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Sporting activities across the world have been creating enthralling and captivating content for people of different ages, gender, culture and so on to watch and enjoy. With a growing concern over public health in the new wave of the global pandemic as at right now, more persons have been confined to their homes leading to limited social engagements and as such preventing them from going out to enjoy these events with friends and family.

As a result of so much movement restrictions put in place by world leaders to help curtail the spread of the pandemic, several innovative and ingenious online casinos have sprung up to help people remain entertained whilst remaining safely in the comfort of their homes. There have been so many attempts by different casino owners to recreate this casino experience online for an on the go betting and gambling experience for new players as well as veterans.  QQ288 aims to redefine and deliver the very best and most complete online casino experience to satiate everyone’s gambling and betting needs

Overview of QQ288 Online Casino Malaysia

Many a times, people have turned to the internet to source for entertainment which can be accessed easily from the comforts of their homes and one such way to be entertained is possible via QQ288 online casino which you can access from their website, https://www.qq288new.com.  QQ288 is an all-inclusive casino that accommodates players of all skill level, from first time players, amateurs and seasoned veterans.

Since the creation of QQ288 online casino, it has been making strides in Malaysia as well as many parts of Asia and it is trusted my millions of players who visit the website every month. The number of slots, casinos and arcade games and promotions present on the platform are so plentiful and fun that they could be nearly overwhelming. For when you need it, there is a 24/7 customer service team always willing to offer their assistance to allow players enjoy their time on QQ288. 

Reasons Why QQ288 Online Casino Is One of The Best Online Casinos

Several players have multiple requirements when picking out an online casino, as such it is important to pick one that has a good selection of games, slots, poker, live events etc. QQ288 has made a massive stride above its competition in this regard as they have everything a player could ever want to try their hands on. As a new player, you may have questions about QQ288 online casino that has driven so many players across Malaysia and some other parts of Asia to spend their time on the platform. Well, let us check out some of the reasons why it is revered so much.

  1. A Great Collection of Interesting and Engaging Games
    This is one of the most important aspect of any online casino and it is the question on the minds of everyone who is searching for a great casino to splash some money on. QQ288 has got the desires of players completely covered. Some of the games available on the platform are;
  1. Slots
    There are a good number of slot games that are available for players who use QQ288. The slot options available have been regarded by many players as a great time killer. They are very entertaining and have a lot of goodies available to be won.



  2. Sports
    Just as there are great selection of slots hosted on the QQ288 online, there are also a lot of high-quality sport bet providers available. The number of live and virtual sports available across the different providers amt differ in quantity but be rest assured that you are getting the best odds across Malaysia.



  3. E-Sports: E-Sports have been gaining a lot of popularity amongst people in recent times and due to QQ288 commitment to provide fresh experience for players, there is a dedicated section for players who are big fans of e-sports to win big by placing odds on their favorite teams. QQ288 in conjunction with I-Sport has got it covered.


  4. Poker:
    If sports are not your thing and you would rather have a game face on all the time then worry not as QQ288 has got you covered. They have partnered with the best digital poker providers such as D-POKER and Poker Q, to provide you with a perfectly curated live or virtual poker experience for players of all skill level
  5. Easy and Quick Registration Process
    For new players who want to get a piece of the action and enjoy massive rewards with QQ288, you might be wondering how difficult it would be to sign up for the numerous services that are available on the platform. Well, I am glad to inform you that signing up for QQ288 is as quick and easy as making a cup of coffee. With an intuitive design and layout, the sign-up process can be completed in under a couple of minutes. It is that easy and convenient to sign up and get to the games you wish to play.
  6. Amazing and Reliable Security Features
    QQ288 has several complex and very effective security features in place to keep its users and their earnings secure. There is state of the art encryption available to protect user data as well as prevent any possibility of external interference. There is also SSL to prevent any and all kinds of malicious attempts to steal user account information during login. QQ288 has always placed serious innovations to ensure its players are safe at all times when they are enjoying the games present on its online casino as well as during payment processing.

Why QQ288 Is Considered by Most as The Top Online Casino in Malaysia.

QQ288 has been hailed by many as the best and most reliable casino available in Asia and with very good reason. When looking for a great online casino experience, you will be hard pressed to find any that ticks all the boxes but with QQ288, you will be hard pressed to find any problems. The entire online gambling experience is absolutely phenomenal.

The website has been given a very thorough design that makes every interaction snappy, fast and very responsive. While some casinos have very clunky design and cumbersome navigation, QQ288 has completely put player comfort as its only criteria. QQ288 can be accessed directly from their website wherever you are, either on a PC or on mobile devices.

Customer support is also a big deal for any prospective player and the team at QQ288 has got some of the best customer care representatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle any queries and resolve any challenges you may encounter. There are also round the clock phone lines as well as live chat features for those that need them.

Payment Options on QQ288

In order to provide an amazing and hassle-free way for players to make payments, QQ288 has partnered with reliable and trusted e-payment platforms with real-time payment solutions that enables customers withdraw their earnings electronically across several banks in Malaysia and across Asia

Live Casino at QQ288 Online Casino

No casino is ever complete without the presence of live dealer casino games. Players can enjoy an immersive experience when using the live casino experience present. There are so many dealers hosted on QQ288 and players are spoilt for choice when it comes to options. Some of the casino games provided by Asia Gaming, WM Casino, Dream Gaming, Allbet, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Sexy Baccarat and a host of others. The dealers are very well accommodating and polite and can make your play time very enjoyable.

Promotions Available

QQ288 has a lot of promos available for all categories of users, whether you are a normal member or an exclusive VIP member there are so much bonuses and bonus events waiting for everyone. 

You get a 100% bonus on your first time Mega888 and 918kiss deposit. You can also participate in a free lucky draw when you join their Telegram channel and so much more.


  1. Is QQ288 Malaysia safe?
    QQ288 online casino is certified and regulated by PAGCOR. It also uses the 128-bit digital encryption technology to make every transaction secure. The company also has a suite of privacy measure in place to protect user data.
  2. What casino or software providers are available?
    The best casinos in Malaysia and Asia partners with the most credible software gaming providers in today’s gaming industry. Some of them are Microgaming, Mega888, Pragmatic Play, 918Kiss, Playtech, WM Casino, Asia Gaming, Evolution Gaming, EBet, S-Sport, AllBet, and many more.
  3. How quick and efficient is the withdrawal process?
    Just like a flash, you can withdraw your earnings without delays and other troubles. All you need do is to choose the banking method that resonates to your needs and pain points before anything else.
  4. Are there lots of bonuses and promotions?
    Every registered user is eligible to receive great promotions and other bonuses. These usually include referral bonus, welcome bonus, deposit bonus, rebate bonus, and more.
  5. Are the customer representatives accommodating and qualified?
    The customer service team at QQ288 Malaysia consists of experienced, well-trained, and friendly individuals. They will give good answers to all your queries and other concerns with a smile.
  6. Is the first deposit available at a good rate?
    Yes! Depositing and withdrawing money to and from your Maxim88 account is easy and convenient. This means you can enjoy any of the games available immediately.

100% Welcome Bonus. Up To RM 300

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