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Responsible Gambling

How to create a responsible betting community?

Limiting gambling evils

Bettingvalley wishes to create an entertainment channel for customers in the most positive way. We encourage players to determine the extent of their risk to gambling problems through reading articles about gambling addiction or answering the questions below:

  • Does betting affect your job or education?
  • Do you play betting only for the purpose of escaping boredom?
  • Do you often have the mentality to remove despair every time you lose?
  • Whether or not you spend all your existing gadgets betting?
  • Do you lie to cover up the money or time you spent betting?
  • Have you ever thought of lying or committing theft to have money to play betting?
  • Do you feel free to use your betting money to spend on other things?
  • Have you ever felt that you no longer care about your family, friends, and habits?
  • Do you want to take your money back immediately every time you lose all?

After answering the questions asked above, most of them are “Yes”, you are showing signs related to betting evils. Here are some tips we’d like to give you:

  • Consider this a kind of entertainment, do not put too much weight on the problem of winning and losing.
  • Avoid possible damages by anticipating the risks.
  • Set yourself limits when participating in betting, such as winning limits, losing boundaries.
  • Always monitor your time and monetary funds for betting games.


We offer you a 6-5 year freezing requirement for customers wishing to exclude themselves from betting forms.

Please visit the “Contact” section for more information about our customer service (24/7) for the earliest support.

Age restrictions

At bettingvalley.com, we have the right to ask you to provide proof of age. If you are under 18 years old, you will be considered illegal. Your account may be disabled until you provide sufficient information to verify your age.
Each country will set a different age to qualify for betting activities. Please find out the information carefully before participating in betting activities.

We should preserve your personal account carefully to avoid any problems or possible problems. Thank you for taking the time to refer to our article. We hope at Bettingvalley, you will be a responsible gambling member to yourself, your family, and society.

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