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Play88 Casino Review

There are a few casinos that provide a fine level of entertainment on the go in Malaysia and in Asia as a whole and with the rising wave of virtual and digital casinos, its Imperative that you should never settle for anything that’s not the best around. 

Malaysia has been hit with a tsunami of online, “on the go” casinos in recent times and that’s expected to be even larger as the clock ticks on. For the gambler, quality is not a compromise that should be considered in any way and this quick rundown of what the best in online casino has to offer will leave you marveled and excited again


Play88 online casino offers a wide variety of high-quality gaming products to the millions of players that come to enjoy the myriad of services which they provide. You can enjoy a variety all their services when you visit their official website here https://www.p88my.com/. There is no restricted skill level to take advantage of the services which they have to offer. Whether you are an amateur who is trying out a casino for the very first time or a veteran player who has a poker face on all the time, there is never a dull moment for anyone to play, earn and be entertained.


There are a vast number of online casinos which are available in Malaysia and Play888 has a host of unique features that make it stand out from the rest. A lot of players and a lot of different users might be of the opinion that a lot of online casinos are packed with similar features and thus makes them rather uninteresting but Play888 has a lot going for it as you are about to find out

  1. A Varied collection of interesting games
    In the world of casinos, online or not, the number of available games to play is a major factor that a lot of players carefully consider. The greater the number of casinos present on any online casino platform, the greater the enjoyment rate of the members as well as visitors. Let us take a look at some of the amazing games which are always available for members;


    1. Slot Games
      Slot machines star in casinos worldwide and it is no surprise that a whole host of slot games are available. Slot games on Play88 have been one of its defining features. Some of the slot games hosted on Play88 include Mega888, Playtech and a suite of others.



    2. Poker:
      Poker games have been widely regarded as the game of choice for many casino players of moderate skill level and no casino would be complete without one. Play88 understands this and as such have got your need to flip some cards covered. Fast poker, Omaha Poker, IDN Poker and more are available for all registered members.


    3. Sport betting
      Play88 has a curated number of options that make supporting your favorite team uniquely easy and entertaining. There are several way you can support your favorite team on the platform. There is a live bet section that offers unbeatable odds that allows gamblers and sport lovers to place high odd bets on their favorite teams in an easy and entertaining manner.



    4. Lottery:
      The lottery system present on Play88 has been rated by the members as having the best and fairest odds present on any online gambling platform across Malaysia. With such great prizes to be won with little to no money, it is a great way to make some money as a new player as well as a great way for high rollers and professionals to blow off some steam.



  2. Great Selection Of Arcade Games
    There are several other arcade games which are available to all members of Play88, such as Fishing God, Esports and Mega888. These games are well curated to enable all members to have a fun and relaxing time. The option of a 0.5% rebate is also a nice option that helps new players enjoy their time on Play88. This is highly recommended to new players by a host of the veterans of Play88 and you cannot go wrong with it.


  3. Fast And Easy Registration Process
    As a new player going through Play88 you may wonder how much of a hassle would it be to enjoy these amazing selections of games, slots, and more but you shouldn’t have to worry about that as all. The signup process on Play88 is quick and easy and can be all done in minutes. Yes! It is that easy. Registrations can be done by accessing their website here, Play88, either on your personal computer or on a smartphone while you are on the go. Player convenience is one of the goals set aside by the team at Play88.



  4. World Class Security And Encryption
    Players have to be extremely cautious when choosing where to spend their hard-earned money and this is keeping several players from attaining a level of entertainment they deserve because of such fears. One thing you would not have to concern yourself with as a member of Play88 is security. The online casino has built its reputation on having secure logins and 256-bit encryption to protect player details thereby making it foolproof against any eventuality.


One of the biggest success of the team behind this online casino is amount of work and innovation they have put into it to ensure that players have the best of everything on the move. The website design is very simple, yet greatly feature rich and with such quick load times every player can go from being bored to being entertained in a matter of seconds. No more waiting for a hundred of pages to load before getting to the content you desire.

Play88 also has a smartphone app for Android users which comes in as a handy tool to access your favorite games while on the go, either on the bus, a taxi or while waiting for your meal order to arrive, your favorite games are only one click away.

Play88 Quick And Reliable Payment Model

Everyone has a concept of easy money and with a platform like Eeziepay, all transactions carried out on Play88 are fast, easy and secure. Deposits into your play wallet/account are handled very quickly and efficiently with no hassles at all. When making a deposit or requesting a withdrawal, you will be asked to present a valid means of identification. This a means to make sure all your winnings and funds are yours and yours alone without any third-party interference. 

Play88 Has A Unique Customer Service

A lot of online casinos tend to claim to provide round the clock customer service and support to its members but not on Play88 because on this platform its not a claim, it’s a fact. The customer support team is always on standby ready to answer any and all queries that players might have and with speedy response and always accurate solutions to the challenges they may have you can always be rest assured that there is someone waiting to assist you.


Yes! There are a lot of promos available and waiting for you to claim them right now on Play88 right this moment. There are so many rewards available to both new and existing players of all levels. Members have a chance to enjoy an amazing 0.5% rebate all the way to a chance to win a brand-new supercar. 

The possibilities are unending with Play88 and you should head there right now not to miss out. Some rewards awaiting new members include;

Promo deposit


Gift price cap

RM 5,000

1,500 bonus

VIP Exclusive

RM 2,500

750 bonus

VIP Exclusive

RM 1,228

6% Rebate

Play Club

RM 100

RM 88

Play Club

RM 500

RM 488

Play Club

Slot bonus

20% Bonus daily

VIP Exclusive

Note: Terms and conditions apply.


  1. Is Play88 Malaysia safe?
    Definitely! The online casino is certified and regulated by PAGCOR. It also uses the SSL digital encryption technology to make every transaction secure. The company performs privacy measures as well.
  2. What are the software gaming providers?
    Well, the best casino Malaysia partners with the most credible software gaming providers in today’s gaming industry. Some of them are Microgaming, Mega888, Pragmatic Play, 918Kiss, Playtech, IDN Poker, Asia Gaming, Fishing God, Spade gaming, and many more.
  3. Is the first deposit available at a good rate?
    Certainly! In fact, you don’t need to deposit a high sum of money. This means you can play a slot game right away.
  4. How much bonuses and promotions are available?
    Every registered users are eligible to receive great promotions and other bonuses. These usually include referral bonus, welcome bonus, deposit bonus, rebate bonus, and more.
  5. Are the customer representatives professional and diligent?
    The customer service team at Play88 Malaysia consists of experienced, well-trained, and friendly individuals. They will give good answers to all your queries and other concerns with a smile.

100% Welcome Bonus.

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