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Detailed Instructions On How To Play Craps At Online Casino

Craps is one of the popular casino games that many players love from the tradition to the online casinos from past to present.

Understandably, the craps on the casino table is the dice game of Asia. Players who don’t know much about craps betting must understand that they are played in rounds.

Craps may seem confusing at first glance, but this is always a game that attracts a large number of bookmakers to join because of its fun. Just do a little research and play 1 to 2 games, you will surely grasp this game very well.

Find out more about how to play craps in the following article!


What is Craps?

Craps game is understood to be a dice game.

At first glance, Craps may be similar to Sicbo, but you will see the difference between these two games when participating in. Craps is a game that uses 2 dice, each with 6 faces, and the value that craps cares about will be 2x total.

In this game, the person who drops the dice is called a “shooter“, who determines his own fate as well as the central character deciding the fate of others.

What To Prepare For Craps?

Craps means dice, so on the table, the first craps are two six-sided dice. The correct dice are of equal mass. The probability of appearing 6 faces is the same. The value that craps cares about is 2x total.

In this type of game, there is a distinct character known as the dice dealer called a “shooter“, who determines his own fate and the central character that determines fate to win against other players.

The table is defined by many fancy tiles, with different rules and terms from the rest of the game.

Be sure the first-time newcomers do not take the time to research first, such as researching and reading this article. No one dares to be confident that they can confidently bet on any box on the craps table.

The table is usually very large and has 2 completely identical zones symmetrically across when the special cases table is in the middle.

The Basic Way To Play Craps

In the first round, players will place their bets by placing coins/chips on the Pass or Don’t Pass.

If the shooter hits 7 or 11 points on the first roll, all bets on Pass will win.

In case the shooter collapsed 2 or 3, the person who placed the Don’t Pass would make a clear battle. In the case of 12, it will be called a “Push“, and no one wins.

If a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 point is rolled, these numbers will be “Points” and marked on the betting board with a button. At this point, the shooter will need to try to “make the point”. That is, you must re-insert this point to win.

If the player can fold this point again before the 7 is rolled, then the bets on the Pass Line will win, and Don’t Pass will lose. This is called a “Pass” and the shooter starts over a new one.

After a point has been established and a 7 is drawn, the shooter’s turn ends and bets on Pass Street lose; otherwise, Don’t Pass will win.

Don’t Pass bets can also be canceled at any time.


Craps Rules Are Detailed Through Each Round

Basically, craps have a total of 2 rounds, which can either end in round 1 or continue round 2. A player can place multiple bets on the respective betting squares in each round.

Round 1: Pass or Don’t Pass

Before the shooter shakes the first 2 dice, players on this turn use two betting areas for the whole bet: Pass Line – for the shooter side, Don’t Pass Bar – not for the shooter side.

In round 1, the game will end if one of two cases:

Pass Line: 7 or 11 dice will win. The person betting in this box will win, if it is 2, 3, or 12, then loses.

Don’t Pass Bar: wins when it gets 2 or 3 (who bet on this box), loses when 7 or 11, but if there is 12, it is a tie, not a win.

Otherwise, if it gets 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, the dealer must place a big button with the word “ON” on the area containing the corresponding number just shaken and move to round 2.

Round 2: Find the 7 or the person named “ON” previously

“Shooter” now has to shake the dice again and again and only stop the game when the number 7 or the number corresponding to “ON” is recorded.

In round 2, the whole game wins, loses, and ends the game is calculated as follows:

  • When the first “ON” is poured in: The shooter-Pass wins, the Don’t Pass side loses.
  • When pouring the number 7 first: opposite.

After the first roll of dice, in addition to the main bet, there will be lots of options between the next roll of the dice. Players can optionally place bets multiple times in different boxes at each roll.

Bet Buttons And Tables When Playing Craps Online

📌 Amount to bet per click

This button in the craps at online casinos specifies the amount you want to bet. You can use the chip denominations at the bottom. Click on the chip amount to add value to the “Amount to bet per click” section.

After players have chosen their desired bet amount, they can click on the area of ​​the board to place a specific bet.

The player can also modify the bet amount by changing the amount in “Amount to bet per click” for each bet you have placed.

Make a bet by placing chips on the table. Players should look for green areas indicating available betting areas. The red area indicates the pharmacy is not taken.

📌 Roll

Select the Roll button after placing a bet to start a new game and roll the dice. After the dice stop rolling, the losing bet will be removed from the table, and the winning bet will be paid out to the player.

After a win is reached, the original stake will be paid in accruals with the winnings. Draw bets will be refunded.

📌 Repeat

The Repeat button allows players to bet the same as the previous times immediately.

📌 Clear

Clear option allows us to delete all bets on the table. Multiple tables can be deleted, added, or deducted at any time. Unique bets that cannot be modified include Pass and Come.

Also, the player cannot exceed the maximum bet for the odds.

📌 Bet area

When the player moves the cursor over the betting areas. A yellow message box will appear, indicating the name of the bet.

The current amount staked for that bet, as well as the minimum and maximum amounts that can be staked.


Types of Bet Craps

Pass Line

The Pass Line is the most basic bet a player places in the game. After it is shaken, these are the main possible outcomes when you play with this bet. If the result is 7 or 11, then the bet is won.

Otherwise, 2, 3 will lose, if 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 points are recorded.

Odds of betting

This is a special bet that players can place with the “Pass Line”. A player can place a bet when the roller has a point; if the Pass Line wins, the player’s bet will also win.

Otherwise, you will lose both bets.

Don’t Pass Bar

Don’t Pass Bar bets are the opposite of Pass Line bets and are placed on the “Don’t Pass” bar before “come out”.

If the bet comes out 12, then the stake will be refunded to you. The player loses their bet if the result is 7 or 11, and any other roll is a point.

Don’t Come Bet

This is the opposite of coming. It is placed after the come out at the “Don’t Come Bet” Bar on the craps table. If a 3 or 2 is dropped, the player wins. If 12, then stakes will be refunded to the player.

If the dice roll 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, that number becomes a “don’t come” point, and your bet is moved from the “Don’t Come” bar to the Bar in the left corner of the cell corresponding to the point Don’t Come.

Once the point of come is recorded; Your bet wins 1: 1 for a 7, and you lose if you score “Don’t Come”.

Types Of Propositions Craps

These propositions do not require you to play.

Group of bets is similar to round 1:

  • Come (similar to pass line): wins when it gets 7 or 11. If it is 2, 3, or 12, then loses.
  • Don’t Come: wins when it gets 2 or 3, loses by 7 or 11, but if it is 12, it is a tie, not win.
  • Odds: Combined with Pass Line, Don on Pass Line, Come and Don’t Come. The different combinations represent the largest odds on the craps table.

Group of betting on the value of the role of the dice right before the 7 ends the game:

  • Big 6: Bet 6.
  • Big 8: Bet 8.
  • Place Win: 1 of the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 will come first 7.
  • Buy: Similar to Place Win, but more ways to pay win with 5% service charge.

Group bets on the value of the dice roll after the 7 ends:

  • Place Lose: 1 of the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 will come after 7.
  • Lay: similar to Place Lose, but more payout with 5% service charge.

Group bets on the value of the next roll of the dice:

  • Hardway Pair: Betting that a pair will be rolled before a 7 is drawn.
  • Field Matching: Bet that the next roll will be 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12.
  • Horn set combination: Bet that the next roll will be 2, 3, 11, or 12.
  • Any Craps Team: Bet that the next roll will be a 2, 3, or 12.
  • Any 7: Betting that the next roll will be 7.
  • Any 11: Betting that the next roll will be 11.
  • Aces (Snake Eyes): Betting that the next roll will be 2.
  • Twelve (Boxcars): Bet that the next roll will be 12.

Each craps table has different graphics, but the way the positions of the tiles are positioned in the center of the table is also different from optimizing the logic for the large number of large, small, pair, and exceptional values.

Just making sure that the squares have larger betting space will be the places where players should focus most on the table of the game as the most difficult game to pick up players at this casino.


The Mistakes That Craps Players Make When They First Play

The crap game is a very simple game to play in theory. Anyway, all you need to do is roll the dice, and a bunch of other participating card players deposit their bets on the outcome of the dice.

If that’s the case for you, it looks like there are a lot of mistakes you can make while playing this game. There are big mistakes, though, that both beginners and veterans often encounter.

In addition to playing wrong bets, players may make additional mistakes in their bets or markets. In this section, we’ll look at mistakes that are common to unprofessional card players.

❌ Wrong bet

One great tip for success at crap is to bet right, right?

Even so, this is a much tougher possibility than you might think as the board is flooded with so many wagers.

This is understandable, making it difficult for players to place top bets. But with experience, you can learn the best bets to place.

❌ Try to bet on more numbers

Some unprofessional card players believe covering a wide range of dice probabilities is the key to winning this game. While these tips can guarantee you more round wins, they don’t necessarily translate to your game profits.

Let us take an example of a cross bet system:

Maybe you put your bets on 5, 6, and 8. You also bet on the box. A school bettor will pay 1: 1 for the numbers 3,4, 9, 10, 11. Then they pay 2: 1, maybe 3: 1 on 2 and 1. With this, all numbers save for 7 covered.

Playing this way can get you an 80 percent win rate. But an important look at this shows you and you will lose all four bets if 7 is the result of the dice.

You also lose three of your bets if the shooter plays anything other than 5.6 or 8. There are many reasons why this method has odds as high as 3.87% of the house odds.

Types of tips that involve you, including more numbers, can increase your odds of winning. But, it will definitely hurt your bank account as it puts you at even more risk.

How To Play The Game Craps Wins Big

✅ Learn about bet types

Understanding the bet types not only helps you to place your bets correctly but also knows which bet types to choose to win big.

In it, you should choose the traditional bet type Pass Line – Don’t Pass Bar, instead of betting on a specific number or pair.

Because it is easy to win, the winning odds of Pass Line – Don’t Pass Bar bet types higher than other types of bets. Although they have lower odds, this is a safe choice if you are not experienced in craps gaming.

✅ Remember the results of the dice

Usually, the dice will have a certain rule. If you memorize the previous dice results, you will be able to figure out which results are easiest, which results have never appeared in the game.

Based on the statistics, you will have the right craps bet to win easier. This is also the experience of playing craps for longtime players. They always try to memorize the dice results to find the rules of the game.

✅ Don’t be in love with big odds

The general mentality of many craps players is that they prefer to bet on big bets like doubles 1, 6 at 1 to 31, 3 at 1 to 16, double 3, and 4 with odds of 1 to 10. That means you only spend $ 10. You can get $ 310, $ 160, or $ 100.

However, the betting experts advise you not to participate in the big odds. Since they are all very difficult bets, the odds of the shooter coming up with it are very low.

Even longtime craps players can hardly judge their exact outcome.

✅ Refer to other players

If you are a new player, you do not know how to play craps for beginners, you can refer to the play style of other players to see how they bet, how to put the bet. From there, you can withdraw.

Create valuable lessons for yourself, accumulate flexible craps styles, or avoid mistakes from other players. Just with a little attention, you will easily conquer this dice game.


Where to Play Craps

You can play Craps at any casino online Malaysia. This is one of the many table games you can play at most bookmakers offered by the Betting Valley website.

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Therefore, you can rest assured when choosing these bookmakers to play Craps.

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Among them, European Roulette, Mini Roulette, Sic Bo, and Premium Euro Roulette are some of the many diverse games you can find. So, go to the website and find the game that suits you best.

Final Words

In short, Game craps is an interesting dice-redeeming game you should experience. This game is based on the agility, computational mind of the player rather than luck, so it is very popular with veteran dice players.

Please refer to the above shares and join the craps bet now! Good luck to win great rewards!

Thanks for reading!

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