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Top 9 Best Online Lottery Malaysia Sites

Thanks to the online lottery, players can buy tickets for all of the biggest lottery draws from anywhere with internet access.

Major US and European draws are no longer restricted to people within a country’s borders as online services offer players from outside the jurisdiction the opportunity to play!

On which websites should you play the online lottery?

What are the reputable online lottery sites in Malaysia?

Let’s find out in this article!

What Should You Know About Playing The Online Lottery?

Lottery has been popular throughout history, from Keno, a lottery-like game in ancient China, to Renaissance Europe, where the games were founded to help strengthen state finances.

lottery Malaysia

In its most traditional form, the lottery involves buying a ticket before a series of numbered balls is selected randomly from a draw.

Simply put, the more numbers you have that match your ticket, the more you win.

Recent advances in technology mean that, while some lotteries are only available to residents of the same country, others can now be played by a global audience.

This makes playing today’s lottery more fun and varied than ever.

How Do You Play The Lottery Online?

  • Step 1: Sign up with an online lottery website.
  • Step 2: Select the country you want to play in.
  • Step 3: Select the lottery-type you want to play.
  • Step 4: Choose your number.
  • Step 5: Consider placing a lottery bet on an online dealer.
  • Step 6: Check the draw results.
  • Step 7: Collect your winnings!

Instead of buying tickets at a local store, you can now login, choose your lucky number, and buy tickets online within minutes. However, to do this, players must first register, which is easier in some countries than in others.

For example, the Irish lottery requires proof of identity and proof of address to be sent in before your account can be fully verified.

Once set up, playing online lottery gives players much more flexibility, with options like the ability to easily replay your favorite numbers.

If a player is lucky enough to win, playing online means they will most likely be notified by email, so don’t forget to check in ahead of the required deadline or risk losing tickets before they can ask.

Top 9 Best Online Lottery Website In Malaysia

The Lotter

The Lotter

TheLotter, founded in 2002, outpaces its in-game competition diversity, player support, and overall ease of use. This website acts as a ticket agent, buying official lottery tickets on your behalf.

Through its convenient system, you can enter any of the 52 lottery categories from around the world – including mega-games like Powerball and Mega Millions.

With support for multiple languages ​​and currencies, more than 20 banking methods, and modern iOS & Android apps – theLotter is the best choice whether you’re new to online lottery or a player Seasoned and looking for a better alternative.

Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent is one of the most affordable online lottery agents that charge nominal fees and offer high discounts on multiple entries and subscriptions.

Their affordability, coupled with their support for the world’s most popular lottery games, secure and easy-to-use website, reliable customer service, makes Lotto Agent the top candidate for the No. 1 position.

If you want to experience a premium online lottery without having to pay a high price, try Lotto Agent today.

Lotto Smile

Lotto Smile

LottoSmile is the official trademark of theLotter in India, so you can expect the same level of excellence you would expect from an industry leader. It also works the same way.

You can buy actual tickets from lottery tournaments around the world, including the biggest lotteries like Powerball and EuroMillions.

Just enter your number as you normally would, and LottoSmile’s associates will buy your ticket. They will email you copies of your tickets, and you will have full ownership of them.

That means it’s completely free to accept any prize you win – and they’ll even collect it for you when possible.



Multilotto, launched in 2011, offers more than 60 lottery games around the world to play from a wide variety of participation options such as multiple-draw betting, registration, systematic form, and even support group.

Unlike other lottery dealers, they also offer an impressive range of virtual casino games, perfect for those times when you need a chance to speed up.

Their secure website with a user-friendly interface and support for 16 languages ​​is easy to use. Plus, they have both iOS and Android apps in case you want to play on the go.

All of this, along with the convenience of receiving prizes deposited directly into your account makes MultiLotto worth a try.



LottoLand is a betting service (you are betting on the outcome of the official draw, not the game itself), and with an impressive selection of games from around the world, this is for sure the best service in that category.

It is also 100% safe. Lottoland is licensed and regulated by two gambling commissions, which means payments are guaranteed.

And the best part? Lottoland credits your winnings instantly to your account and can deposit them directly into your bank.



LottoGo significantly improved on its previous version, World Lottery Club, which offered more than 17 lottery games, including blockbuster games like Euromillions and US Powerball for betting.

LottoGo is a licensed, secure operator and the best part is that all winnings will be automatically credited to your account, whether you win $ 1 or $ 10 Million – so you don’t need to fly in current conditions.

While their payment models are limited, they are a good option for discovering whether betting on lottery results is what you are looking for.



Founded in 2005 and licensed in Curacao, WinTrillions offers a choice of 20 lottery games, 12 regular combinations, and a millionaire lottery to choose from.

They offer a simple, no-frills, easy-to-navigate website that is honestly up-to-date and made more modern. That aside, their website is very secure, with 256-bit SSL encryption and with external tests performed daily by McAfee.

WinTrillions offers 32 payment methods, including BitCoin at a time but has now narrowed it down to 10, including popular options like Visa & Mastercard.

Besides the limited payouts, another problem with WinTrillions is that they tend to automatically renew your subscription, which is not good.

Regardless, they are a good alternative to theLotter and Lotto Agent if you are looking for alternatives.



BuyLottoOnline is a lottery agent, like theLotter & LottoAgent, that supports more than 20 one-time multi-millionaire and individual lottery games.

They are one of the oldest, trusted lottery agents established in 2005 and owned by Legacy Eight Curacao NV, an investment firm that also runs the WinTrillions and LottoKings brands.

Even though they lack a mobile app, their website is sharp and neat, making it easy to navigate.

BuyLottoOnline does not charge a commission, and for that reason, their fees are slightly higher. Higher fees and a limited number of payment options push them lower on the list.

Mater Prize Home

Mater Prize Home

If you’re looking for something different from regular jackpot games and do some good things at play, check out the Mater Prize Home Lottery based in Queensland, Australia.

Mater offers players from all over the world the chance to win their dream home with just AU $ 2. In addition, a portion of all ticket sales is used to fund medical research and provide care to people in need.

You can’t go wrong! They are a new alternative to jackpots.

Is The Lottery Website Safe?

Security is closely linked to a website’s reliability. Repeat us later: You need to be able to trust a lottery site with your money!

The lottery website may not be a scam, but if it sends your credit card details over an insecure connection, then it makes you vulnerable to scams and theft nonetheless.

That’s why we test strong encryption first. If a lottery website uses 256 bit SSL encryption, then this is the first step in keeping you safe.

Other certificates are also scored in this section. For example, PCI compliance means the website meets stringent international security standards for processing credit and debit cards.

If a lottery website has such certification, then that’s another bit of an important guarantee before you give your financial information.

Final Words

Thus, we have presented you with a list of the best online lottery websites in Malaysia. We highly recommend checking out the top Malaysia online lottery sites at the Betting Valley website.

This is a website dedicated to providing useful information about Malaysia online casinos in general.

All of our online casinos are properly tested, and their security and your safety are 100% guaranteed.

We hope you will have the best lottery experiences.

Thanks for reading our article!

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