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Top 6 Slot game online for Mobile in Malaysia

What slot games can you play on mobile? Join us to explore the top 6 exciting mobile game slots in Malaysia!

Slots games are one of the most popular forms of gambling and betting in traditional casinos.

However, with the development of the 4.0 era, with only a small phone with wifi or 4G network connection, you can immerse yourself in the world of slots with thousands of games.

Here is a list of 6 exciting Slot game online for Mobile in Malaysia that you can play on your phone.

Top 6 Mobile Game Slots In Malaysia

#1. God Of Fortune

God Of Fortune is a slot game version provided by GamePlay Interactive to provide players with unique and outstanding graphics. The main theme of the game is the famous Shen Tai character of Eastern culture.

It is accompanied by traditional symbols such as dragon rolls, lanterns, fireworks, fans, yellow hats, etc. The main colors, which are red and yellow, will give players a sense of luck right after entering the game.

Most Slot games will have similar gameplay, but each game will bring new experiences for players. Accordingly, God Of Fortune will include five reels, many faces, video slots, and a God of Fortune symbol.

This is the perfect game for beginners because playing God Of Fortune is quite simple and straightforward.

In addition, they also have many features and prizes to attract players. The game is completely entertaining with smooth and perfect gameplay.


Players press the spin button to start the game and wait for the symbols to spin on the three scrolls displayed on the screen.

There will be eight money lines to play, and one coin can be staked on each line. The amount is fixed and cannot be changed.

The player can also set the value of the coin within the minimums and maximums set by the dealer, thus having a reasonable amount of flexibility.

Do you know what is jackpot? In God Of Fortune, the Jackpot prize is fixed 1000 times, so there will be no progressive jackpot to increase this amount. There are also other cool features that usually appear in video slots that only God Of Fortune has.

The Autoplay function is quite awesome. Instead of having to click each turn, players can simply press this button to start the game.
Instead of clicking on each turn, a player could simply start the game according to the motion and then watch and roll until stopped.

#2 Diamond Wild

One of the most popular titles among online bookmakers today is Diamond Wild.

At first glance, it looks like Diamond Wild is like traditional game slots because they also include the bell, cherry, single bar, double, three, and number 7 in red.

They are, however, different with more extras, most of which revolve around the diamond icon.


Here players will find free, wild spins and five different progressive jackpot prizes. If you remove all the extras, the slot is actually like a classic game. The symbols will be placed on five white reels.

Players will not need to manipulate or use any judgment to win. Depending on the different results displayed, players will have different levels of rewards and perks.

All results in the winning row will be returned automatically from left to right by the system, except for the free game icon, and the diamond symbol will not apply this rule.

If there are three or more diamond symbols anywhere on the reel, the player will be rewarded according to the previous table of rewards.

Winnings based on different selected lines will be added together. Only the highest winning combination on each selected row will be awarded.

On the information bar below the main game screen, players can view their current bet, balance, and winnings. Also, the amount in your account will be displayed here.

The auto-spin feature is not allowed to automatically start the free game. Players need to enter information as required.

#3 Lucky Tarot

Lucky Tarot game, also known as fortune-telling, is a GPI slot game provided to players. With five reels and 30 lines, players can experience wild and scattered victories with magic expansion symbols.

Unlike the GPI Chilli Surprise slot game, coming to Lucky Tarot, players will enter a mysterious world in a five-reel video game, 30 from Gameplay International.


Just placing the winning combinations of three or more matching symbols on the money line is the player to win big.

This exciting slot game is easy to choose and play with its simple features and clear graphics. Players can also try out the game before playing for real money if they have not experienced this slot game before.

Lucky Tarot at the dealer is also optimized for mobile devices running iOS and Android operating systems to meet the needs of players. Setting up the gameplay is easy, thanks to the smooth player interface. All you do is just one click, place a bet, and auto-dial.

There are eight pay board symbols, including royal symbols, ten up to ace.

Lucky Tarot gameplay is beautifully combined, and graphics here bring a really mysterious feeling. The palette of blues and greens creates a soft, mystical feel, and the celestial sky conveys the dimension of another world.

The background music has an interesting and soothing ambient sound. Players can also turn off this feature if that’s not your style.

The moon, sun, holy grail, and crown all reflect the symbolism of the main arcana tree in the tarot deck. The royal family supported the small arcana from which a standard deck was modified.

#4 Chilli Surprise

Chilli Surprise is one of the most popular and popular slot GPI games today at reputable bookmakers. With a powerful theme, interesting and creative background, Chilli Surprise gives players a new experience.

Gameplay Interactive has always been known as a provider of powerful and diverse game slots with an immersive experience for players. Chilli Surprise is no exception.


With the detailed kitchen setting, complete with utensils, chili peppers creates a new and interesting theme.

The rolls are placed with a BBQ matrix with an interesting culinary theme, attracting the eyes of players right the first time.

Chilli Surprise is a 5×3 slot game from Gameplay Interactive, which offers 25 bet lines on five different reels.

The game has a lively chili icon, rich color palette, and many interesting bonus features, including revival and Mega icons. Accordingly, the capital return rate is up to 96.97%.

Chilli Surprise has eight regular symbols, each of which triggers a different payout when an identical combination of 5, 4, or 3.

In addition to the stylized K, Q, J, and 10 symbols, players can find ways to combine red, green, orange, and yellow pepper symbols.

The Wild symbol in the game is in the form of a pot of chili and can replace any other regular symbol for the highest possible victory.

When this feature is activated, the background music becomes more dramatic, and the fire engulfs the kitchen, signaling that the game is getting hotter.

The Scatter symbol takes the shape of a burning chili. Accordingly, when the three Scatters appear anywhere in the first, third, or fifth reel, 5 Free Spins will be activated.

During the free spins, players can also search for large 3×3 symbols and multipliers.

Players with six or more hot boosters on reels will trigger three respawns, complete with sticky boosters. The potential payouts can be broken down into five levels.

Chilli Surprise has five reels and 25 bets, still locked throughout.

The symbols that form a winning combination are highlighted, and payouts are always clearly displayed, ensuring that players always know exactly how much bonus they are getting from their bets.

Slots Temple offers players the opportunity to play slots for free in demo mode. For those looking for the theme of Chilli Surprise, this is a great way to feel the game.

#5 Wuxia Princess Mega Reels

The Wuxia Princess Mega Reels slot game is designed according to the storyline that beautiful Wuxia princesses in ancient costumes appear in the beautiful serene setting.

The most special feature of the game is that there are 6 to 7-row columns in the form of a ladder and the ability to win is very high, with up to 250 chances of winning for you.


The payment method of this Wuxia Princess Mega Reels slot game is calculated from left to right.

It means that the basic symbols or special symbols will appear from left to right according to the specified payment lines on the checkout table.

The symbols in the Wuxia Princess Mega Reels game slot are 2 Princess Wuxia symbols, the guitar symbol, the blade symbol, and the numeric symbols such as A, K, Q, J, 10.

These symbols will There are different bonuses depending on the number of appearances on the reels.

The Scatter icon in the Wuxia Princess Mega Reels slot game will give you free spins when it appears. The more Scatter symbols, the greater the number of free spins that will be activated.

In one spin, it will appear up to 20 Scatter symbols corresponding to 250 free spins will be activated.

In the Wuxia Princess Mega Reels slot game, the Wild symbol will appear on reels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. This symbol will replace all symbols except the Scatter icon.

This means that appearing more Wild symbols will lose the chance to trigger the free spins. A special feature of the Wild symbol is that it can replace the Wuxia princess icon to form stacked symbols.

#6 Ramesses Riches

Ramesses Riches offers 20 fixed pay lines and 95.42% RTP that can take you to the most secret treasures found in the dark halls of the pyramid.

Download the game, and you will see scrolls framed in gold, with deserts and pyramids in the background.


By clicking or tapping on the install button in the top right corner of the screen, you will see that you can change the number of payout lines you want to bet.

You can place 1 cent on at least one payment line or all of them. Ramesses is the first symbol you will see. It is the Wild symbol and gives you 5,000 coins for the best combo.

However, the Ankh Scatter symbol gives you 100 times the bet amount, and it’s the second symbol you will see in the payout. Isis gives you 1,000 coins for the best combo, while Bastet 250 cents.

Horus’s eye gives you 200 coins for a combo of 5 types. Symbols A through 9 are the lowest paying symbols. A and K give you 150, Q and J are 125, and 10 and 9 give you 100 coins for 5 type combos, respectively.

Ramesses Riches is an online slot game with a fairly simple gameplay. You have a Wild symbol that replaces all symbols when you are missing a symbol to form a winning combination.

However, Wild doubles the award when it replaces, so it’s quite beneficial. Then you have the Scatter icon.

In addition to offering payouts multiplied by the total bet amount, not the coin value, the Scatter set can help you in activating bonus games.

You will need to land three or more Scatter symbols to activate the feature, in which, for each Ankh, you get four free spins.

While the rewards for combos with Wilds have been doubled, in the free spins, any combos you form will give you a payout with a multiplier of 3 times added.

When playing NextGen’s Ramesses Riches slot game, you’ll find that this game depicts the theme perfectly. Thanks to Wild features, Scatter icons, and free spins, you will enjoy smooth gameplay and receive substantial payouts.

Final Words

Through the above article, we have provided full information about the top 10 best slot games for mobile in Malaysia as well as how to play these games in detail.

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