allowing their customers to become used to their online platform and enjoying themselves. You don’t have this option in certain casinos — especially the traditional ones. 


Sometimes, gamers assume that traditional casino games are not found in online casinos like Acewin8. This assumption is not correct. Acewin8 casino has a plethora of games that can be found in physical casinos and much more. Acewin8 casino offers a variety of games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and other games that are found in Brick and Mortar casinos. And you don’t need to bother whether the rules are changed online. Everything is the same except you can’t see the person you are playing against. 


In traditional casinos, it is usually a common occurrence to find people queueing in large crowds with money in their hands, waiting for their turn on the table. Other times, you must keep an eye on your money if it’s in a bag or suitcase, so it isn’t stolen. This burden is eliminated when you play with Acewin8 online casino. You can easily deposit the amount of cash you want to play with and log in whenever you want to play—no long queues. No hassles. 

Customer Service 

Acewin8 casino also ensures that customers get the best services by hiring some of the best customer service representatives in the casino world. These representatives can swiftly attend to issues and resolve complaints in record time. They are available for twenty-four hours each day. So, you can contact them at any time of the day. You will get a swift response. 


In line with making everything convenient for members, Acewin8 accepts local bank transfers, supports popular payment gateways like EeziePay, Paytrust88, Help2pay, and other supporting payment methods like Bitcoin. To cash out, you will need to fill up a form for withdrawals and allow up to 10 minutes for transactions to be processed. As added bonus, all your payouts are verified by TST Global.


Security is pretty tight at Acewin8. Recently, a rep confirmed that checks are done on a regular basis on the website to ensure minimal downtime and no system breach. Members can rest assured that all customer personal information is kept private and encrypted for added measure. 

And because good customer support is an essential part of every casino, Acewin8 is committed to providing its online players with A-class customer support 24 hours, 7 times a week. While there is no FAQ section to be found on their website, members can contact customer support via Live Chat, Skype, Phone Call, Whatsapp and Telegram.


Another reason why players keep coming back to Acewin8 is their vast array of promotions and bonuses spread across the board. Although there are the usual bonuses, including Welcome Bonus, Daily Reload Bonus and Daily VIP Reload Bonus for Sportsbook, Live Casino and Slots, Unlimited Reload for Sports and Slots, Referral Bonus, Birthday Bonus and Rebates, there’s more to look forward to.

You will also get instant VIP upgrade and bonuses if you’re a Resorts World Genting/ Sentosa cardholder. Take advantage of their zero risk freeplay: cash out if you win and if you lose, they pay. You’ll even be rewarded MYR888 daily when you score an 8 streak win on Baccarat. To further prove how generous they are, members can get up to MYR168 weekly for perfect attendance and claim a rescue bonus to make up for losses.

Take home

There is no doubt that Acewin8 casino is the best place to be because it is first and foremost a licensed casino that has everything one could ask for: 

  • generous bonuses and promotions
  • fair odds
  • an endless variety of game selections and regular games updates
  • convenient deposits and quick payouts
  • 24/7 customer service 

But more importantly, the website promises a safe and secure platform for all members, so we are confident Acewin8 casino will continue to provide us with non-stop entertainment for a long time.



Acewin8 casino is probably the safest and most secured online casino platform in Asia. While there may be a few online casinos that are not trustworthy, Acewin8 has established itself highly reliable and safe. All your personal information, user database, and other sensitive information cannot be accessed by a third party. Hence, you can enjoy your gambling experience without worrying about anything. 


Acewin8 casino is completely honest in its dealings and is reliable too. Safe online casino platforms like Acewin8 are trustworthy and allows everyone to win deservedly. What Acewin8 essentially provides is an opportunity for people to play casino games in a bid to win money. When they eventually do, Acewin8 rewards them fairly. 


Acewin8 offers outstanding bonuses and rewards to its customers — whether old or new. This is a means of getting new gamers to join their ranks regularly. Acewin8 offers different kinds of bonuses such as Welcome Bonus and many others. These bonuses sometimes reflect on your earnings, making you earn much more than your actual stake.






Tight. Tech security people are checking every day for breaches according to their rep. 

User experience

Overall intuitive and pleasant. 

Game Variety

Plenty of the most popular ones to keep you engaged.


Updated weekly. Promos for every category. 


Officially licensed by PAGGOR, BMM, iTechLabs, Payouts Verified (TST Global)


Up To RM 150 Welcome Bonus. RM 500 - RM1,200

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Boda8’s first inception in Asia was in 2018, where it was founded in Malaysia. The operator later extended their services in other Asian countries. Based on the site’s level of performance, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the brand has thrived. In fact, their influential player options make it hard for gamblers to resist.