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The Most Detailed And Ultimate Guide To Playing Roulette For Beginners

Roulette is one of the most popular games in online bookmakers.

How to play this game? What is the most effective trick when playing this game?

All your questions are explained in detail and in full in the article below.

Please refer to this content to have the most accurate and objective view of this game.


What Is The Concept Of Roulette?

Once we have joined some online bookmakers, we certainly cannot ignore this game. This is also the area that attracts the most number of players. The activity is always exciting and interesting.

This game inherently has a fairly simple game rule, easy to win, and quick payouts. That is why Roulette is the focus of the attention of online betting people.

In French, Roulette means a small wheel, and it has a symbolic meaning that is well related to the game we are talking about.
Because, in essence, Roulette betting board also possesses a dial shaped like a wheel. In that number, the table will mark the numbers from 0 to 36, a total of 37 numbers.

It is the player’s job to predict what the result will be the result after the trigger stops. If your prediction wins, you win the bet and enjoy the bonus. Of course, the value of the reward also depends on the type of bet you enter.

As a rule, a small ball spins several times (at least 5) before it falls on 1 of 37 specific numbers. The player compares the outcome to the prediction they made to know whether they had won or lost.

Development History Of Roulette

There is much controversy surrounding the origins of this casino game.

However, many historians have agreed that this game appeared in the seventeenth century. This is the stage in which eternal motivation research begins to develop.

After many failures, at last, the pristine version of the wheel of the Roulette table was successfully invented by mathematician Blaise Pascal.
If you already know what Roulette is, do not forget to find out with us its development history through the stages. This casino game took a long time to form and develop strongly as it is today.

Let’s take a look at the main stages in Roulette history right now.

πŸ“Œ The Monte Carlo and Blanc brothers

In the nineteenth century, gambling in France was still bound by legal regulations. In this situation, two brothers Louis Blanc and Francois, have launched the game Roulette with only one number 0.

This way will make the house lose a 2.70% advantage. This low-odds version of the Roulette gradually replaces the previous one.

From France, this game has spread to Germany. The Blanc brothers built a casino in Monte Carlo in 1863.

πŸ“Œ French nobility

The casino in Monte Carlo soon became a symbol of the gambling culture in Monte Carlo.

The casino and resort area was a familiar destination for many French aristocrats because gambling in this country was still not legal at that time. Roulette game has a lot of contact with the rich and is very popular.


πŸ“Œ Roulette in the 20th century

This was a popular game in French and American casinos in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Roulette was introduced to the United States because soldiers were exposed to gambling outside the border. Americans know what Roulette is in World War II.

After a streak in the US, this game was gradually replaced by Craps and Blackjack.

πŸ“Œ Roulette game today

This is an indispensable game in any casino. This is enough to demonstrate the irresistible appeal of this game to those who love betting. When participating in this game, you can choose any number, including 0 and 00.

Choosing even or odd, red, or black depends on your thinking. The number you can bet is unlimited. You can see many players betting on either column of numbers or on numbers 1 – 12, 13 – 24, 25 – 36.

πŸ“Œ Roulette’s records

The most impressive Roulette discipline to mention is Charles Wells from London. He won a lot of money at the Monte Carlo casino in the summer of 1891.

The next most popular player is Ashley Revell. The guy from London sold his entire fortune and bet up to $ 135,300 on number 7. As a result, Ashley Revell won with a huge amount of $ 270,600.

The Difference Between American Roulette And European Roulette

There are two popular variations of Roulette, the American Roulette, and the European Roulette.

European Roulette is the original and more popular version of the game. It started entertainment for players in the 17th century.

Two centuries later, this fun and entertaining game spread across America, where it evolved into American Roulette.

Although American and European Roulette are similar in most respects, a few unique features make each of these types different. These are the main differences between the two popular variations of this casino game.

European Roulette

European Roulette gives you a high chance of winning because the game only has one number position with zero value. This explains that the low house edge of the Roulette is 2.7%.

The total number of drives in European Roulette is 37, of which 36 numbers are red and black numbers, and zeros are unique green.

European Roulette has exclusive betting options that will stack the odds in your favor – La Partage and En Prison bets. La Partage allows you to get half your bet back when the ball falls above zero.

This cuts the house’s return in half. En Prison, on the other hand, is a variation of La Partage that gives you the chance to recover your full bet. If the ball falls above zero, your wager will be marked “En Prison” or held.

If you win the next round, you will get your original bet back. If you lose, you will lose all of your current bets.


American Roulette

American Roulette has worse odds between two variations of the game, mainly because it has two positions with zero. The spin has 38 numbers divided into 36 red and black, and has two green zeros.

Having two zeros in the rotation brings the rate of money in the house’s pocket up to 5.26%. This is higher than the game’s European counterpart that only uses a zero.

There are also only a handful of options for wagering on American Roulette, such as five numbers. This involves placing your bet on pockets of 1, 2, 3, 0, and 00. This bet should not be placed because it has a payout odds of up to 7.9%.

Learning the main differences between American and European Roulette will help you better understand these games. You can try two of a number of online casinos that allow players to play games in a trial mode.

This way, you can be familiar with each rule type, gameplay style, and other features without risking your pocket.

Which Bet Type Is Better For You?

Many players prefer to play European Roulette over their American counterparts, while some choose the latter from among the previous ones. If you’re playing for rewards, then European Roulette will be better for you.

With better odds and wider betting options, you can test your luck by playing American Roulette. But better, why not enjoy both types of Roulette?

Consider playing two variations and see which of them will suit your taste in the game.

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How To Play Roulette At Casino – Basic Rules Of Playing Roulette

Any online betting game, when participating, the first thing you need to do is understand the rules of the game.

How to play Roulette game is quite simple, easy to understand, but if you don’t really memorize it, it will be very difficult to play.

Players should also refer to forums, network information, groups, etc. to refer to the shares and tips drawn from professional players, experienced people.


There are also many strategies and secrets that are shared a lot. Your job is to listen hard, learn. In addition, you also need to practice your patience, attention, and concentration to become a professional player.

It is best after learning the theory, set up an account at the dealer, top-up, and experiment. Certainly, having played it, you will love and especially never forget the gameplay of this entertaining game.

This experience will help you accumulate quite a lot of experience for yourself.

In order to understand the rules of Roulette, you need to understand the following basic rules. Soon, we will learn how to play Roulette for beginners in the most detailed:

Each dealer will have multiple Roulette tables, each consisting of a round of 37 numbers (or 38 for American Roulette). Next to it were a roulette and a small round ball. In addition, the game vehicle also has a betting table. This is where you choose the bet type, bet chips.

  • Each player can place multiple options at the same time.
  • During the betting process, you are allowed to choose to bet on (the boxes are numbered from 0 to 36), or place bets outside (the boxes are marked outside the 37 boxes in the number).
  • The payout of each bet type is based on its probability of winning. We simply understand that the most difficult bet to win, the highest winning odds. Similarly, the opposite is the case with a bet with a high probability of winning.
  • Each Roulette table has rules on maximum and minimum bets. That bet is usually indicated on a small board, small box at the dealer interface. Please pay attention to choose the right table for your financial ability.

Basic Roulette Types Of Betting

Make sure to learn or understand the different types of Roulette bets before taking part in betting this game.

Compared to other games, betting and playing Roulette online is somewhat more complicated, but this doesn’t mean it’s difficult to play.

Here are the ways to place bets in European Roulette that all players must know:

  • Straight Up: Players bet on a number that they think the ball will fall on. When the player wins, they will be rewarded with a 35:1 ratio.
  • Split: Player bets on between the two numbers they want and thinks they will win. When you win, you will win the bet at 17:1 odds.
  • Street: Player bets on the first line of 3 numbers. When they win, they will be paid at 12:1 odds.
  • Corner: Player bet on the corner where the four numbers meet. When you win, you will be paid at odds of 8:1.
  • Six Line – Double Street (Bet 6 Numbers): Players bet on the first line of 2 numbers line. When you win the bet, you will win 5:1 odds.
  • Trio (Triple bet): Player bet on the 2nd line where the cross between the zero and the 3-digit column. When you win, you will be paid at 11:1 odds.
  • Basket bet: Player bets on the first line between the zero and the first line. This is a very special form of betting, and when you win, the bet wins at 8:1.

Compared to the internal betting method, the outside bet is favored by many players. Many new players claim that the odds of winning when playing Roulette on the outside are higher



Here are five common types of outsourcing that all players should know about:

  • Odd or Even: As the name suggests, players only need to place a bet on an even or odd square. However, the number 0 will not be considered an even number in this case. When winning, the dealer will pay the player 1: 1.
  • High or Low: Similar to the above, players only need to place a bet on the side they think will come out in the spin. Numbers 1 to 18 would be Low, and 19 to 36 would be High. And this bet will also not include zero. When you win, you will be paid 1: 1 odds.
  • Dozens: Players only need to bet on the dozens they like, and when they win, they will get the same ratio of 2: 1. Also, bets on zero will not count.
  • Column: Players choose for themselves 1 column to the left that they think one of the numbers will be out to bet. Each column will represent 12 numbers that are in the same row. When you win, the player will get a 2: 1 ratio.

Other Roulette Betting Forms

How to play gambling Roulette online is quite diverse, and to increase your chances of winning, players should also learn more about it.

In addition to the above types of betting, some casinos offer some other forms of betting to create attractive and dramatic for players.

It can be said that the following betting options will be a great experience for those who have experience playing this game.

Voisins Du Zero: As the name implies, this bet consists of numbers next to 0 from left to right consisting of 17 numbers from 22 to 25. When an online player clicks on “Voisins Du Zero”, the software will automatically help them place seven chips on the table.  It is evident that this chip will include the 17 numbers mentioned. However, the payout for each bet will be completely different.

Tiers Du Cylindre: This bet consists of 12 numbers with the 0 argument in the spin.  Like the above, when the player selects “Tiers Du Cylindre”, the software automatically helps the player to place six chips on the relevant numbers as announced (from 27 to 33 clockwise).

Red and Black Split: When a player selects this bet type, the software will automatically place chips between two red or black numbers (4 red chips and 5 black chips). However, the number of chips will increase to 7 when the selected numbers fall to 10, 11, 28, and 29.

Orpheleins: This is a very common bet on high-end Roulette spins. And of course, it does not include numbers in the Voisins Du Zero and Tiers Du Cylindre areas. In Orphelins, players will bet with 5 chips on 8 unique numbers or 21.6% of the numbers.

Neighbors: This is another popular bet on European version. Like Orphelin, 5 chips will be automatically placed on the numbers that this bet type includes and 2 numbers next to it. For example, if it was 8 then it would also include 11, 30, and 23,10.

Finales: This bet consists of numbers that end the same way. The player will be allowed to place 3 to 4 chips on the announced numbers. In the event that the ball falls on 5, it shall also include the numbers 5, 15, 25, and 35.

How To Play The Most Complete And Detailed Roulette Rules

To play this casino game, you must fully follow the sequence below. It is also an accurate and detailed guide to playing this casino game that everyone must know.


Especially for first-time players, not understanding how to play, your bet is no longer valid, even if you win, it will not be recognized.

Step 1: Access to the dealer, choose a game

Firstly, to play the game, you must have a login account. By creating an account, top-up, you are eligible to participate in every game in that dealer.

Look to a Casino casino or also have a dealer interface for Roulette to play right out of the box. Click on it, the interface changes, and the forms and tables of Roulette for you to choose from will appear.

Step 2: Place a bet at the Roulette table

After completing the first step, we move on to the second step, which is the betting. You will notice that on the table, there are many different types of chips. You use your mouse to click the chip you want to bet.

Note the value of the chip. You then drag the chips to the bet you trust to win.

Step 3: Dealer proceeds to spin the Roulette

As soon as everyone has placed their bets, the player is not allowed to bet and change the result. The dealer will be the one to conduct the rotation. The player’s task is to sit and pray for the luck to come to you.

Step 4: Return the result and pay the winner

In this step, when the trigger stops and the ball falls into which box, you know your own results. If you win, you will be paid your bonus in accordance with the original winning odds.

Effective Roulette Tips That You Should Not Ignore

In order to play this game effectively, in addition to grasping the Roulette wheel rules correctly, knowing how to play with the correct rules, the following tips are very important.

Remember to increase your odds of winning each time you sit at the table with the dealer.

βœ… Understand the probability of winning and the payout ratio

The probability of winning is whether you will win the bet high or not. For example, when you bet a number, the winning probability is 1/37. Your chances of winning are low, so the payout is also highest at 1:35.

Likewise, if you bet on the parity, it means you bet 18 numbers. The chance of winning is 50:50, so the odds of winning are also lower. You will only get 1 to 1 only.

Therefore, when you understand the probability of winning as well as the payout ratio, you will be able to increase your strength. You have to know how to bet to make a profit. You can learn more about it by reading Guide to Calculating the Odds of a Roulette Spin.

βœ… Smartly choose American or European Roulette

Maybe many people do not notice, with an 18-digit bet like parity, black and red bet, but choose a spinning table with two number 0, the chance of winning decreases.

For example, if you choose to bet 18 numbers on European Roulette, the probability of winning is 50:50.
But if you choose American Roulette with two zeros, the Roulette returns the ball to that blue square with 2 zeros. Then you will lose your bet.

So, be smart to choose for yourself the most suitable and optimal table type. Your ability to win or lose sometimes just because one number changes the whole thing.

βœ… Withdraw your winnings as soon as possible

The temptation of real money bets is inevitable.

However, if you really want to make money from this game, then withdraw your bonus as soon as possible. Never enter your winnings into your capital, because luck doesn’t always come to you.

The more capital you have, the more you want to bet, and you don’t know where to stop. And that’s when you lose everything, the principal is lost, and the winnings are gone. If you withdraw money, you can at least make up for the capital you deposited earlier.

βœ… Double bet method

This is how inexperienced players still apply. It is the first game where you only bet with chips of small value.
You need time to adapt, understand how to play, grasp the rules of the game. After you have won with a low-value bet, you can upgrade gradually.


As you gain experience, you bet with a larger amount the chance of getting the bonus is also higher. Of course, everything still depends a lot on how you judge and reason.

βœ… Choose a reputable dealer

Currently, we choose to play Roulette at the online dealer rather than to live casinos. That makes it convenient for us to bet, save time. However, to avoid being scammed, you need to choose for yourself a reputable, publicly operated, licensed dealer.

There are some bookmakers worth trusting, such as BK8, Mega888, 1Xbet, MaxBet, etc.

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Betting Valley is one of the most reputable websites providing casino services and real money betting today.

With many years of operation in this field, Betting Valley always gives people confidence when quickly trading money, betting ratios as well as public and transparent calculation.

Moreover, in addition to this casino game, Betting Valley also has many other attractive casino games for you to experience.

With detailed instructions for each game, you will definitely be satisfied with what Betting Valley has to offer.

In addition, an attractive website interface, stable loading speed is also something that players love in Betting Valley.

If you have not found a reputable address to play casino and online betting, Betting Valley is the number one suggestion for you at this time.

Final Words

So, together we went to find out the Roulette instructions, how to play this game as well as useful information related to this popular casino game. This is a game of high chance but also requires you to be determined.

Through the above article, everyone can see that it is not difficult for us to know how to play Roulette online. However, playing how to always win is not easy. Let’s exchange and accumulate a lot of experience for yourself.

Be the master of the game; manage your time and money. We hope that you will have an enjoyable time with this game and bring in a great amount of money from the dealer.

Thanks for your reading!

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