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The Ultimate Guide to Arcade Game Singapore [2023]

Many individuals in Singapore still like playing arcade games, which have been widely adopted for years. You may find a wide variety of arcade game Singapore, whether you prefer vintage video games or contemporary shooting games.

In this article, we’ll look at the many sorts of arcade games, their history in Singapore, the top arcades there, and the most well-liked fish shooting games there.

The Ultimate Guide to Arcade Game Singapore

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What is Arcade Games?

Coin-operated games known as arcade games are often located in public spaces like malls, amusement parks, and arcades. These typically feature a video screen or some interactive gadget, and participants must pay to participate.

Video games, carnival games, electro-mechanical games, merchandiser games, pachinko, pinball machines, slot machines, sports games, and redemption games are a few popular categories of arcade game Singapore.

Types of Arcade Games Singapore

Since the late 1970s, arcade games have gained popularity and changed throughout time. There are many different kinds of arcade games available in Singapore. Following are a few of Singapore’s most popular arcade game categories:

A. Arcade video games

For many decades, playing arcade games has been a common past hour in Singapore. There are numerous arcades in Singapore that provide players of all ages with a wide selection of games. Since these arcades are typically open late into the night or early the next morning, gamers can enjoy their favourite games for lengthy stretches of time.

Singapore’s arcades provide individuals a fun and exciting way to spend their free time, with everything from vintage classics like Street Fighter and Pac-Man to more modern faves like Dance Dance Revolution. Singapore’s arcade industry has something for everyone to enjoy, whether it’s a friendly competition or a solo gaming session.

B. Carnival games

Carnival games are now a popular attraction at many theme parks and amusement parks in Singapore. Several of the booths at these games are vibrant and engaging, attracting throngs of players eager to try their abilities and win prizes.

Carnival games are an enjoyable and exciting way to spend a day out with family and friends. Activities range from throwing balls to knock down targets to shooting hoops or darts.

These games provide a variety of prizes, including cuddly animals, candies, and even technology devices, so there is something for everyone to aim for.

The excitement of the carnival games in Singapore is sure to capture your attention and keep you going back for more, whether you’re an experienced gamer or a novice.

C. Electro-mechanical games

Electro-mechanical games have long been a mainstay in Singapore’s arcades and are still popular among players of all ages. For a dynamic and captivating gameplay experience, these games combine mechanical and electronic elements.

For instance, in pinball machines, flippers are used to fire a steel ball around a playfield that contains a variety of goals and obstacles. Skee-ball, a traditional arcade game in which players roll balls into targets to win points, uses a similar combination of mechanical and electronic components to function.

A variety of electro-mechanical games are available in Singapore’s arcades, and players continue to enjoy these enduring classics.

D. Merchandiser games

Claw machines are a well-liked attraction in Singapore’s arcades because they give players a fun and thrilling method to win rewards. In these games, picking up a prize—usually a small toy or stuffed animal—requires using a claw or other tool.

The challenge that the claw machine presents to players—maneuvring the claw into the ideal position to seize the prize—is what makes it so alluring. The arcades in Singapore have a large selection of claw machines, each with its own rewards and difficulties.

Players can spend hours honing their skills and trying their luck at obtaining the prise of their dreams because many arcades are open for longer hours.

E. Pachinko

Fans of Japanese arcade culture have made Pachinko a well-liked game in Singapore’s arcades. Similar to pinball, players seek to strike numerous targets on the playing area with a plunger to earn prizes.

Pachinko machines frequently have elaborate themes and designs, and the gaming involves both skill and luck, which ups the thrill level. Pachinko may still be played in a few of Singapore’s arcades, despite not being as common as other games there; it provides players with a distinctive and thrilling experience.

Pachinko is a game that must be tried since it promises hours of pleasure and fun for anyone interested in Japanese arcade culture or who is searching for a new challenge.

F. Pinball machines

Pinball machines have long been a standard component of arcades and entertainment facilities in Singapore. These mechanical video games use flippers to maintain a steel ball in play while players attempt to hit various targets on the playing field in order to rack up as many points as possible.

Each pinball machine’s distinctive themes, loud sounds, and dazzling lights add to the game’s excitement and help to make it a treasured classic among Singapore arcade aficionados.

Pinball machines continue to have a particular place in the hearts of arcade aficionados despite the rise of newer digital games in recent years, and many arcades in Singapore still provide a mix of vintage and contemporary pinball machines for players to enjoy.

G. Slot machines

Slot machines are a well-liked kind of gambling amusement in Singapore, giving players the possibility to win large by combining skill and luck. Players insert coins or tokens and pull a lever to spin the reels on these electromechanical games, which use a random number generator to determine the outcome of each spin.

Several of Singapore’s casinos and gaming establishments feature slot machines as a popular draw because of their flashy lighting, dynamic sound effects, and thrilling themes.

Slot machines are a common choice in Singapore for both casual and serious gamblers due to the variety of machines that are available and the differing levels of difficulty and payoff.

H. Sports games

Sports simulation games are a common type of competitive amusement in Singapore, where there are several arcades and gaming facilities with a wide selection to pick from.

Using controllers or other input devices, players can compete against each other or the computer in these sports simulation games, which include basketball, football, and soccer.

Players can perfect their techniques and talents with the use of tutorials and guides to become stronger competitors, heightening the fun and thrill of the game.

I. Redemption games

Redemption games, which provide players the chance to win tickets or other prizes that may be exchanged for goods, are a typical sight in arcades and family entertainment facilities in Singapore. With a variety of various difficulties and gameplay types to select from, these games are made to be enjoyable and captivating.

Redeemer games are well-liked among both casual and serious gamers since players can compete against one another or the machine to get the greatest scores and win the most tickets.

Players can get a competitive edge at the redemption tables by reading guides and tutorials, honing their abilities, and learning the ins and outs of each game to enhance their chances of winning.

History of Arcade Games in Singapore

Singapore has a lengthy and illustrious history with arcade games. Singapore hosted the opening of the first arcade, called Timezone, in 1978. Since that time, Singaporeans of all ages enjoy hanging out in arcade game centres.

Arcade game Singapore have developed throughout time to incorporate more cutting-edge games, like racing simulators and virtual reality games. Nonetheless, sentimental players continue to enjoy playing old games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders.

The Best Arcades in Singapore

When it comes to Arcade Game Singapore, there are a plethora of options available. Here are some of the best arcades in Singapore that you can visit to indulge in some gaming fun:

Cow Play Cow Moo

Located in multiple locations across Singapore, Cow Play Cow Moo is known for its wide range of games, including claw machines, bumper cars, and virtual reality games. It also has an impressive collection of arcade games that cater to all age groups.


Virtualand is another popular arcade chain in Singapore that offers an extensive selection of arcade games in Singapore. From classic video games to the latest and most popular games, Virtualand has something for everyone.

Fat Cat Arcade

With branches located in Bedok and Jurong, Fat Cat Arcade is one of the most popular arcades in Singapore. It boasts an impressive collection of over 40 arcade game Singapore, including racing games, music games, and shooting games.

Zone X

Zone X is a well-known arcade chain in Singapore that has multiple branches across the island. It is known for its unique and innovative games, such as the 4D motion ride simulator, which gives players a realistic experience.


Timezone is another popular arcade chain in Singapore that has branches in almost every major mall across the island. It offers a vast array of games, including claw machines, driving simulators, and shooting games.

The Wonderful World of Whimsy

The Wonderful World of Whimsy is a unique arcade that offers a range of vintage and retro games. It is the perfect place to relive your childhood memories and experience the nostalgia of classic arcade games.

Level Up

Located in Bugis+, Level Up is a relatively new arcade that offers a range of cutting-edge games, including virtual reality games and interactive gaming experiences.

Zero Latency

Zero Latency is a unique gaming experience that offers players the chance to engage in multiplayer virtual reality games. It is perfect for those who are looking for a more immersive and interactive gaming experience.

What is Fish Shooting Games?

Fish shooting games, commonly referred to as shooting fish games or fish arcade games, are a style of arcade game that have grown in popularity in Singapore. Many aquatic species are presented in these games, and players can get points by shooting them with a joystick or mouse.

How To Play shooting fish game?

It’s crucial to understand the fundamentals of how to play if you’re new to fish shooting games. Due to its straightforward and basic gameplay, it is a prefered option for Singaporean arcade aficionados.

You must put coins or tokens into the machine before you can start playing the shooting fish game. You will then be granted a set number of rounds to utilise after completing that. To shoot as many fish as you can in a predetermined amount of time.

It’s crucial to shoot for the fish with the greater point values in the game because they have varied values. In addition, some fish possess unique traits, such as the capacity to detonate and harm adjacent fish. To increase your score, it’s critical to aim strategically.

You can acquire more rounds and improvements as you play by hitting specific targets. A rapid-fire mode or a nett that can catch many fish at once are two power-up items that some machines feature that can improve your gaming experience.

Tips to Win Arcade Fishing Game in Singapore

Here are five tips to help players improve their chances of winning in arcade fishing games:

  • Choose the right game: Players should choose a game that suits their skill level and interests. Some games may have higher payouts but are more difficult to win, while others may have lower payouts but are easier to win.
  • Focus on the big fish: The larger fish are worth more points, so players should focus their efforts on them to accumulate more points.
  • Keep an eye on the timer: Most fish shooting games have a time limit, so players should keep an eye on the clock and pace themselves accordingly.
  • Play with friends: Playing with friends can make the experience more enjoyable and can increase the chances of winning as players can work together to shoot the fish.
  • Manage bankroll: Players should manage their bankroll carefully and avoid betting more than they can afford to lose.

Popular Fish Shooting Games Bonuses in Singapore

Fish shooting games in Singapore provide a number of well-liked bonuses, including welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses. New players frequently receive welcome bonuses, which could include free credits or a match bonus on their initial payment. No deposit bonuses are typically given as free credits and do not need players to make a deposit.

Online Fish Shooting Games on Mobile

Players can enjoy their favourite games while on the road thanks to the availability of online fish shooting games on mobile devices. Numerous online casinos in Singapore have created mobile apps that can be downloaded into smartphones and tablets in response to the growing popularity of mobile gambling.

Players may easily access their prefered fish shooting games as well as a variety of other casino games thanks to these mobile apps. The apps are free to download from the app stores and are available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Fish shooting games for mobile devices are made to be user-friendly, with simple controls that make it simple to play the games. Players may enjoy an immersive gaming experience thanks to the graphics and sound effects being tailored for mobile devices.

On their mobile devices, players can enjoy a variety of fish shooting games, including well-known ones like Fish Hunter, Ocean King, and Fisherman’s Wharf. These games provide the same thrilling gameplay as their desktop equivalents, with the added benefit of portability.

Popular Fish Shooting Casino Payment Methods in Singapore

In addition to providing a variety of fish shooting games, online casinos in Singapore offer several convenient payment methods. Here are some of the most popular payment options:

Online Banking Payment

Players can deposit and withdraw money at many online casinos in Singapore utilising online banking services provided by DBS, POSB, UOB, and OCBC. For players that favour using their local bank accounts for transactions, this payment option is practical.

E-wallet Payment

E-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal are common payment options in Singaporean online casinos. Via these e-wallets, players may deposit and withdraw money swiftly and safely. E-wallets are particularly helpful for players who prefer not to give the casino their bank information.

Credit and Debit Card Payment

Visa and Mastercard are both widely accepted credit and debit card payment methods in Singaporean online casinos. Gamers can instantly deposit money using their cards. However, certain banks could impose transaction fees on transactions made at online casinos.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Singaporeans increasingly enjoy playing fish shooting games in arcades and online casinos. Players have various possibilities to pick from because there are many different games and incentives available. Bettingvalley.co is a fantastic resource for people looking for the greatest online casino reviews and casino games guide in Singapore.


A. Is there an arcade in Singapore?

Yes, there are several arcades in Singapore, including Cow Play Cow Moo, Virtualand, Fat Cat Arcade, and Timezone.

B. How do you play the fish game in arcade?

To play a fish shooting game in an arcade, players typically need to insert coins or tokens into the machine and use a joystick or mouse to shoot at the fish.

C. What is a fish game arcade?

A fish game arcade is a type of arcade that features fish shooting games, which are a popular form of entertainment in Singapore.

D. What is the most realistic fishing game?

There are many fishing games available, both in arcades and online casinos. One of the most realistic fishing games is Fishing Joy, which features realistic graphics and physics.

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