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Casino In Genting – The Entertainment Paradise In Malaysia

You want to have new experiences in a distant land but do not know where to travel properly? Do you want a great experience in a top-notch luxury casino?

One of the suggestions that we would recommend is the Genting plateau in Malaysia.

Genting Highlands in Malaysia is located at an altitude of over 2000m. This is a resort city and a popular entertainment complex in Malaysia. If somewhere in Malaysia is considered as bustling as Las Vegas, the Genting Highlands is that city.

And in particular, the casino is the highlight of this plateau.

Now join us to learn about casino in Genting to better understand this famous highland casino industry!

Genting Highlands – The Most Entertainment Center In Asia

About Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands is located at the border of Pahang, about 50km north of Kuala Lumpur. Due to being located at an altitude of 2000m above sea level, the climate here is cool all year round, ranging from 14-25 degrees Celsius.

Genting Highlands is also known by tourists as “city on the clouds” because sometimes people can see clouds flying horizontally or lower than the plateau’s elevation.

Unlike other high altitude resorts, Genting Highlands is unique with its modern buildings and eye-catching colors.

In the late 1960s, Genting was built to become a high-end resort and amusement park with a system of Las Vegas model amusement parks.

Therefore, Genting is also called Las Vegas in Southeast Asia. As it is the only legal casino in Malaysia, it is managed by Resorts World Bhd (which also runs Resort World Sentosa Singapore), a subsidiary of Genting Group.


The resort, called the Genting Highlands resort, also has many hotels owned by Genting’s subsidiaries, including Genting Hotel, Highlands Hotel, Resort Hotel, Theme Park Hotel, and Awana Genting.

The First World Hotel has a total of 6,118 rooms, making it the largest hotel in the world. This hotel surpasses the MGM Grand Las Vegas, the largest hotel in the world, before with 5,690 rooms.

Other entertainment facilities in Genting also include theme parks, golf courses, shopping malls, roller coasters, concert halls, and more than 80 retail stores and 60 entertainment venues.

The special thing that attracts all visitors’ attention when coming here is the connection between the buildings interconnected by corridors and escalators, all luxurious and perfect in every detail.

However, when you come here, it is very easy to get lost in the vast world of Southeast Asia’s greatest entertainment complex.

Entertainment at Genting Highlands

Shopping Center

Coming to Genting Highlands, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy shopping in busy commercial areas with many famous brands: CK, Channel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, etc.

Next, you can enjoy delicious food here in the surrounding stores. If you want, you can go to convenience stores like McDonalds, KFC, etc.

Theme Park Park

Theme Park is one of the great suggestions for you, especially families with young children.

There are 2 zones, including the indoor entertainment area and outdoor area. It has more than 50 new types of Ferris wheel, thrilling games, which are very attractive.

How-many-casinos-are-there-in Genting

Besides, visitors also have the opportunity to visit the icy garden with ski games, canoeing, and walking around to see the panoramic view of Genting highlands. In the evening, guests can enjoy concerts and dance.

Chin Swee Temple

Chin Swee Temple has many unique works with two large statues of the Buddha and the Buddha. The large courtyard is paved with red brick, where you can see the capital Kuala Lumpur.

Outside on the pagoda cliffs, there are works recreating the floors of hell with many horrifying scenes of punishment.


This is probably the tourist attraction when coming to Genting Highlands. Most of the casinos on Genting Highlands are centrally located, so you can easily find them.

You should note that when playing casino in Genting Highlands Malaysia, there are certain rules you need to follow. What are those rules? Please also follow up right away to know the answer!

General Information About Casino In Genting

When traveling to Malaysia, you can easily find a roadside casino. And Genting Highlands is one of the legitimate places to open casinos.

Who is the owner of Genting casino? This is probably the question that many people wonder.


In fact, the Genting Highlands is the only legal casino in Malaysia, managed by Resorts World Bhd, a subsidiary of Genting Group, and First World Hotel and Resort Sdn Bhd.

And the director of Genting Group is Lim Kok Thay. This is also the person responsible for operating and managing the operations of the casinos in Genting.

If you don’t like going into theme parks or shopping, then one thing to do in Genting is gambling. All casinos are open 24 hours, even though you must be over 21 years old, and if you are Malaysian, do not enter Muslims.

There are dress codes, like the ban on t-shirts, shorts, and sandals, and while there are no-smoking zones everywhere, all casinos are decorated with dense smoke.

One final difference for Vegas: you can drink from the cafes inside the casino, but there is no cocktail waitress.

Basic games such as roulette, baccarat, and Chinese games with poker require registration. There are also countless slot machines available, but if you want to withdraw winnings, you must register for WorldCard Genting.

Monte Carlo Casino – The Most Reputable Casino In Genting

How many casinos in Genting? There are quite a few options for you when gambling in Genting.

However, when it comes to the Genting casino, we have to mention the typical casinos: Monte Carlo Casino, Casino De Genting, Genting Highlands Casino, and Sky Casino. However, most players often choose Monte Carlo as an ideal choice.

What’s so special about this casino? Join us to find out in the following section!

The casino system in Genting is just as exciting for tourists as other entertainment spots because there are many famous casinos, and Monte Carlo is the largest and most famous.

Monte Carlo Casino does not have any security measures, does not conduct passport checks, and does not perform weapons screening to ensure safety.

There are no security guards in front of the Monte Carlo gate, but only 2-3 staff members in uniforms like staff serving other areas in Genting.


According to the rules of the Casino in Malaysia, men must dress politely, absolutely not to wear umbrellas, shorts, but this rule is often ignored and for women.

It is necessary to comfortably dress up when coming to the casino. Besides, there is a fairly strict regulation that is not allowed to film or take pictures.

If you can satisfy these requirements, Casino Monte Carlo always welcomes you to play.

In addition, some areas also have regulations that prohibit smoking. However, visitors consider this as a theoretical rule because anywhere in the casino. They also encounter smoke and a strong smell of tobacco.

Step through the screen outside the door, which is a money exchange counter for guests playing at the Casino. At this counter, visitors will exchange money into Ringgit and use that money to buy chips.

Chips are round coins with different denominations: Red chip is 10RM, the blue coin in the middle is white 25 RM, black chip has a value of 100RM, white copper corresponds to 2.5RM.

Step inside are hundreds of gambling computers lined up in long lines in the space with dim electric lights.

When going inside, a large auditorium will appear before your eyes, with rows of round tables lined with Rules turntables.
At each table, there is a control Dueler, who is quite young in his 20s, but perhaps due to the nature of their work in low sunlight, they all have bluish-white skin.

This auditorium has at least 200 Rules tables. Besides, there are poker tables mixed with dice tables and many other gambling tables.

This large auditorium is considered to be the public area of ​​the Monte Carlo because, according to some, the casino also has an area reserved for VIPs to play, who are not normally allowed to play in this VIP area.


If players want to enter the international VIP guest zone, they are required to hold a foreign passport and are required to register for WorldCard.

There are thousands of people crowded at the tables in the public playing room, but the majority of the players are people from countries such as China, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Korea.

It is very difficult to find Malaysian players because they are Muslim, and this religion prohibits people from playing casinos.
Most visitors have the same thought when coming to Genting and are not coming here to gamble. Gambling is just fun. It doesn’t matter how much you lose.

Therefore, buying playing chips is not too heavy for tourists if it is within the limits of play. Playing the basic games: Roulette, baccarat, or Chinese style games: Pai gow or Pocket requires registration.

If you want to withdraw winnings from gambling machines, players must register in the Genting World card system to redeem and exchange for money.

At Monte Carlo Casino, there is something very special and also very different. That is: inside the casino, there are no waitresses serving cocktails, and guests cannot find a similar drink at this casino.

How To Get To Genting To Play Casinos?

There are many ways you can go to Genting to play casinos. Here, we will introduce you to the most basic ways!

By plane

The nearest airport is in Kuala Lumpur. The sky train was used as a direct bus to the destination but appeared to have been shut down.
The fastest way to go is via KL Sentral by train (28 minutes) and continue by bus from here. Alternatively, if you feel excited about going by helicopter, you can contact Sabah Air to fly to Genting Plateau in 30 minutes.

By bus

The most convenient and economical way to travel is by bus.

This way of moving is very suitable for those who want to travel to Genting Malaysia cheaply. There are regular buses made by Go Genting Express Bus from different points in Kuala Lumpur.

Here are some bus routes that you can refer to:

  • Pudu Sentral Station (LRT Plaza Rakyat): 7:30 am-7:00 pm
  • Putra LRT Gombak Station 8:00 am, 10:30 am, 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm, 7:00 pm
  • KL Sentral Station (LRT KL Sentral, KTM KL Sentral): 8:00 am – 8:00 pm, depart every hour
  • PJ One Utama Station: 8:00 am, 11:30 pm, 1.30 pm, 7:00 pm

All buses take about an hour and cost around RM3.40 to RM4.60 for one way. The bus ends at the bus stop next to the Sky way cable car station (B4).

From there, it takes 16 minutes to get to the top of Genting by cable car (about RM5 for a one-way ride at the cable car station at Highlands Hotel).

How-To-Get-To-Genting-To-Play Casinos

On a normal sunny day, the cable car is usually present. But you may have to wait more than 45 minutes for a cable car in bad weather.
Bus and cable car fares are slightly cheaper, with prices from RM9.80 to RM11 (2016). Advance booking is recommended during holidays and weekends as tickets may sell out quickly.

On holidays and weekends, it is advisable to book in advance as tickets are very easy to sell out these days.

Additional buses depart at 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday directly to the First World Bus Terminal, making the cable car ride unnecessary.

Buses depart at 9:00 pm, 10:00 pm, and 11:00 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for KL Sentral from the Genting Highlands leaving the First World Hotel.

You may also consider purchasing the Go Genting Package (valid for one day only, RM 78), from KL Sentral/Pudu Sentral/Gombak/One Utama.

This package includes return bus (same day) between KL/PJ and cable car station, return by cable car (same day), and buffet lunch at Coffee Terrace or on Central Park campus and admission to Snow World.

You must decide what time you want to return from Genting when you order this package.

Another option is a weekly “Solitaire” bus that departs directly from Singapore by Transtar. Direct ride-hailing companies include Five Star Tours, Grassland, Konsortium, and Starmart.

By car or taxi

Genting Highlands can be reached by car from Kuala Lumpur in about an hour on the Karak Expressway. A passenger taxi (blue taxi) from downtown Kuala Lumpur to Genting costs between RM150 and RM200 while a recurring taxi costs between RM60 and RM70.
From KLIA/KLIA2, for the voucher budget item, there is a tax of $225,220, input is RM284.90, and the family is RM562.40. Travel time is about 2 hours.

Final Words

In short, Genting Highlands is a tourist destination located near Kuala Lumpur with a cool climate. This place often attracts tourists to gamble at the Casino.

Besides, there are also many fun activities, integrated shopping. Only when you come to Genting will you see how the gambling industry here develops.

If you do not have time to experience gambling at Genting’s casino, take part in online betting. This is a very convenient way of betting and playing casinos today. You can visit the Betting Valley website.

This is a website specializing in updating news on betting, casino games, and lottery daily. In addition, detailed casino instructions and effective tips from experts will help you conquer the most difficult games.

The special thing is that you will not need to set foot in Genting or any land to play casino games. You just need to sit at home, connect to the internet, and go to this website, surely the services of Betting Valley will bring you the best online casino Malaysia gaming and betting experience.

Hopefully, the above article has provided you with the most basic information about the casino in Genting. I hope you will have the best experiences!

Thanks for reading!

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