Online Casinos in Norway

The Norwegian government has a state monopoly on online casinos. Still, Norwegians can experience the full range of online gambling at offshore casinos around the world.

Norwegian Kroner are readily accepted for deposits and payouts, which can be made using various payment methods.  Payment methods include bank transfer, credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin. Transactions are safe and secure, and all of the casinos are licensed by major government regulators around the world.

Norway Online Casino

Payments Options for Norwegian Gamblers

E-wallets like Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill are attractive options to debit cards for many Norwegian players. E-wallets make online transactions safe and secure because you don’t have to enter your card number and personal information into a wide variety of websites.

Mobile casinos are very competitive, so they offer a wide variety of bonuses to attract new players. You typically get a bonus for signing up, sometimes even before making a deposit. You can expect hundreds of free spins and large bonuses on your first few deposits. The loyalty bonuses keep you coming back to your favorite casino, and promotions are frequent.

Online gambling laws are strict in Norway, but they allow for the reality of global commerce. Norwegian gamblers can go anywhere in the world with the convenience of a smartphone. Gamblers are allowed to experience the freedom of the internet but always have a safe home with the state monopolies.

Norwegian Regulations and State Monopolies

Norway has a state monopoly on gambling licenses. It runs a popular state-run website called Norsk Tipping and also subscribes to the Viking Lotto. The other legal gambling monopoly is Norsk Riksoto, which controls horseracing.

Norsk Tipping received the online monopoly through the 1992 Gaming Act. The Norsk Rikstoto has a monopoly on horseracing through the 1927 Totalisator Act. The Lottery Act of 1995 strengthens regulations for all gambling located in Norway.

Even though gambling is run by the Norwegian government, players can enjoy the gaming opportunities expected in the rest of the European Union. The Payment Act of 2010 targets financial institutions that process payments for offshore casinos, but this is only a minor inconvenience.

The most popular games in Norway are slot machines, which were established through the lottery act. These were initially run by private companies for charitable organizations but have since been replaced with interactive video terminals which require a special card and are run by Norsk Tipping.

Crackdowns on Gambling in Norway

Regulations are constantly shifting in Norway as successive governments permit gaming and then restrict it a few years later. However, the regulations always target institutions rather than individual punters.

Currently, gamblers have the option of using the government monopolies or playing in offshore regulated casinos. Since the internet is wide open and individuals are never targeted by law enforcement, gaming exists in a legal grey area.

Gaming websites are easily accessible to Norwegians, but the government has more luck in restricting advertising. Online advertising is easy to encounter, but TV and print ads are prohibited. 

Even though the government has good intentions, it’s difficult to restrict the freedom of individuals on the internet. Since the Norwegian people have a well-known love of liberty, any bans are mostly seen to be pointless.

Poker game


Poker is the thinking man’s gambling game, with significant returns for experienced players. Norwegians have long been big fans of poker. They have produced some of the top professional players on the World Series of Poker tour.

The Norwegian Championships are held in foreign casinos because of strict regulations at home. However, the action and results are eagerly followed online by millions of Norwegian fans.

The prize pool for the Norwegian championships is enormous and can top 1 million Euros. In addition, it’s easy to follow the exploits of Norwegian players as they play against other professionals internationally.

Global Gaming Welcomes Norwegian Players

German and international websites have thousands of exciting games that are fun and accessible to EU players. Norwegian players are welcome and find that the global websites are fun and safe.

Slot games are a popular area that private companies differentiate themselves from the government of Norway casino. There are thousands of fun and cute online slot machines that offer a variety of themes, payouts, and variances to make the gaming experience exciting. 

International Gaming Sites are Fun and Safe

Popular games include roulette, live casino games, baccarat, blackjack, and sports betting. Some online casinos even have newer offerings like esports betting and video poker.

Mobile devices are essential for online casino sites because most players use smartphones and tablets to play. Popular games are all developed by top gaming developers and have strict requirements for accuracy and fairness. 

Online slot machines play like top video games, with fun graphics, animations, and very high return to player payouts. The action is constant, with frequent wins to keep your interest.

The best Norway players enjoy the full range of global gaming, with fun and exciting gameplay available to everyone. Some of the best casinos include Norwegian language support, but you’ll find English in most casinos.

Gambling Regulations on gambling site

Gambling Regulations on Offshore Websites

Online casinos are regulated by government regulators in many nations. Some of the best-known regulators include EU jurisdictions like Malta and Germany, UK jurisdictions like Gibraltar and the Isle of Man, and US Jurisdictions like Nevada and New Jersey

Regardless of whether the casino is regulated in the Dutch state of Curacao or the US state of Nevada, the regulators seriously check the fairness and legitimacy of online casino operators.

Casinos rely on their good standing with regulators to allow access to global banking systems and reputable review sites. Casinos are legitimate businesses that are heavily regulated with severe consequences for bad behavior.

Final Thoughts

Norwegian gamblers are accepted across the world, and they have a welcome home at the government monopolies. The government regulations prevent some advertising but are primarily minor nuisances to gamers who visit the exciting international casinos. 

All of the casinos worldwide are heavily regulated and safe. As long as you stick with a reputable casino, you can be assured that your time will be enjoyable, and payouts will be prompt.