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Easy Tips To Help You Win At Roulette

Roulette is a highly exciting and addicting game that offers big wins to players. It involves a ball dropping on a revolving roulette wheel containing numbered compartments. You bet on a particular number or scenario on the roulette table such as a red or black compartment and hope for the best. 

Since the game is based on random numbers like slots, players rely on luck or chance. However, with the right techniques, you can increase your odds of winning, even on a limited bankroll. Whether you’re playing roulette in an online casino or land-based one, here are easy tips to winning at the game. 

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Learn how to play 

An important thing to remember when playing roulette games is to practice and apply a lot of dedication and focus. Keep in mind the house edge or advantage wherein it is never equal to zero and the player is on unequal standing as the online platform or land-based casino. 

With that in mind, the first key step is to learn how to play the game and play it well. The basic rules of the game are pretty straightforward. You have the roulette wheel featuring red and black slots with the numbers 1 to 36 called inside bets on each slot.

Then you have red or black, odd or even, and high or low slots called outside bets. Lastly, there are one or two green 0 slots, depending on the game version (more on this later). 

Players on the roulette table will place their bets and then the dealer spin the wheel before throwing the ball. The winning number is the number of the slot the balls lands into. If your wager matches the number, you get a payout.

This is the general concept of the game and it’s really easy to grasp. From there you can explore wheel layouts, betting systems, and other aspects of the game that make it more alluring. 

If you want some free practice before making a real money bet or wager, you can start with online roulette offering free play options. This approach includes numerous demos so you can learn the ins and outs of the game through examples. A demo also illustrates different betting systems which are key to mastering the game. 

When you’re ready to jump into a real game, never settle for the first roulette table you spot. Experienced players test the waters and let the roulette wheel spin a couple of times before placing their first bet. Keep this in mind when you learn more about the game and stock up on techniques to play like a pro. If you are beginner roulette player, you can learn more info about roulette at BettingValley.

Learn the math behind the game

Since we’re dealing with numbers in roulette, it is advisable to study the math behind the game. Aside from the inherent statistical advantage of the casino or the house edge, you also have the actual math of the game which directly affects your wager.

First, differentiate true odds from the house edge. True odds refer to the real-world chance of a certain outcome putting the house advantage aside or setting it at zero. Meanwhile, the payout ratio comes slightly lower putting the house edge in the picture. 

If a roulette table has 36 numbers which are red or black, plus two green zero (American roulette wheel), an outside bet gives you 18/38 chance of winning a red or black bet.

You also have a 1/38 chance (0.0263) of landing on a green zero slot. Now, the roulette system means a 1:1 ratio for winning on a red bet; however, you must look at the odds, which is 20 out of 28 a loss. 

To compute for the house edge, you can use the following formula: (Odds Against Winning – House Odds) x Probability of Winning x 100. Using the same numbers, we get the house edge: (20/18 – 1/1) x 18/38 x 100 = 5.26% for a 2 number combination with two green zeros. European roulette, with its single number zero, has a house edge of 2.7%. 

Now that you know the house edge and chance of winning, you move on to gambling using betting strategies. 

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The inside bets are more volatile. Avoid them if you want to spend more time at the table

Inside bets or those on the number grid are high risks with high rewards. If you win several in a row or a streak, you walk away with a significant bonus to your bankroll. However, your chance of hitting a number out of 36 is very low so if you want to spend more time on a roulette table, it’s recommended to avoid inside bets. By accepting a lower payout through outside bets, you actually win more often. 

If you want to last until the next spin, try to avoid a straight or single (betting on one number), split (betting on two vertically or horizontally adjacent numbers), street (betting on three consecutive numbers in a horizontal line), and corner or square (betting on four numbers that meet at a corner).

Other betting styles include a six-line or double street (betting on six consecutive numbers forming two horizontal lines), trio (betting on three numbers with at least one zero), basket or first four (betting on 0, 1, 2, and 3) and top-line (betting on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3). 

The outside bets are less volatile. Stick with these if you want to play for a while

Now that you know which inside bets to avoid, you might think to just settle for outside bets. It’s harder to go wrong with odd or even, red or black or high or low compared to the numbers 1 to 36. Yes, they’re easier to win but you only get a smaller payout when you do.

Also, there are bets that lose if a zero pops up. These are: high (19 to 36) or low (1 to 18), red or black, even or odd, dozens (betting on a chosen dozen like 1 to 12), columns (betting on a number being chosen in a vertical column of 12 numbers) and snake (betting on a zig-zag pattern comprising of number 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, 34). 

Choosing an inside or outside bet is highly reliant on the player’s goal or playing style. If you are a thrill-seeker and want a high payout quickly, risking it all on an inside bet is the way to go. If you want to extend your time on the table, then go for outside bets. 

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Don’t bank on betting systems

Roulette players are offered betting systems that make the payout or bonus more tempting. The most popular is the martingale strategy which requires you to double your bet after every loss. So for example, you bet $5 on black and lose. On the next spin, you must bet $10 on black.

Double this on the third, and so on until a win. Did you know, the Martingale strategy is the easiest betting strategy in the world? Many have applied it and seen payouts because it creates an illusion of a safety net that you are really beating the odds. 

While the theory seems legitimate (and it does work), you must have a very big bankroll to start. Because that doubling can quickly reach $1,280,  $2,560 and so on. Furthermore, the payout for this betting system is $5.

There’s also the issue of betting limits at roulette tables. What if you are stuck on a losing streak and the table’s minimum bet is $5 while the maximum bet is $500? That means you can only afford to lose seven times in a row – and yes, a losing streak can go over 14 times. 

Another betting system is the James Bond strategy which combines different bets to give you the highest odds of winning. The concept is simple: bet $10 on zero, $140 on the 19-36 box, and $50 on the 13-18 box.

This means, you lower your chances of losing, which is only when the ball drops on a number between 1 and 12. Although you have a better chance compared to the ball landing on any 36 numbers, you still have 12 opportunities of losing that sum in a single bet, hence the need for a bigger budget. 

Can you hack a roulette wheel to help you win more? No. How about betting at least $66 on each spin to better your chances of winning back any losses plus a bit more? Maybe. But if you’ve caught on a recurring theme to lowering the house edge and increasing your odds, it usually means expanding your bankroll to new heights.

Needless to say, the ultra-rich with the means of applying a betting system is usually just playing for the fun and entertainment, so there’s that. With this, it’s pretty easy to see how set in stone and impregnable the house edge is and how risky it is to put too much faith in betting systems. 

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Look for European roulette tables

Regardless of the house edge, we’ve already mentioned that the casino advantage is lower on European roulette tables thanks to the one zero. So, if there are European versions in a casino, put your chips on the 2.7% house edge. After all, that one less slot boosts your odds instantly. 

What’s more, this version has additional rules and conditions that lower the house advantage even further. By placing a bet “en prison” or “in prison” in the case of a loss, you get your wager back if you win the next spin.

When this works in your favor, you actually lower the house edge to 1.35%, much like the other casino games you can find on the floor. So if you go for this option and lose, the other players are out but you’re still in it to win it. The simple trick of going for the lowest house edge in any game still stands true for roulette. 

Have a budget and stick with it

We all know the saying, “No one ever wins in gambling” This is especially for those who don’t apply a budget or a specific bankroll. The only way people profit from playing any casino game is by applying bankroll management and forming your wagers around it. So unless you’re a professional card counter or have another superpower up your sleeve, only bet amounts you are willing and able to lose.

Gambling should be treated as an entertainment expense in order to avoid the trap of betting more to beat your odds or gain what you just lost. It’s a vicious cycle that really never ends. By having a budget and actually sticking to it, you won’t be as disappointed or disheartened when you lose because you’ve already allotted the expense. 

In line with budgeting, experienced roulette players also know how to separate payout and bankroll. For example, if you started with a $100 bankroll and ended up with $150 after a spin, they cash out the $50 and maintain the original bankroll amount.

This way, you save yourself from the temptation of betting bigger because you have more on your hand and make it possible to walk out of the establishment with more cash. 


So many ways to win, numerous betting chances, and the seconds of tension and excitement while you watch that ball jump from slot to slot – these are some of the reasons why roulette is such an addicting and entertaining game.

Play it safe by going for the 50-50 outside bets and extend your time playing or dive head-on to the adrenaline rush and play it big on an inside bet – the choice is yours as a player. Join this exciting game at online casino Singapore now.

With the simple techniques mentioned above, you can decide on applying bankroll management through outside bets or make inside bets, avoiding certain bet types. No matter what you choose, it’s still a fulfilling decision that pushes you wanting for more.

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