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If you believe in fate, you really should check out Boda8. It is an all-in-one gaming site housing an online casino, live casino, sportsbook, lottery system and various poker rooms. With all these options, you will never get bored. Excitingly, you can access Boda8 from any Asian country, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

In Asia, we want more than just the gaming thrill. Every player needs a gaming site with great winning chances, not to mention regular bonus deals. Arguably, that’s what excites us. No one wants a boring platform where winnings are hard to get. As you have fun, you should also add something to your buck. I believe that’s what we all want. Excitingly, that’s precisely what you’ll get at Boda8.

Origin and history

Boda8’s first inception in Asia was in 2018, where it was founded in Malaysia. The operator later extended their services in other Asian countries. Based on the site’s level of performance, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the brand has thrived. In fact, their influential player options make it hard for gamblers to resist.

Besides, Boda8 has partnered with various top-notch casino software developers such as CMD368 and Playtech. This avails a comprehensive portfolio of gaming options. If you have any doubts, well, their casino section tells it all.

Moreover, their marketing strategy is admirable since they all always deliver what they promise. If you get a promotional email, be sure to get the bonus therein once you log into your account. Besides, their brand ambassadors make them an irresistible option. That’s how Boda8 has managed to secure thousands of gamblers in just Asia.

How to get started

It doesn’t take much time to join the fun at Boda8. The registration process is simple and rather straightforward. All you need is a desktop computer or a smartphone and a reliable internet connection. Here’s how to set up the account:

Head to Boda8’s official website and click on the “Join Now” button.

A registration form for new members will appear.

Enter your username, then set your preferred passcode. This password should be strong and easy for you to remember while remaining hard for other people to guess.

Move to the next step, where you’ll need to provide your full name and email address.

Choose your preferred currency from the drop-down menu. The available ones are MYR, THB and SGD.

Enter your contact number, then confirm you are 18 years or older as you accept the site’ terms and conditions.

Click the “Register” button to submit your application.

Once your request is processed, you can proceed to make deposits and place wagers. 

Available games

When it comes to online gaming, Boda8 has plenty to offer. From instant-play casino games to live events such as sports matches, this operator has got everything. Thrillingly, none of the options has a downside. Some of the available gaming options at Boda8 include:

Online casino games

If you fancy playing the likes of roulette, blackjack and other casino classics, Boda8 is a leading platform for this. By affiliating with the industry giants in software development, Boda8 avails such games as:

  • Boda WM
  • Boda Asia
  • Boda Super
  • Boda Dream
  • Slots – Maya Quest, Zeus and several others.

Some of these games are also available on the site’s live dealer studio. Notably, the dealers here are great and professional. Besides, their level of friendliness is commendable. They even help players when consulted. However, their help is confined to Boda8’s code of conduct.

Sports betting games

If you are into sports, you’ll definitely be surprised by the number of options here. As an influential gaming brand, Boda8 presents various sports to bet on, including soccer and basketball. Their betting options cover multiple leagues and championships like the English Premier League (EPL) and NBA. Notably, this is made possible by the collaboration between Boda8 and sports betting brands such as:

  • CMD368 – C-SPORTS

Excitingly, some of the sports games are available for live viewing. Here, you can watch as the match unveils. Besides, Boda8 allows in-play betting where one can place a bet even if the game has already started. All these are accessible even in mobile environments.

Other games include:

  • Fishing titles
  • Poker games


With the prevalent security threats in online platforms, any online gambling platform needs to be constantly vigilant. Since intruders are always trying their way in, the site’s security measures should always be up and running. Players’ details should remain private and confidential at all times. That’s exactly what Boda8 does. You will always be safe any time you are playing or placing bets on the site.

Boda8 uses sophisticated protocols to curb any threat, whether internal or external. Also, every time you visit the site, your connection will always be encrypted using a modern cipher suite. That way, it will be hard for any intruder to get hold of personal data like your login details.

However, as the site strives to keep you safe, you should also do the same. As a player, there’s that urge to gamble any time you’re free. One can even access their account via a public computer. However, this is highly discouraged. Anyone can easily capture your login information and access your account without your consent. Therefore, avoid logging into your account via public gadgets.

Also, never share your details with anyone, regardless of how close you two might be. In matters concerning money, try to be as confidential as possible. Once you do that, Boda8 will see to it that your confidentiality is upheld.

Promotions and bonuses

Upon verification, you’ll gain access to a complete set of bonuses and promotions. First things first, Boda8 will reward you with a generous welcome offer once you make your first deposit. This is a new-member offer, but what about existing customers? Well, Boda8 has mastered the skill of attracting new players while retaining those that already exist. As such, be sure to find plenty of promotions. Some of the available offers on the site include:

100% Welcome Bonus + Free Angpau for Slot

This is a match deposit offer rewarding you according to the size of your deposit. The minimum qualifying deposit is MYR 30.

Register and claim your 100% welcome bonus up to 3 times :

  • 50% welcome bonus – Turnover x2
  • 30% welcome bonus – Turnover x1
  • 20% welcome bonus – Turnover x1

You can claim up to MYR200 bonus for each welcome bonus. Other than that, when you register and claim this welcome bonus, you are entitled with free angpao up to MYR888.

Lowest turnover promotion for new member who love to play slot.

100% welcome bonus

This one too is an offer for new members. Deposit MYR 50 into your game wallet and receive a 50% bonus for slots, live casino and fishing games, and 100% for sports. However, the maximum you can get is MYR 500 for slot and live casino, MYR 888 for Fishing and MYR 1,000 for sports. Also, be keen on the turnover as it is different for various games. For slot games, the turnover is x10, while for live casino and sports, it’s x25. Fishing games need a x20 turnover. 

Other promotions

Boda8 never runs out of bonus deals, and that’s one thing that gives the bookie an edge in the market. Some of the seasonal offers include:

  • 12% Unlimited Reload Bonus For Slot
  • Attendance Bonus
  • Weekly 4D Lottery
  • 30% Referral Bonus
  • 3% Weekly Rebate

Banking options

The banking section at Boda8 is equally exciting. You can make fast, safe and secure payments via several methods. However, the options here are limited to local bank transfers and Help2Pay. While the options are few, your fund’s security will never be compromised. That’s one thing for sure. Notably, Boda8 may request some verification during withdrawals just to make sure it’s really you who’s authorizing the request.

The bottom line

In conclusion, Boda8 is a first-class betting site crafted with players in mind. The website is made in a responsive design making it mobile compatible. Besides, the interface is user-friendly, explaining why most Asian gamblers find the site attractive. Their gaming products are generally enthralling, with plenty of options for you. Overall, Boda8 is entertaining, worry-free and convenient, not forgetting the top-notch security criteria used.

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150% Welcome Bonus + 20% Cashback

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Boda8’s first inception in Asia was in 2018, where it was founded in Malaysia. The operator later extended their services in other Asian countries. Based on the site’s level of performance, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the brand has thrived. In fact, their influential player options make it hard for gamblers to resist.