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How We Rate & Review Online Casinos

It is commonly believed that when someone finds a casino website on the Internet, it is only the first step in how we rate that site. This is not true. The second step, after finding the gambling information we need, is to search for “complaint rating” on different review websites. The review we find on the gaming website may be completely different from the review submitted by someone else.

When we find the review on the gambling website we are working with, the next step is to research the history of the company, sign-up and test the website and games, and check for complaints or negative reviews that might affect the trustworthiness of the platform.

review system

Review System

Once the information from the review is logged on the website, we can look at how we rate the site and see if the casino meets our standards. We have a 5 point review system for each platform as out SOP.

Now that the review is on the website, it is easy to go back and make corrections to the review as necessary. We can see how many complaints were received and if these complaints were valid.

We can see how many players tried the casino and how long they had been playing. This is useful in determining whether the casino can improve their customer service practices.



Of course, we all want to know how much money each casino is actually paying each player. By looking at how much each player is making we get a better picture of who is paying for the site.

Some websites will use over one hundred forms of payment per month. These sites usually pay better than a site with fifty players each paying only twenty-five. It is important to find out what the best sites are since we may be tempted to play at the more expensive site if we make more money than we spent.

rating scale

Rating Scale

Now that we know what the best sites are, we need to find out how we are being rated. I usually do my rating on a scale that is from one to five. Five is the best, but only because there are so many reviews on the Internet.

One star can be given to a casino for any reason. I usually only give one star for very obvious reasons. A two star rating could mean that the casino is new, but a three-star rating can be given to a site if you have had your experiences online negative.

Each player is given a rank depending upon how many times they play at the site. The more times a person plays at the site the higher their rating. If a person keeps playing at the same site, they will keep getting better reviews and be given a better rank. The more times a person plays at a site the lower their rank will be.

We have found that online casinos that have the highest player counts are also the ones that have the best games. I have also found that casinos that charge the most for bet type entries have the lowest player counts. So, if you want to know how we rate casino games, you should keep these things in mind.

other user review

Other User Reviews

BettingValley’s  reviewer will note if there are any problems with the casino before we can proceed to the next step of rating the casino. The review might also note if the person feels the casino has good service or if they are satisfied with the deposit, and withdrawals they’ve made.

The person writing the review might also mention if the customer service was satisfactory. Sometimes, people will write a bad review in hopes that it will make the casino change something on the website. We try to read and do a simple background check on each complaint if possible, to see if the complaint is really as valid as they claim. 

The next step in how we rate a casino is to search for the gambling information we require. Most review websites will have an information area for people to provide information about their experiences at a specific casino.

If there is an open forum, or section for people to talk about their experiences, it is in the best interest for the reviewers to read this information. This can help us determine what kind of people are playing at the site. Obviously, we will not want to rate a casino that has a very high turnover rate.

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