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The betting/gaming industry is one of the biggest in the world. It encompasses a wide range of interests including casino games and sports and Evolution Gaming is one of them. Sports betting is another big part of the gaming industry and is a world on its own. Online gaming platforms have seen a peak this period and this can be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. This period has been characterized by a lot of staying at home and a drive to digitalization in the way we live, do business and even play games.

The coronavirus pandemic has made us devise new ways for doing a lot of things. Many endeavors shifted to the online alternative and while many things have had online alternatives for a long time, the demand for the alternative grew meteorically. Online gaming and casinos also saw a rise in patronization. People could no longer go out to traditional casinos and betting centers, associate with people like they used to, place bets and stakes the way they used to, and play games the old way. 

Online gaming offers a fine range of entertainment wherever you are, from the comfort of your bed or sofa. With the rising demand for online gaming services, a lot of online gaming providers are springing up to meet this demand. For this reason, one has to be a vigilante when vying to join an online gaming platform, because the best is what you deserve. The range of online gaming services that provide casino and sports games is expected to continue to grow as online gaming services continue to become popular. This is why it is important to look out for a platform that has the players at heart. Let’s take a rundown of what Evolution Gaming is all about.


Evolution Gaming is the paragon for gaming services. It is number one when it comes to video-streamed live dealer games. The company works hand-in-hand with the best gaming operators and brands and has the reputation of being the best. The company commits to delivering only the best live gaming experience and has put in work and a considerable amount of effort into making a flawless service. The company’s services are available across various regulated markets and multiple channels. It is well-known for its world-class Live solutions that are provided by the top-tier studios in Malta and Riga.  Evolution Gaming also provides games from live studios from traditional casinos and the platform is available on smartphones, on tablets and on personal computers. The platform’s live Casino TV provides entertaining content, intra-resort mobile gaming and betting integration. Evolution Gaming promises an intriguing gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more. Some of the games included in the platform’s menagerie include; Three Card Poker, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, Blackjack and Live Roulette. These games promise to keep players entertained as they are highly interactive and simulated to feel like being in a real casino.

One interesting benefit that only Evolution Gaming provides is that the platform can be customized and localized to meet the needs of operators (dedicated tables and native-speaking dealers), therefore very flexible and is the best in delivering unbeatable benefits when it comes to gaming.


Evolution Gaming should be your top pick for online gaming. Here are some of the reasons why it should be your preferred choice:

  1. An unending array of games
    One of the major criteria for picking an online game provider is the array of games they have. You must make sure that such a provider provides a wide array of different games and activities that keep you entertained while increasing your chances of winning. You should be entertained by any game or activity they decide to play. Also, there should be a wide array so that players can maximize their wins. Here are some of the provided games.  
    1. Live Dealer Games
      Live Dealer Games that are designed by only the best studios and are also provided by traditional casinos. The company is dedicated to being the best in the business of providing Live Dealer Games that people can enjoy.  
    2. Casino games
      Evolution Gaming provides an avalanche of casino games. Whatever casino game your mind can think of, Evolution Gaming has got you covered. Evolution Gaming has the best-simulated table games and the best live casino games that you can ever want.  
    3. Sports
      Evolution Gaming also had the sports lovers in mind and has something cooked up for their entertainment. With a wide selection of football odds and live match betting, all prepared with clear and quality graphics so that players can enjoy the ride. There are also simulated football games for people that cannot keep up with the ongoing football season.  
    4. Virtual sports
      Evolution Gaming features a wide variety of virtual football as well as other sports like basketball and what have you. Virtual sports have been designed so that you can enjoy your experience to the fullest.
  2. A wide range of arcade games
    For people who might not be interested in Live Dealer Games, casino games, and sports, Evolution Gaming has a special package of arcade games. Arcade games provided includes scratch cards, card games slots, keno, etc. All of these are available on web and mobile.
  3. Betting and Live Horse Racing
    Evolution Gaming is committed to providing the best. This is why the company goes all the way in ensuring that players are entertained. Players are provided with the opportunity to enjoy live horse racing games and place stakes at the same time. There are also virtual horse racing games that people can play. These are controlled by computer algorithms and cannot be influenced. They are also designed to look and feel real like players are at a horse racing event.
  4. Extremely secure
    Evolution Gaming has an efficient security system that keeps it safe from any kind of interference and hackers. The security system is developed with the best SSL technology and by the best programmers. Evolution Gaming’s excellent security is one of the features that intrigue players. Evolution Gaming is all about providing a safe gaming environment and ensuring that players are protected at all times. 
  5. Colorful graphics and display of games
    Whether on the web or via mobile app using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, Evolution Gaming gives a colorful and engaging interface for players. This makes it one of the top reasons why it is sought-after by players. 


Players can make deposits and withdrawals via web and mobile in a manner that is convenient. It is as easy as making any other online payment. You are required to select your currency and choose your preferred method of payment. You can make payments using your debit or credit cards or make a telegraphic transfer that the platform provides. Another option is to make deposits using fintech partners that work hand-in-hand with Evolution Gaming. Options would be provided when you want to make a deposit. Deposits are the way to make and free from any hassle. Your Evolution Gaming wallet gets funded immediately or almost immediately after payment has been processed and approved. Withdrawals are even easier, free from processing fee, and paid immediately to request for it.


Evolution Gaming wants players to have the best, maximize their chances of winning, and get premium satisfaction. This is why irresistible promotions and bonuses are provided for players. There are welcome bonuses for new players as well as deposit bonuses that you get after funding wallets. With Evolution Gaming, you can get as much as 100% bonus on your deposits.


  1. Is Evolution Gaming a safe gaming platform?
    Evolution Gaming is one of the safest gaming platforms you can come across. It is protected by the latest technology that is designed and maintained by only the best developers. The company also has many protection policies and privacy resources in place, so you can rest assured of your safety.
  2. Is Evolution Gaming for everybody?
    Of course! Evolution Gaming is for everybody as long as you are above the legal age of 18. Whatever type of game you want is available on Evolution Gaming. From sports, to live dealer games, to virtual games, you name it. There is surely something to catch your interest.
  3. Can I start with small deposits?
    Yes, you can start making stakes with small deposits and increase them as you become better at playing, but remember the bigger the stake, the larger the wins.
  4. How can I access Evolution Gaming?
    Evolution gaming is available via the web and mobile. You can play by first creating an account and making a deposit. All you need is your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and you are ready to win.
  5. Does Evolution Gaming have good customer service?
    Evolution gaming has the players at the top of their priority and that is why it has diligent customer service that is efficient in assisting players.

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